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Accessory Not Supported

Accessory Not Supported

Accessory Not Supported

If you see a message that says “This Accessory may not be supported”, the first thing you can do is to unplug and reconnect the device. Minor software glitches could also trigger the issue so you should restart the iPhone. If the alert continues to appear, check the charging port and clean it.

You may want to consult a products page or reach out to a manufacturer to find out whether a given accessory is compatible with your model of iPhone or iPad. The first correction is making sure that you are using the correct accessory for your iPhone or iPad model.

Not every accessory from Apple will fit on an iPhone, particularly if you are using an older iPhone or iPad. If an accessory you are trying to use is new, make sure that it is designed to work with your device. Borrow the accessory in question, such as the charging cable, from a family member or friend, and try using that accessory with the iPhone.

Even after following all of the methods mentioned here, if you still get a “not supported by this accessory” message, try using a different Lightning cable and seeing if that will properly charge your iPhone or iPad.

If your iPhone has dirt or tiny debris in its Lightning port, you cannot properly insert a Lightning cable and will see an accessory not supported warning. If there is lots of dust and lint gathering inside your iPhones Lightning port, you may get an accessory not supported error too, as mentioned by this Reddit user. A buildup of dust in your iPhones Lightning port will frequently make it difficult for accessories to connect, and will cause the error alert that you are getting.

If your iPhone is showing an alert with no accessories connected, it is very likely that the lightning port is filled with alien particles. Foreign particles in an accessories (s) connector, or in the devices Lightning port, may also cause this error.

Learn how to fix accessories not supported

If this error message continues, check if the connectors for the iPhones on your accessory and your iPhone are damaged. If you are getting the This accessory might not be supported, maybe it is because your device requires another power source. You can also get this error message if you plug an Apple device into your computer.

You may get the error This accessory may not support the error when you connect an Apple device to power. If you are still seeing that error appear on the screen, it could be the iPhone charging port that is at fault. When your iPhone is uncharging and you are shown an This accessory might not support warning, remove your charger and restart the device.

In recent years, I have seen a accessory may not be supported warning several times when my iPhone was locked, and I tried plugging it in to charge. If a charging adapter or cable is damaged, iPhone might fail to recognise them and give an alert that the accessory may not be supported.

Sometimes, when you see a This accessory is not supported by this iPhone alert, it might be that your iPhone or the cable is not the issue, it is the charging adapter or charging source. Most often, when the iPhone keeps saying, This accessory is not supported, it is because the charging cable that you are using with the iPhone is not certified with the MFi standard. To avoid getting one, be sure the charging cables and accessories that you are using to charge your iPhone are all MFi-certified, which means that they are made according to Apples design standards.

If you are truly looking to use a charging cable that does not come from an iPhone, be sure to buy one that has Made for iPhone printed on its package. It is not a requirement that you purchase an iPhone accessory, but both chargers and cables should have the MFi certification. Before certain accessories connect to the iPhone, it requires that you install a specific version of iOS on your iPhone.

Your iPhone has a large number of accessories made by either Apple or third-party vendors, such as iPhone earPods, charging iPhone cases, charging docks for the iPhone, Lightning cables for iPhone, and more (How to Free Up Space on an iPhone). You can find cases, chargers, adapters, and other accessories for recent models of the iPhone at Amazon, BestBuy, or any of the other e-commerce sites that you use.

If your iPhone does not work with a different cable or accessory, it means that is where the issue lies. Let us say that you cannot use CarPlay over a wire because your iPhone does not recognise your cables or accessories.

I used Apples An iPad Pro 12W charger and an Apple Lightning cable (the same that comes with an iPhone 11 Pro) to both, but the iPad came up with This accessory might not be supported. When using a cheaper, non-Apple charger to charge an iPhone or iPad, there is a chance you may get a box on the screen of your iPhone that says something like This accessory may not be supported.

Note that if you receive a different message such as This Cable or Accessory is Uncertified and May Not Work Reliable With This iPhone/iPad, these are basically the same problem. If after trying all of the steps above, your iPhone still says This accessory may not be supported, then your iPhones lightning port is probably damaged and needs repair. Any debris caught between the connectors may be blocking your iPhone from connecting properly with your accessory.

Wait for approximately 30 seconds, power back your iPhone, and then try connecting the accessory again. Once the iPad has turned on, try connecting it again with the power cord.

If you tried all the steps above and still have problems, remove the iPad from its case and connect it directly to your wall using the charger and cables provided with your iPad.

After doing so, connect the charging cable into a power adapter and connect your devices Lightning port to an iPhone. We recommend swapping in either Apples official cables or a higher-quality OEM cable, connect to the power outlet, and charge the iPhone. If your original cable is broken, and you have your iPhone covered under AppleCare, you can trade in the old charger you have on your iPhone for a new one at a local Apple store.

You might be getting this error from charging your iPhone using a non-MFI certified charger or from the faulty charging cable. This error may also occur from a broken or tampered charging accessories.

Having been in this same exact situation myself and understanding the fragility of Apples crap products, I am going to walk through some ways that you can try to remedy the issue of the Smart Keyboard on the iPad or iPad Pro showing a This accessory is not supported by this device error. Tap on the dismiss button to dismiss the warning, and remove your accessory from the Lightning port on the iPhone.

How do I fix this accessory is not supported by my iPhone headphones?

Check to see if the alert disappears by disconnecting and reconnecting the accessory. If it persists, look for damage or debris in the connections on the accessory and your device. If required, gently clean the connections on your device and remove any dirt.

Why is my phone not reading my headphones?

Select Connected devices > Connection options > Bluetooth after opening Settings. If your phone has already been paired with any Bluetooth audio devices, turn the Bluetooth switch to Off or unpair them. To test whether your headphones are functional, plug them into the audio jack and play a song.

Why does the accessory not supported keep popping up on my Iphone?

Several factors can cause these notifications to appear: Your iOS device’s charging port may be clogged or broken, your charging accessory may be flawed or uncertified by Apple, or your USB charger may not be intended for charging devices. Clean out any junk from your device’s bottom-mounted charging port.