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Activity Log Facebook Iphone

Activity Log Facebook Iphone

Activity Log Facebook Iphone

The Facebook app on iPhone allows users to view their activity log, which displays all of their actions on the platform. To access the activity log, tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner, then tap “Settings & Privacy,” followed by “Activity Log.” From there, you can view and manage your activity.

Through the Facebook activity log, you can see things like posts, photos, and videos you previously hidden from your profile. At any point, the user can view past activities such as comments, liked photos/videos, posts from you, etc. Yes, under Activity Log, you will find any recent activities that you did on Facebook, such as liking comments in other posts, watching videos, liking posts, and so on.

Then, tap Activities on top of your Facebook page to see details. If you are an iPhone user, then use the steps below to view your Facebook Likes. Visit the Facebook site in your browser and click the profile icon in the upper right.

In the Phone number and Email box, choose who is allowed to find you on Facebook based on your phone number and email, and click Next. Select the Facebook option to the left to see all Facebook activity for a targeted phone. Only after that, you can look at the Notification Center to view more activities on Facebook.

Top Right of FacebookTap in the top right of Facebook
NameThen Tap your Name
Profile PictureTap below your Profile Picture
Activity LogThe tap Activity Log
Steps to see my recent activity on Facebook.

On the page listing apps that send info about your activity to Facebook, choose Download information. Facebook displays the names of sites that shared your activity, and tells you how Facebook can gain access to that type of information. Facebook does not just gain access to your activity when you are using the social network, it does so when you visit some third-party websites. To take action, set up Facebook not to tie your third-party services activity information to your profile, nor to use it for showing tailored ads.

Watch this video to learn about how to Activity Log Facebook Iphone

While you cannot prohibit data collection, you can trawl through Off-Facebook activity to see who is feeding what about you back to Facebook, and detach your profile from that information. If you are not comfortable with this kind of tracking, particularly because it happens when you are not on Facebook, you can use the Off-Facebook Activity tool to manage any information on this site. To stop past activity on the web from impacting ads you see, go to Settings-Your Facebook Information-Off-Facebook Activity and click or tap Clear History. You can clear your older activity logs on FaceBook, and, in some cases, if you have liked a few unwanted Photos/Videos by accident, you may want to friend request the unknown person, who can be easily found from your Facebook Activity Log, and delete them there too.

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If you search something by accident you did not intend, you want to delete some activities records from the history, or you are trying to make Facebook more private, You can remove any single activity from Activity Logs anytime you like. An activity log is a place on social media platforms where you keep any of your activities on the platform, such as posts you commented on, videos you watched, searches you made, etc. Sometimes, an activity log is really helpful when looking up things that you already liked or watched, but cannot remember the name. Whether you spend hours every day posting, liking, and commenting on Facebook, or have not used Facebook for weeks, anything you do on the site is recorded on your Facebook activity log chronologically. The Facebook Activity Log tracks all your activity across the social network, including posts, likes, follows, mentions, and more. Users can also manage what is visible on their Page using Activity Log.

You can see what friends and Facebook Pages are sharing to their accounts by looking at your Facebook Timeline. You can access videos that you have recently watched on Facebook via your Facebook profile. Assuming that you have already installed the Facebook app and are already signed into Facebook apps, then use the steps below to see a list of the videos you recently watched in Facebook apps or on your mobile device. Here is an easy guide to finding the videos you recently watched on Facebook desktop, Facebook app, or Facebook mobile Facebook app, so that you can view them again or share them with friends.

If you have ever watched an entertaining or an interesting video on Facebook, and accidentally refreshed the feed, no worries. You should now be seeing the list of videos that you recently watched on Facebook. Every video you have watched recently (even over the last several months) is saved to your Videos You Have Watched section on your profile. No worries, just follow this easy tutorial to make sure you are seeing Facebooks latest posts on your iPhone.

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Once you have refreshed your feed, finding anything again can be quite the hassle. Just access Facebook and tap on the bell next to your “Chat” tab, and you get a quick glance at recent activity from friends, including new posts, comments, friend requests, but there is not a lot of info to go over. Fortunately, you can quickly remove activities–such as articles you read, music you are listening to, comments posted, or even game milestones–using Facebooks app. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can prevent your Facebook friends from seeing your activities, likes, and friends lists.

In this guide, I am going to show you how you can search for or view Facebook on PC, Android, and iPhone. If privacy is important to you, there are ways to filter what your Facebook friends can see, and which elements stay hidden from their view. If you would like to keep someone from seeing any of this information in the first place, you can adjust Facebooks privacy settings to hide certain activities from prying eyes. While your friends cannot see your Activity Page, the content in it–comments, updates, images, likes, and so on–may be visible elsewhere in Facebook, including in Timelines and the News Feed.

Does Facebook have an activity log?

You may check and adjust your Facebook activity in the activity log. You may browse your material by scrolling through it or filtering it by category to look at certain items like posts, posts you’re tagged in, images and videos, friend requests, and events.

How can I see my recent activity on Facebook?

The grey bar is the one with the symbol that looks like a magnifying glass. It is listed underneath “Chats” at the top of the page. You may also scroll down to get a list of all of your most recent Facebook discussions. It shows the user’s last active time and/or date underneath their name, next to the most recent chat message.

How do I view activity log?

Open the Settings app on your Android tablet or phone. Google. your Google Account management. Tap Data & privacy at the top. Go to “History settings” by scrolling. Choose My Activities. To browse activities like: Items you’ve posted, tap Category at the top of your activity log. Deleted posts from your profile.

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