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Apple Bottom Jeans Meaning

Apple Bottom Jeans Meaning

Apple Bottom Jeans Meaning

As the name indicates, Apple bottom jeans is a brand of jeans. it was founded by Hip-Hop star nelly in 2002 and it also dominated the fashion industry in the early 2000s when most celebrities wore them. It was designed for curvy and full-hip women.

The lyrics on the chorus, Apple Bottom jeans, reference the womens clothes line designed by rapper Nelly. The term Apple Bottom jeans refers to slim-fitting pants that reinforce the figure of a curvaceous woman wearing them, thus resembling the jeans name with an apple in its shape. Apple Bottom jeans refers to either APPLE BOTTOM jeans directly, or in general, someone wearing jeans that make their butt appear attractively large.

Apple Bottom jeans are the leading brand of designer jeans for women, and the companys lines feature slim, low-rise, high-waist, and other pants styles. Pocketed and embroidered with their name, jeans are for the black women with curves, we are struggling to find jeans that are shapely to fit our naturally curvy bodies. Founded and launched by Rap Artists rappers Nelly, Yomi Martin, and Janna Kelly, Apple Bottom set out to make a form-fitting jeans that would be attractive for women and girls of all shapes and sizes.

As it is known to most, its line of clothes is a womens urban fashion label launched by Grammy award winning rapper Nelly in 2003. His clothing line has stood out in the ranks of brands such as House of Dereon and Baby Phat (which was relaunched last year) as companies driven by inclusiveness in sizes, and designed for Black women. Hip-hop artist Nelly created the jeans by Apple Bottom jeans as a line of fashion meant to highlight and celebrate the natural curves of women, since Apple Bottom is the Slang term for the females shapely posterior.

Find out what happened to Apple Bottom Jeans

The journey to become Apple Bottoms jeans brand has been incredibly long, starting out with the usual jeans label, and later on, starting out producing fragrances, clothing, and accessories for women. Juicy Couture has been making a comeback as well, working with brands such as Kappa, Parade, and Apparis in a number of collaborations. Nelly, who announced the return on Instagram, was very enthusiastic. On March 7, 2020, Rap Artist Nelly hinted a comeback from the label through Instagram.

It was the best-selling digital song in the United States in the 2000s, having sold more than 5.2 million downloads. It was the second-most-played song on American radio in 2008, with approximately 3.02 billion listeners. When it reached number one on the US Hot 100, it tied a record of shortest song title at number one.

Flo Ridas LOW did incalculable numbers and launched Flo Rida into the midst of an amazing commercial success galore. This weeks song is called Low, and it is from a dude who I had never heard of named Flo Rida. What is not immediately obvious, however, at least when listening to the story Flo Rida tells about T-Pain about Flo Ridas Low, is a females identity.

Most of Flo Ridas Low celebrates the clothes women wear in every kind – although Flo Rida is sure to make clear that Flo Rida likes it when women are nude as well, explicitly saying, I say, I like it with no clothes – so it is difficult to determine which women in clothes she has her eyes on. Most simply, Flo Rida uses his wealth to call home his desired ladies.

One last thing to examine is the possibility that the club is a strip club, that Flo Rida is watching two different women dancing, one wearing an Apple Bottom jeans, the other wearing sagging sweatpants. You see — you may have to sit through this — T-Pain is literally singing to two different women. There you go….Shawty is really 2 different shawtys, and T-Pain continues both to fuck up and make clear songs from our generation.

The song takes it title after the way shawty gets down, meaning the part-squat, part-twerking position. The chorus is not a sexy song in the real meaning of the term, but is sexyized. Or, as stated above, the track displays a higher degree of appreciation of women willing and able to go down. It offers absolutely no resolution for the single-woman/two-women debate.

In fact, had a ladies show proved inspiring enough, the shawty would have been a recipient of some serious advice from Flo Rida. After introducing the lady (the shawty has these Apple Bottom jeans, boots with fur // The entire club is watching her) first, and explaining how she is dancing very low to the ground (the LOW spelled out eight times, just to really drive home this point), T-Pain introduced an entirely different set. Flo Rida 2008 hit “Low” features T-Pain singing a chorus that talks about Shawty having them Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur.

The girl that Flo Rida sang about on Flo Rida Low was wearing Applebottom jeans, boots with the fur, baggy sweatpants, and Reeboks with straps, all at once, so we have to infer she is actually a centaur. A female of her own, and a capitalist excess represented by designer jeans and ritzy boots with the finest pelts.

A pair of pants that will not leave you with that pesky gap at the back of the jeans, as most do. It would be one thousand times easier to take off sagging sweatpants sitting on top of jeans, rather than vice versa. With the right pair, you will be surprised how much better you look, as well as be impressed by the way that they fit around your body in ways that other jeans simply do not.

Then, you may even discover perfect jeans that look as great as you want them to in every color combo. For instance, you could get a fashionable fading jeans that looks shredded and worn like you had it for years. This means that you can find them in a wide-legged, as well as a bootcut, or even in slim fits.

Do Apple bottom jeans exist?

Rapper Nelly, Yomi Martin, Nick Loftis, and Ian Kelly established the women’s clothing line AppleBottoms in 2003. Originally a denim company, the name has grown to encompass various women’s and girls’ apparel, fragrances, and accessories. When Apple Bottoms, a denim company geared for curvy women, first debuted in the early 2000s, it caused a big change in women’s clothing.