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Apple Maps Server Not Available

Apple Maps Server Not Available

Apple Maps Server Not Available

If apple map server is not available, you need not to worry about this problem. Go to the settings app, choose general, from the menu bar select maps and add it to the home screen. By doing so, your apple app may work properly. Make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.

In the following text, we have listed every possible fix for iPhone Maps Not Working problem, please try each one of these solutions one by one. Today, in this tutorial, we are going to look at all of the ways to solve the problem of Maps Not Working on your iPhone in a quick manner. If the Google Maps app is not working correctly on your iPhone, then you should be able to solve the issue using the troubleshooting steps provided below.

Google Maps App will not be able to give you directions, if Location Services has been turned off on your device. While Google Maps Not Working issue on iPhone has been primarily reported after an update of either iOS or the Google Maps app, it may occur any other time. In general, users reported problems with Google Maps running slowly, failing to locate current locations properly, failing to display driving directions, and the issue with Google Maps crash on iPhone. When you are used and depend on maps to navigate and locate yourself every day, and you suddenly discover that the iPhone Maps is not working, you are bound to feel really confused and frustrated.

Fortunately, just as with when Google Maps was not working on Android, iOSs navigation app issue is easily fixable; you do not have to be a technical genius to do it. Even with the strong support and popularity that Apple Maps enjoys, sometimes the app stops working properly. Because the iPhone Maps app relies on GPS and Internet or cell phone connection for accurate display, any disruption in those services could result in wrong directions or wrong locations.

For Maps services, you need to be using the location services (GPS) in order to receive accurate, real-time locations as well as other features in Apples Maps iPhone app. In addition to turning on general location services on the device, you also need to give specific permissions for Apple Maps app to use Location services. Once found and clicked, open the Maps option, and select While using app or widgets to turn this on.

Enable accurate location, and then select While Using the App or While Using the App or Widgets. Navigate back to the same screen you were in the previous step, but this time, choose Reset Location and Privacy. Reset Location & Privacy If you are still facing directions that are not available on iPhone Maps, then one thing that can be tried is Reset Location and Privacy. To enable location access again, open the Settings app of your iPhone and swipe down to touch Privacy and security, then location services.

Watch this video to learn how to fix apple maps not working

Settings Apps > General > Date and Time > If possible, enable Auto-Set. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > toggle Set Automatically to enable changes, and exit the native Maps app. You can quickly change your devices date and time by opening the Settings app. Go to Settings > Google Maps > On the next screen, flip the toggle next to Background app refresh to On.

For an iPhone with no Home button, slide your finger upwards and stop half way down, the Recent apps screen appears. It will refresh your native Maps app, so that accurate data is displayed when you reopen. Try to launch the application again, and see whether or not the app starts working again.

You most likely require a more robust internet connection if Apple Maps isn’t functioningMake sure you’re connected to an internet with strong connection
Apple Maps requires a strong GPS signal to function, which isn’t always simple to get even if you have an internet connectionGet a stronger GPS signal to make your Apple Maps app work
Location Access permission, which you may manage in the Settings app, is also required by Apple MapsGo to the settings and turn on location access
Reasons and solutions for Apple Maps not working problem on iPhone.

When reconnecting your device to the Internet, wait for several seconds to let the native Maps app download data, and check whether your problem with the Maps app not working is solved. When the iPhone reboots, configure your WiFi connection and try running iPhone Maps application to see if problem has been solved. If you are still having problems after connecting to a better network, try refreshing your location services to remove any bugs that may have caused Apple Maps to go down.

Apple Maps on the iPhone requires a live connection in order to function, and if you are in an area with an inferior cell network, you will need to move to another location that has better cell data and GPS signals. If your iPhone is obviously connected to both the Internet and GPS, but Apple Maps still cannot locate you, there is a possibility you may have accidentally turned off Location Access.

If you receive a message from Apples Maps app saying that your iPhone cannot connect, make sure Airplane Mode is not turned on. Your iPhone cannot connect to Apple servers when the iPhone is in Airplane Mode.

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Resetting network settings deletes the stored Wi-Fi password, but can resolve some issues with connecting to the Apple Maps app. While turning mobile data off is a good way to limit data use, it may hinder the Maps app when no Wi-Fi signal is available, and may result in an inaccurate location view on the iPhone. Incorrect network settings or Location and Privacy may result in iPhone maps not working properly on iOS 11.

Resetting your location and privacy settings may help you resolve common errors with apps that depend on GPS for their jobs. If that does not work, download an alternative GPS and navigation app, like Google Maps or Waze.

Note that each GPS app that you install on the iPhone will request permission again. If you notice your iPhones GPS is not working, it is possible the GPS permission has been disabled.

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This means your iPhone will remain synced to the Apple Maps servers, making sure that you will always have the correct time and date of your location. Google Maps may offer live updates showing you how busy a store or train may be, which is something Apple is never going to have access to. Apple Maps has an advantage if you are using the iPhone, since it is all connected, and you do not need to go through the trouble of downloading a new assistant, or indicating what services you want to use each time.

Apple Maps failing can be fixed by switching to a better Internet connection, disabling and enabling location services, setting date and time properly, resetting your network settings, along with several other solutions that you can take care of yourself. If after trying all of the tips mentioned above, the map is still not working on your iPhone on iOS 11, then you have a choice of restoring the iPhone. Make sure that Location Services is turned on, and that Maps is turned on when using an app or widget.

Why did Apple Maps stop working?

You most likely require a more robust internet connection if Apple Maps isn’t functioning. Apple Maps requires a strong GPS signal to function, which isn’t always simple to get even if you have an internet connection. Location Access permission, which you may manage in the Settings app, is also required by Apple Maps.

Why did Apple Maps stop working?

You may need a faster internet connection if Apple Maps isn’t functioning. Apple Maps requires a strong GPS signal, which is often difficult to obtain, even if you have an internet connection. Location Access permission is also required by Apple Maps, and you may modify it in the Settings app.

Why is my Maps not working?

Start Google Maps again after closing the Map programme in the multi-window area. Then try rebooting your phone if it doesn’t work. If the issue continues, you can try deleting the cache data for the Google Maps programme. To accomplish this, select Clear cache data under Settings > Apps > Google Maps.