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Apple Pencil Battery Life

Apple Pencil Battery Life

Apple Pencil Battery Life

Users may use Apple Pencils for 12 hours on a full charge. However, 15 seconds more is more than enough to use it for the following 30 minutes if the battery is completely dead. The battery level briefly shows towards the top of the screen while using Apple Pencil (2nd generation) with an iPad.

How to Check Battery Levels on the Apple Pencil The Apple Pencil does not have any sort of physical charging indicator or LED lights on its cylindrical body; instead, you can check the battery level of the Pencil in its current state on the currently connected iPad or iPad Pro. If the battery in your Apple Pencil does run low at any point, you can plug it into your iPad Pros Lightning port and gain thirty minutes of usage from only fifteen seconds of charging.

The Apple Pencil second generation, by contrast, just snaps magnetically onto the side of your iPad, dumping the iPads battery in order to recharge itself. When it comes to the Apple Pencil 2, every time you click the Pencil on to the magnetic side of your iPad, the battery levels of your current Apple Pencil 2 are displayed at the top middle of your screen.

You can track the status of the current battery in the iPad, as there is no native, digital display on either Pencil, nor is there any other indication as to your current battery level. While Apple Pencil 1st- and 2nd-generation do not feature any sort of battery status indicator that will let you know how much juice is left, there are ways of finding out just how much battery life is left on your device. Whether you are charging your Apple Pencil using an iPad, using the iPhones Lightning port (this works), or using an Apple Pencil charging adapter, checking the battery widget on a matching iPad Pro is the only way to keep an eye on your Pencils charging levels. Apple realized that was coming, so Apple made it easier to dock a second-generation Pencil into the 10.5 iPad Pro, which keeps it charged at all times.

You can either go through the steps outlined above with the 1st-generation Apple Pencil, or you can just put it onto the iPad Pros magnetic charging strip (or take it off, and then put it back down if it is connected to a magnetic charging strip right now). You can charge Pencil in other iPads equipped with Lightning, but iOS will not suggest pairing with it, and the unpaired pencil does not offer basic tap input even on touchscreen displays.

While the Pencil is not required for using the iPad Pro, it is particularly exciting as the first official Apple solution to writing, drawing, and precise input on an iPad that goes beyond finger taps and gestures. Pencil itself is incredibly simple to pick up, and Apples Notes app is simple enough to make a simple demonstration of Pencils capabilities.

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The new Apple Pencil had no issues with lasting us through lengthy drawing sessions, but its battery life is less of an issue as well, since you can top up it easier throughout the day just by placing it back onto its edges as you answer emails or pause for a breather. The Apple Pencils always-on, always-on nature means that it is constantly, and consistently, drained of its tiny, small battery, which is incapable of holding a charge for any extended, sustained length of time. For instance, if you are using an Apple Pencil to make notes or draw, its battery is going to be drained more quickly than when using it to tap your iPads screen. Leaving Bluetooth turned on when you are not using the pencil is battery hogging, for both your iPad and Pencil.

Turning Settings | Bluetooth Off also helps to save some battery on the iPad, but only slightly. Now, you will have reliable battery indications for all of your connected Apple devices, which are connected over Bluetooth.

Charging Time10-20 minutes
Using Time12 hours on full charge
Time required to charge Apple Pencil and How long can you use it.

Charging times will vary depending on how well-drained and maintained your batteries are. If the battery is completely drained, then the charging may take a couple minutes, followed by displaying a percentage of battery. The trick is to regularly recharge an internal rechargeable battery, and do not let power drop below the 10% mark. It is best to immediately recharge your Pen when you see the battery light low, but you can monitor the percentage.

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When a Pencil gets to a low battery state (say, 5%), I would suggest that it goes into very low-power mode, unplugging from an iPad Pro 10.5, in order to conserve battery power (if this does not happen, and if a user does not start charging Pencils battery right away, then in just a couple of hours, it is going to die unrecoverably, per point #3). Even in a low-power mode, some current is drawn from the battery — unless a relay is used to disconnect the circuitry, something that Apple definitely is not using on the Pencil. While its smaller size does draw power when not being used, because it is active all the time, it does not have to draw power quite as quickly.

Watch this video to see the apple pencil battery life test

Since staying on the charger after reaching 100% does no harm for any generation of Apple Pencil, it is important to know that keeping your battery charged, even when you are feeling like you are spending a ton of time charging, is good. A fully charged Apple Pencil may last about twelve hours, unless you are using your Apple Pencil frequently, or if the built-in battery is defective. If you completely run out of battery, or you have not used your Pencil lately, it can take up to ten minutes to correctly recharge your stylus and show up in the notification center.

If you are older or your batteries are defective, you will notice fast or slow charging, as well as issues quickly draining the charge. In other cases, you might connect a built-in rechargeable battery, but you do not see a charge icon, even after trying every possible repair.

Note that Pencil batteries ruined will not appear on iPads; they will appear with great speed even when they do. As a result of point 5, if you let your iPad Pro 10.5 sit idle for several weeks, you might return to a dead pencil.

Sometimes, a battery state that is not working will pop up on your iPads screen momentarily. Know If Your Apple Battery Is Bad The first is that the Pens battery might be losing more than 10% of its charge when it is resting, failing to charge, or taking too long to reach full power.

Is it worth it to buy Apple Pencil 1st gen?

The Apple Pencil is definitely worth the money for anyone who wants to use the iPad for drawing, sketching, taking notes, or other similar activities, but for those who don’t need all of the advanced features, there are some similar styluses on the market like the significantly less expensive Logitech Crayon.

How do I see Apple Pencil battery life?

The battery level briefly shows up near the top of the screen when you connect an Apple Pencil (2nd generation) to your iPad. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on if it still doesn’t appear. While using your Apple Pencil, check the Today View on your iPad to see how much battery is left.