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Apple Podcasts Not Working

Apple Podcasts Not Working

Apple Podcasts Not Working

If your Apple Podcasts Not Working, then just try deleting and again installing the app to get the smoothly working app. Deleting the app and re-downloading the is the best solution to remove the temporary bug of Apple Podcasts Not Working.

You want to listen to the latest episode of a podcast you love, but it is not downloading on your iPhone. If the podcasts app does not load episodes onto your device, then you have only one remaining option for getting to your podcasts, and that is streaming each time you want to listen.

If you are having issues with automatically downloading episodes, specifically, you will need to make sure Apple Podcasts downloading preferences are configured properly. Resetting Network Settings If you are still experiencing ongoing problems with podcasts app downloading, you should consider resetting your network settings on iPhone. You could simply try to reboot the iPhone and see if this works to resolve issues with the Apple Podcasts app.

If restarting the iPhone or WiFi router does not work for you, it is a stronger option for fixing issues related to your network connection. Restarting an iPhone is a common problem-solving technique and may help to solve a temporary malfunction on your iPhone overall. Minor bugs and malfunctions, lack of authorization, and faulty network settings are the most common reasons that may be preventing Apple Podcasts from downloading your audio files locally to your iPhone.

App-related issues include not updating app software and your podcast files. Podcasts became temporarily unavailable, both because of user issues and because of app-related issues. There could be network issues, or downloading a podcast over mobile data could be locked in your Podcasts settings.

This certainly applies if you are using cellular data for listening to and downloading the podcast. Of course, you will need network connectivity to stream or download individual episodes with the iPhones own Podcasts app. If you are not connected to a WiFi network, turn on your devices mobile data option to allow Podcasts application to connect to the Internet.

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You may want to try turning Wi-Fi off at first, and seeing if the application loads using mobile data only. Head into Settings > Podcasts and toggle off Only downloads over Wi-Fi.

If you do not want episodes automatically deleted, head into Settings, scroll to Podcasts, then toggle Remove downloaded episodes. Go to Settings > Notifications > Podcasts, and toggle on the option that says Allow Notifications. To confirm, head over to Settings > Podcasts and make sure that the toggle next to Background app refresh is enabled. Allow Background App Refresh If Apple Podcasts struggles with performing background downloads, ensure it has the required permissions to utilize the iPhones Background App Refresh feature.

If not, turn on the “search” option to enable podcast episodes to be downloaded on the device. To remove a podcast episode that has been downloaded, tap on the triple-dot menu icon, choose the episode, then tap on the remove button.

To turn on automatic downloads of new episodes of the podcast, go to Settings > Automatic downloads. If your podcast is set to download automatically in the background, it might leave room for new episodes.

There are several ways you can solve this issue, and be able to download podcast episodes to your device. It is extremely rare to be unable to view all episodes of a podcast, since the majority of times users will either view all episodes or none of them. If you are having problems seeing past episodes or new episodes of your podcast, use these tips to fix the issue.

Make sure to subscribe to a podcast in order to get notifications about new episodes on your device. Tap “Subscribe Shows” to receive new podcasts on notification alerts. Or add selected episodes to Podcast Playlists A playlist to play podcasts on your iPhone and iPad at all times.

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Stop Any Episode downloads On your iPhone, go to Settings > Podcasts > Download Episodes > Off. Go to Settings > Podcasts and turn off Only Download On Wi-Fi so that your system gets the new episodes using your mobile knowledge. Under Podcasts settings, turn off the option to Block downloads using mobile data.

Settings On your iPhone, go to Settings
PodcastOpen Podcast option
EpisodesGo to “Download Episodes”
Turn OffTurn off Only Download On Wi-Fi so that your system gets the new episodes using your mobile knowledge
Steps required to make Apple Podcast work according to mobiles knowledge.

If you do not want to make any toggles, and really depend on the content & privacy restrictions, be sure to enable allowed apps and enable Podcasts. If this does not help, check out Content & Privacy Restrictions or revert to the full settings. If Volume buttons are not working on iPhone, head into the Settings app — General — Shut Down. It is also good to check your devices battery settings or power management, as some devices shut down unneeded apps and lower the amount of data used in the background.

The best thing to do if your latest podcast does not appear on iTunes is to make sure that your FeedBurner feed is updated in the first place, and that your latest episodes are visible to the other podcast services. If you see issues listed alongside more services like Face ID, Apple Music, or App Store (there is not a particular list for the Podcasts app), then wait a while for Apple to bring things back up. Check if Apples servers serving the podcasts content are facing any downtime. You should turn on Background Updates for Apple Podcasts to avoid missing all of the latest content, which can also be downloaded on the iPhone for offline listening.

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For me, its native Podcasts app does not even get the job done on an iPhone, much less when trying (in vain) to sync with other devices such as iPads in order to pick up right where you left off and go back in the episode. It is more a matter of Apple wanting to charge you money for this instead of fixing fundamental shortcomings built into the app–seriously, they are so damned ugly, it is as if nobody ever looked at the app or tested the update before releasing it–and instead wants you to pay. Even when it works correctly, the redesign feels like users are constantly trying to search for their favorite podcasts on an unknown device, leaving whole tails scrambling or getting decimated — but more importantly, an infection of bugs makes Apples awful podcast app all the more unlivable.

It is not that Apples podcast app is that simple to use, it is that it is that simple not to need to install and learn a different app; so simple to preserve the default Podcasts settings on my iPhone, and those bearing its manufacturers name; so simple to simply roll with the punches until I am bloodied and bruised, then roll with some more. Apple Podcasts makes finding and listening to favorite podcasts easy whenever you want, and, as one might expect of an app native to iOS, very consistent.

Why are Podcasts not playing?

The two major reasons why podcasts fail to load are a lack of bandwidth and software compatibility. A damaged link, your Wi-Fi network, or even prolonged buffering times could be be the cause. You might also need to update your phone or app.

Why won’t Apple Podcasts load new episodes?

Check to see if this option is turned on by going to Settings > Podcasts > Download Episodes. Disable “Podcasts” in Settings. Only download using Wi-Fi so that your smartphone can use cellular data to download fresh episodes. On your device, make sure there is sufficient memory.

How do I refresh Apple podcast feed?

Follow these easy steps if you need to update your RSS feed on Apple Podcasts: Sign in to your Apple Podcast Connect account (this uses the same Apple ID you use for other Apple products and services). To access your podcast, click on the thumbnail. Click Edit next to the URL in the Show Information column under RSS Feed.