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Apple Watch Band Sizes

Apple Watch Band Sizes

Apple Watch Band Sizes

Apple watches come in numerous band sizes with a lot of variation. These include the 38 mm band, the 40 mm band, the 41 mm band, and these three are compatible with each other too. Similarly, the 42 mm, 44 mm, and 45 mm band sizes are also available and are compatible with each other.

The world of Apple Watch bands is as varied as the people wearing them, and whether you are looking for the Solo Loop or another non-adjustable band, you are going to want to know how to use Apple Watch Band Size Charts and other metrics to find a good match. Generally speaking, the small wrist is 5″-6.5 inches, while the big wrist is 7-8.5 inches, but the best part of many Apple Watch bands is that you can adjust with Velcro or inside perforations on sports bands to get very specific fits. The Sport Loop Band for a 40mm watch fits between 130 and 200mm wrists, and a 44mm watchband fits between 140 and 220mm wrists.

The Sport Loop band comes in eight colors, and they are all available with the 40 and 44 mm sizes. The leather loop band comes in three colours, but is only available in the 42mm/44mm size options. There are two colours available in the watches 38mm/40mm sizes, although the loop bracelet is also compatible with Series 6 and Watch SE models.

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The Solo Loop comes in two sizes for both Apple Watch models, the smaller and larger sizes, and it is one of the bands that has the broadest range of fits if you have a larger wrist. The Sport Band is a adjustable band made of fluoroelastomer, and comes in two sizes for the smaller and larger Apple Watch models. When Digital Trends got its hands on an upgraded Apple Watch 4, it was the perfect match: 40mm in size, with a baby blue Sport Band.

ModelCase SizeBand Sizes
Series 1, 2, 338mm and 42mm38mm and 42mm
Series 4, 5, SE40mm and 44mm40mm and 44mm
Series 640mm and 44mm40mm and 44mm
Apple Watch Edition38mm and 42mm38mm and 42mm
Apple Watch Nike+38mm and 42mm38mm and 42mm
Apple Watch Hermes40mm and 44mm40mm and 44mm
Apple Watch Band Sizes
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The Apple Watch Series 6 is also available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40mm and 44mm, to Series 3, and offers the Always-On Display, built-in compass, an always-on altimeter, and a blood-oxygen sensor, along with a U1 chip. To reiterate, bands made for the smaller of the two new sizes will work with the earlier, smaller-sized model, the Apple Watch Series 7, and vice-versa. Previous bands that fit a 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 will fit the Series 7, while a 44mm band will fit the new 45mm size.

All bands that fit the 40mm watch will fit the 40mm Series 5, and all bands that fit the 42mm Series 3 will fit the 44mm Series 5. The modern buckle, for instance, is limited to 40/41mm models of Apple Watch, but in general, Apple Watch bands will fit a wider range of wrist sizes.

Some Apple Watch bands have baffling measurements or uncomfortable closures, so even when you have measured everything properly, you might get a bad fit because your wrist measurements are squarely in the middle of two notches or loops. There is one thing that Apple could improve, and it is confusion about what size bands are needed for your wrist.

If you are getting ready to purchase the Apple Watch, you will want to consider both the wrist dimensions as well as available band options in order to achieve a better fit. With three models, GPS models, and GPS and Cellular models, and two different sizes, as well as all of the bands to mix-and-match, plus additional models from Nike, Hermes, and Watch Edition, choosing the right Apple Watch is trickier than it initially seems.

Apple and a handful of third-party manufacturers make a number of band options and styles for each size watch, which fit neatly into two size groups. Apple, along with several third-party manufacturers, produce a range of band types for each watch size, and they comfortably fit into two size groups. Apple has arranged bands and face sizes in an orderly manner, making it a bit easier to pick out bands.

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Apple has aligned band sizes, making the task of choosing a band significantly easier. For some models, such as the Sport Collection, Apple includes two bands — the Small-Medium and the Medium-Large — in the box, while others, such as the modern buckle bands, let customers choose between different bands sizes. For 40mm and 41mm-sized Apple Watch models, you can pick up single loop bands ranging in size one to nine, whereas the 44mm and 45mm models are available in bands that are sized four to 12.

For solo loops, Apple says the size starts at 130mm, but there is a bit of leeway there due to the loop-fit, so it is a good option for smaller wrists as well. Since The Sport Band has holes to allow you to adjust fit, you will only have to ensure the sizing ranges listed below fit the dimensions of your wrist. With a cuff fit, your only consideration in choosing The Leather Link is making sure your wrist fits within the sizing parameters listed below.

Well, if you do not have the tools to measure the wrist-band dimensions, you can do so using Apples official Guide to Size Options. If you do not know your wrist size yet, download a handy printable tool and follow the provided instructions. Then, you can enter the wrist measurement onto Apples site by clicking on Start Your Measurement button, in order to obtain your proper fit.

You can also use Apples offered online measuring tool [PDF] to get an accurate fit. If you are considering the Solo Loop, I highly suggest waiting until you are able to use the printer and use the official measurement guide tool from Apple.

To double-check you are getting the right fit for your watch, Apples website offers compatibility details directly under your sizing options, so be sure to click on it if you are a bit sceptical. Note that this guide references 40, 41, 44, and 45mm sized options that are available on modern models of Apple Watch, but the guide will work on older models too, at 38mm and 42mm, since the bands compatibility has been consistent since 2015. As expected, Apple has updated the online Apple Watch Bands inventory to match the new sizes.

The Apple Watch Sport now includes one band offering S/M+M/L sized configurations (the longer-length Sport Band is sold separately, in specific colors). Apple Apple has an extensive guide on the specifications for each of their band types (Modern Buckle, Sport, Milanese Loop, Classic Buckle, and Link Bracelet), with some that you will need to select the size for at purchase, and some (like Sport band) which comes with both an S/M and an M/L band to pick from.

How do I know my Apple Watch band size?

Use a piece of sticky tape to secure the wider end for more precise measurement. To keep the tool where you would wear a watch, tightly wrap it around your wrist. Check to see that the tool is secure and does not slide up or down. The number the arrows point to indicates the size of your band.

Do Apple Watch band sizes matter?

Ensure you use a band that fits your Apple Watch case size before you purchase a new band for your watch. As long as the sizes are compatible, you can use a band made for the original Apple Watch, the first three Apple Watch series, as well as the Apple Watch SE.

Can you change a watch band yourself?

A damaged watch band can be replaced, which also alters the appearance of the smartwatch. With the right equipment and a firm grip, it can be completed at home with ease. Setting up a workstation, detaching the previous strap, replacing it, and cleaning the watch of any speckles or dirt are all required.