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Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

Check out your connection. Disable connection is the problem of not getting a notification on the Apple watch. If you see red iPhone icon or a red X icon then it means you have to connect your device. Also, make sure that you might have not turned off your notification in the setting.

My texts and emails came through to my watch, but I did not receive notifications as expected. User Issues My Watch is set up to mirror my iPhone for notifications about Mail and messages, but Watch does not receive these.

Now, check that mirror My iPhone is turned on for the problematic apps, and then, see if the notifications on Apple Watch start appearing. Note that there are different notification options in some apps, such as the Mirror my iPhone option for Messages and Calendar.

Or in the Watch app on the iPhone, you can return from an app settings page to the home notifications page. You will have to locate the particular app and open Settings to see whether notifications are disabled.

Now, choose an app that is not sending you notifications, and choose Allow notifications option. To do this, tap on notification groups (Watch apps -> Notifications) and then select Off, Automatic, or Per-app. You can see the notifications you have configured by going to Settings > Notifications.

SettingsGo to settings
TapTap and open Do Not Disturb
Turn offIf it is on then surely turn it off
Steps required to turn off Do Not Disturb.

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off. Turn Do Not Disturb off as well by going into your Watch iPhone app, as well as to My Watch > Sounds and Haptics, then turning Cover To Mute off. You can toggle off Cover to Mute from within the Watch app by going to My Watch > Sounds & Haptics.

If your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, the Watch will not receive notifications from the phone. It can be frustrating when you are not getting notifications on your watch. For example, getting notifications on an iPhone when it is unlocked, or when it is asleep. When you unlock your iPhone, by default, your notifications appear on your iPhone.

In simpler terms, if you set your calendar app on your iPhone to alert you only to upcoming events, you will see notifications about only upcoming calendar events on the Apple Watch.

You can find the notes mentioned above in the top of Notifications menu on your Watch App on iPhone, and I am fairly certain that one of these could be why you are not getting notifications on your Apple Watch. The above solutions let you receive notifications to your Apple Watch that might have been turned off, silenced, or unforwarded by your iPhone by accident. If none of the above solutions worked for you, then the best way to try to resolve your Apple Watch not receiving notifications problem is to detach the Apple Watch, and then re-pair it with the iPhone. Until Apple gets around to patching this undisclosed, intermittent bug, you may want to try any of these workarounds to regain control over Control Center and notifications.

In addition to forcing a reboot, restarting the iPhone is also a good idea for fixing your notifications issues. If rebooting does not work, turn your iPhone off, wait for 1 minute, then turn the iPhone back on to see if its notification issues are resolved. Once it is reloaded, check to see if the device has established connectivity, and whether notifications are working now.

If this does not work, see if setting app notifications to repeat alerts within Watch app fixes the notifications problem. If focus mode is enabled on both devices, now your notifications should work. If you are at work, you can turn off your personal notifications, or vice-versa, using Focus Modes. If an Apple Watch or iPhone pair is on its Do Not Disturb Mode (recently rebranded to Focus), it might prevent Apple Watch from showing notifications, since the devices are trying not to interrupt you with notifications.

For one, if you are on the iPhone when a notification comes, then it is just going to be shown on the iPhone. Because of this, by default, when you actually do see a notification, you will now only see the summary for it. If you know that you will always want the full notification, however, you can tell it so.

Expect to spend a little time tweaking what notifications are, how you receive them, and even when. You should understand how notifications between these devices work before trying to find ways around an issue. Fortunately, the issue with notifications is generally not anything major, and you can solve the problem by making a few simple adjustments. If this is the case, it is likely that you tinkered around with the notification settings and turned off the notifications for the program in question.

watch this video to learn how to fix apple watch notifications not showing

You might have tinkered with your paired iPhones notification settings and stopped some apps from sending alert notifications to the Apple Watch. If you are wearing My Watch, but you are not getting any notifications, it could be an issue with the sensors. The primary reason it does this is when you turn on or turn off the silent mode for alert notifications.

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The Mirror my iPhone option on Apple Watch is used for mirroring notifications or behaviors from your iPhone on Apple Watch, and if said option is turned off on the Apple Watch, this can result in issues with notifications on it. If Haptic Notifications is enabled for Apple Watch, then when you get a notification, Apple Watch will tap your wrist, but if that setting is disabled, it might result in its notifications issue.

You cannot use the steps mentioned above to enable notifications again if that is the case. If you are still not getting notifications from specific apps on your WatchOS device, remove and reinstall these problem apps. Hopefully, notifications will be working again on your watchOS device.

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In case, in case, Apple Watch is unable to display notifications, you will feel that there is something missing, or the timing is off on something important, such as a rival Facebook Chat user is going offline while you are seeing latest alerts, and also Calendar events are not getting received in the AW, so maybe you missed out on things such as attending meetings, etc. Apple Watch can show notifications only when it is unlocked, For that reason, a lot of users are not setting passcodes to their Apple Watches, But, there may be devices like corporate devices, where Watch is protected by a passcode, these devices might not show notifications while locked. Since your Apple Watch acts as an extension of your iPhone, and its features are fully customisable according to your own personal preferences, being able to receive Apple Watch messages as well as other alerts and notifications allows you to make full use of your Apple Watch.

Can I get notifications on both my phone and my watch?

You will get notification notifications on your Apple Watch whether your iPhone is locked or asleep and it is on your wrist and unlocked (regardless of whether the watch display is awake or asleep). Notifications will flow to your iPhone if your Apple Watch is locked or set to Do Not Disturb.

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