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Apple Watch Update Stuck On Installing

Apple Watch Update Stuck On Installing

Apple Watch Update Stuck On Installing

If your apple watch gets stuck on installing the updates, you should not worry. All you need to do is go to the settings and reset your iPhone. You may also restart your apple watch and phone in order to continue installing the updates.

When you are stuck with the Verify/Prepare Update message for over a day (or night), please contact Apple support. If it is been more than a few hours, and you are still seeing the verification or preparation messages, we still believe you are better off waiting for a day or night.

If you are still getting the verification error, or have any other issues updating (such as storing issues), repeat steps 1 through 6. If your watchOS update continues to hang in the download, prepare, or verify phases, try rebooting both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Force-quitting and re-launching your watch apps on the iPhone is another way to resolve a locked WatchOS update. If it does not, communication issues between devices may be causing unwanted delays as your iPhones Watch app loads, prepares, or checks for updates.

If you are not updating the Apple Watch directly, but using the iPhones Watch app to do so, ensure that both devices are placed as close together as possible. To prevent issues like this, you will want to make sure both devices are within easy reach while the upgrade is going on–you might even consider holding them together. Sometimes, a few accidental memory errors may trigger these issues on the operating systems of either the phone or the watch, and you may want to address this issue by resetting both devices. You can solve a problem with not being able to check updates on an Apple Watch by checking to make sure that your Apple iPhone is connected to the Internet in the first place, plugging both the Apple Watch and your iPhone into a charger, and making sure there is enough storage on your Apple Watch.

There are specific fixes that you can try to get past Apple Watch update issues, including connectivity issues, validation errors, the AW not restarting, or occasionally errors like watchOS will not load on the Apple Watch, stuck in downloads on Apple Watch, resume downloading to Watch, Apple Watch stuck in preparation. If the Apple Watch Software Update fails, cannot install update, is stuck at Prepared screen, or update takes hours, there are some potential solutions that can be tried to resolve the problem. Starting with the latest Apple Watch updates, you can update the Apple Watch without an iPhone by going into the Apple Watch Settings app > General > Software Update > Download and install.

Learn about how to fix the update requested downloading stuck.

Usually, your iPhone will get a notification to tell you the latest watchOS release is available to you for installation. Now, you have two options: download and install the new update automatically, or manually, from Apples iPhone. If there is a new update available, tap on the “Install” button to begin your update. This way, the Watch app has no problem downloading the update, prepping it, and checking to make sure it is ready.

Close the Watch app by sliding it backward, and then open it again to resume updating. To force the Watch app to quit, either swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone, or double-press your iPhones Home button to bring up an app switcher. Start by swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone screen (or double tap the Home button on iPhones with Touch ID) to open the App Switcher. Open the iPhones Control Center by swiping down from the top right of the screen (or bottom up if using an iPhone with Touch ID).

If your iPhone cannot download Apple Watchs latest update successfully, head into iPhone Settings > General > Move or Reset your iPhone > Reset > Reset network settings. If the update for your Apple Watch does not start, open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap General > Usage > Software Update, and delete the update file to have the update download automatically. Repair and sync your Apple Watch. When you receive an update notification on your Apple Watch, tap “Update Tonight” and continue confirming actions on your Apple iPhone. Make sure that your software update is completed by leaving both your Apple Watch and your iPhone charged and near each other overnight.

For a smooth upgrade, I would also suggest keeping your Watchs iPhone app open and leaving your iPhone uncharged for some time. In case, there is no iOS 15 on your iOS device, your watchOS 8 does not appear, so you need to update iOS 15 before your watchOS 8 update appears on your watch app. Apple says that upgrading to WatchOS 7 requires iPhone 6s or higher running on iOS 14 or higher.

Apple is now rolling out watchOS 8.5 to Watch Series 3 and newer. Users who have installed OS 15 or higher on their Apple Watches will find new options to directly download and install software updates to Apple Watches via Settings apps, much like on the iPhone/iPad. If you see the notification for watchOS Version Upgrade, please enable this upgrade. If you see a message saying something like Update is pending, your update is going on as expected.

Or, alternatively, if the progress bar has not moved in at least an hour, then your update is stuck. When trying to install the update after being in the verification phase for over one minute, you will receive an error saying that you cannot install the update. If you have tried a lot of methods to resolve the Update Stick, and failed, then you might need professional help.

Updating Apple products is the best way to make sure that they have the latest bug fixes and security improvements. Read about alternative ways of updating your iPhone, as well as solutions for fixing problems with it. These are all requirements mentioned by Apple, so move on to doing your updates.

If you are waiting a day or longer and there is still the Verify/Prepare Update message, and no issues reported by Apple, try out some of our troubleshooting tips, or contact Apple support. While you are waiting, it is also good to check on Apples servers to see if any issues are being reported.

How long does the installing take for Apple Watch update?

According to Apple, the upgrade procedure could take up to an hour. However, if the process has already reached the “installing” stage, do not pause your Apple Watch or iPhone. Keep in mind that viewing the current state on your iPhone screen may require you to scroll up.

What happens if you take Apple Watch off charger while updating?

Your watch won’t be able to download any additional updates if you remove it from the charger before the upgrade is finished. All of the functions and content on your smartphone will still be available to you, but you must recharge it again if you want additional features or content.

What happens if you stop an iPhone update?

The iPhone or iPad will very likely become unusable and require a restoration (or perhaps a DFU restore) if you try to halt an iOS update installation in the middle of it, which might result in data loss. Once an iOS update has begun installing, do not pause it.