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Applecare+ Water Damage Macbook

Applecare+ Water Damage Macbook

Applecare+ Water Damage Macbook

The Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty and the AppleCare Protection Plan do not cover damage to Mac computers and accessories as a result of liquid exposure. Unlimited unintentional damage protection is added by AppleCare+ for Mac, although it comes with a service charge and any relevant taxes.

As we already covered above, AppleCare is basically like an insurance policy you purchase either to cover potential defects occurring beyond your warranty term, or to relieve you from having to bear the financial burden if your device is damaged by accident. Apple recognizes this, so it offers its extended warranty service known as AppleCare, which can remove the burden of accidental damage. For most products, Apples extended warranty program is known as AppleCare+, which provides hardware protection for up to two to three years (depending on the product), plus up to two incidents of accidental damage per 12 months (subject to a service fee). Apples extended warranties on iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches may also convert to ongoing month-to-month coverage for customers who purchase prepaid coverage, which typically covers iPhones for two years in total.

Unlike a 1-year limited warranty, a 3-year extended warranty will also cover up to 2 instances of accidental damage, for an additional $99 charge for damage to a display/external casing, or $299 for other accidental damages. AppleCare covers the cost of any repairs that may be needed on the device during the life of your coverage, but only if they are a result of hardware failure, and not accidental damage. Overall, AppleCare greatly reduces the stress and expense of having to repair or replace an accidental-damage device, and eliminates the expense of fixing a hardware failure, but AppleCare is a significant additional cost to a cover that still has a few deductibles and limitations for claims. Every Mac (and every Apple device) comes with one, and you will not need to pay a penny for it.

Your options are to purchase AppleCare+ from Apple during these 60 days, or buy it along with the MacBook. If you did not buy AppleCare+ with your Mac, Apple says you will have to do either a remote diagnostic or take it into an Apple store for inspection. It covers not only your MacBook, but also accessories such as adapters, the USB SuperDrive, and even your Airport router. If you damaged the MacBook during its first year, you can simply purchase AppleCare+ and have it covered.

Check whether Applecare covers water damage

AppleCare did not cover accidental damage at first, but Apple has since moved the majority of products over to AppleCare+ eligibility in order to offer this additional protection. Any standard AppleCare+ plan does not cover lost or stolen devices, but Apple offers AppleCare+ Theft & Loss on the iPhone, which provides that additional coverage. It has all of the features of the AppleCare+ iPhone coverage, but it adds on two incidents of theft or loss per year, with a $149 overage charge for each. For example, AppleCare+ insurance for iPhones gives you the right to make two claims per year for accidental damages, with an extra fee of either PS25/$29 for each one of those (for screen damage) or PS79/$99 for the rest.

Instead of having a year-long warranty, AppleCare+ extends the cover depending on which device you are covering. AppleCare+ for Apples suite of Mac computers extends your coverage up to three years, rather than the one-year it comes with your purchase. In addition to its standard one-year warranty, Apple offers service plans and AppleCare support that offer extra coverage. The AppleCare+ Apple TV plan works slightly differently, as it extends Apples standard one-year warranty to just two years.

For most Apple products, like iPhones and iPads, AppleCare adds two years extra coverage, while for Macs or Apple Displays, AppleCare adds an extra three years coverage. If you purchased an AppleCare protection plan, which can be done as early as one year after buying the Apple product, this will guarantee the device will be supported up to two years after the initial purchase. In addition to the extended year-long warranty, AppleCare+ includes incidental coverage — that is, should you accidentally drop your iPhone and crack its screen, or spill a cup of water all over your MacBook, you could have it repaired for a reduced cost.

Neither of Apples warranties — AppleCare and AppleCare+ — covers water damage directly to your device. Apples statement about water damage or liquid damage is liquid-damaged iPhones or iPods are not covered under the warranty. It is the job of an Apple technician to determine whether this is true…and, if so, liquid damage is not covered by a warranty with a one-year limitation, and a phone replacement will come with the full price. After all, fixing the damage caused by a spilled liquid will set you back about $700, which is pretty close to the entry-level price of the MacBook.

There is, however, a deductible to be paid each time your MacBook is damaged by fluids. The coverage means Apple will fix a MacBook Pro for free if it spontaneously stops working or has a problem that you did not cause, but if you drop it, spill anything on it, and so on, you have to pay the cost of repair. You do not get accidental damage coverage under the $29 plan; instead, Apple will replace it for free if your Apple TV, Siri remote, or power cord stops working within two years after purchase.

AppleCare+ for Mac extends coverage to three years from the date you originally purchased each Mac, and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each of which incurs a service fee of $99 for screen or exterior housing damage, or $299 for other damages, plus applicable taxes.1 Plus, you will receive priority access 24/7 to Apple experts via chat or phone. AppleCare+ is an add-on (hence, the Plus) warranty that extends the coverage beyond AppleCare Basic. Apples Mac computers generally ship with a one-year warranty, which you can optionally extend up to three years by purchasing AppleCare Plus. The standard includes a year of hardware coverage, but it does not cover accidental damage.

Apples limited warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories from manufacturer defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase of the products. Of course, all costs will vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Damage caused to your Macs computer and accessories by liquid exposure is not covered under the Apple One (1) year limited warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP).

How much does Apple charge for water damage on MacBook?

If you take your device to an authorized Apple center, the repair could cost you between 35 and 40 thousand dollars (price subject to change). 2. If your 15-inch MacBook Pro sustains liquid damage, AppleCare+ will cost you about $300 and covers two accidental damages. 3.

Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

Water damage to a MacBook is hard to repair; even small spills can result in various problems that need for many tools and specialized knowledge. It is possible to fix a water-damaged MacBook, but if you are a beginner, make sure you read this entire guide to avoid getting in over your head.

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