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Apps To Hide Messages On Iphone

Apps To Hide Messages On Iphone

Apps To Hide Messages On Iphone

Signal, which has strong end-to-end encryption for transmitting private conversations, Private Message Box, and CoverMe are a few examples of hidden messaging applications. However, there is a helpful Cydia hack called HiddenConvos that enables you to quickly swipe and press to conceal any discussion in the Messages app.

We prepared 5 best apps in this section that will help you to hide messages in your iPhone. If you have found yourself using one or more hidden SMS apps on the iPhone in order to conceal messages or to lock messages, then you should think about learning to hide apps on your iPhone.

In this article, we are going to show you four methods for hiding your iPhone messages, whether it is from a locked screen or from within the Messages app, and helping reduce the chances that anyone is going to intrude on your data privacy. In this article, we learned four ways of hiding and locking iPhone messages on the locked screen and in app. We also talk about how to lock iPhone messages, how to search for hidden text messages, and even cover how to hide messages from your Messages app. In this tutorial, we are going to explore how to hide messages on your iPhone, including how to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting any, as well as how to make messages on iPhone devices private.

In the next sections, you will learn about the next methods of hiding text messages on iPhone using third-party apps. These options are useful if you would like to hide text messages or make them private, without having to use an app or another service. If you want to hide messages from certain contacts on your iPhone, you can simply hide the notifications for that contact, and their messages will never show up on or display notifications on your iPhone.

In case you do not want to hide all of your alerts or notifications, but those of a particular contact or chain of texts, this is also an option. You can hide messages specific to individuals, alerts from text chains, or even notifications from apps. Hiding can be useful in some cases, particularly if you are the only person using these devices, and would like your alerts and messages on whatever device you are using at a given moment. How this is done will vary app-to-app, but in Apple Messages, it is relatively straight forward.

To hide an SMS, you can easily tap on a message and swipe to move it into the hidden field. You can even hide the hidden box icon from GO SMS Pro, so that nobody will know that you are trying to hide anything. If you do not want specific messages popping up on the screen of your iPhone, you can hide it with ease. Not only are messages hidden from your phone, you can set up your messages to auto-destruct from the recipients phone once they read it, or after a set amount of time.

You will have to remember to regularly open the messaging app to see if you get new messages, since your iPhone will not notify you of them in any way anymore. Unlike traditional SMS, messaging is still completely free using hidden Text apps. Plus, Smiley private SMS apps have Private SMS feature, so you can message anybody using the real number of the second phone.

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The app supports MMS messages, you can delete the entire exchange or single messages, block numbers that you do not want to text or receive messages from, and text for free using anonymous numbers. The Pro version of Private Message Box removes ads from the platform, and you can purchase a virtual number to hide the private chats from your current cellphone bill.

You can update to the pro version to get walkie-talkie mode, which lets you receive instant voice messages regardless if you are inside or outside of the app, voice-to-text transcription, admin controls, hands-free, increased storage, more notifications, Dropbox integration, and more. You also get end-to-end encryption, and there is both forward and backward stealth for user content, making Private Message Box one of the best stealthy messaging apps you can use on an iPhone.

Lock Screen MethodHide messages on locked screen of iPhone
Time Limit MethodSet time limit for messages app
Lock and Hide MethodLock and hide text messages in notes app
Third-Party Apps MethodUse third-party apps to hide messages on iPhone
Four methods for hiding your iPhone messages.

There are always going to be prying eyes and snoopers that will, more often than not, intrude on your privacy, but with these best secret messaging apps for iPhone, you can keep them away for good and keep your privacy and data safe. In addition to hiding messages, reliable apps for downloading also have access to other important features for keeping your iPhone safer and confidential. Apart from all those apps that we mentioned earlier, there are other tools that can hide your sensitive texts, like Message Locker, Go SMS Pro, Hi App Lock, and more. If you own an iPhone or an Android, there are pretty many options available for you.

Watch this video to learn how to hide messages on iPhone

Instead of downloading extra apps, you can hide your messages using Notes app in iPhone. If you saved your messages to the Notes app, you only have to unlock your Notes in order to access your texts. Simply create a new note in the Notes app, copy and paste your text messages into the note, and then lock it.

In this step, you have an option of taking screenshots of your messages and saving it to your Notes app. If you would like to retain the sender, date, and time, you can screenshot your text messages, share the screenshot in Notes, and pin it there. If you want to keep the messages before deleting them, backup your iPhone on your computer, and then use the Textmessage (open in new tab) app for Mac or Windows. You have a choice to use the message hiding app, which removes all traces of your private messages and contacts, or you have a choice to use an app locker, which will just limit access to your messaging app.

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Instead of using workarounds and turning off features, if you are looking to hide messages on your iPhone, you should instead consider switching to a new app that puts privacy first. If you feel like learning to hide texts from a single person on iPhone cannot satisfy your security needs, then you may try out third-party apps that may provide additional coverage to your weaknesses. We would not suggest using third-party apps for hiding personal details such as messages. Keep in mind, a lot of scammers prefer encrypted messaging services too, so be sure to never send personal information to someone you do not know and trust using those apps.

You can send an unlimited amount of texts, photos, media files, and location details to another user who is also using Private Message Box. You can import messages to keep them private, or turn on the Messenger plugin to keep private messages from showing up in the SMS or default notifications bar. App messages like WhatsApp, Wechat, Line, etc., can be tracked as well.

Can you hide text conversations without deleting them?

You can hide SMS messages without deleting them by archiving them in your messenger program. Almost all Android messaging apps have access to this feature, which is typically accessed by long-pressing a particular contact.

How do you hide a contact but not delete it?

Start by clicking on the three dots to the right of the contact you want to conceal. Click “Hide from contacts” after that. It will be added to the “Other contacts” folder as a result. 3. A checkbox will appear beside each contact when you click the icon next to them if you have many contacts.