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Are Macbook Airs Waterproof

Are Macbook Airs Waterproof

Are Macbook Airs Waterproof

This should be heavily ingrained in your mind that Macbooks are not water proof at all. Other Apple products like the new iPhone, air pods pro, or the apple watch may be water proof but even a small splash of water, coffee, tea, or any liquid on your Macbook will cause a huge problem/damage.

Of course, I am not promising that any of this is going to work for you, I am simply sharing what I did in order to rescue my MacBook Air from being permanently damaged by water-contact situations. This is really a guide aimed at helping to recover from minor water contact situations, such as the splash of spilled water in a glass, or coffee cups thrown on the desk, where the MacBook Pro is also sitting nearby. Follow the instructions in this guide to minimize the damage caused by liquids, and improve your chances of survival of your MacBook Air/Pro. Even small amounts of water are enough to permanently damage a MacBook.

Traces of water slowly corrode your logic board, which could completely make your MacBook unusable. Once water damage has occurred on a MacBook, liquid is most likely leaking into the logic board and other components. This may stop the liquid from further infiltrating the MacBook and damaging the main components, like the main logic board and the motherboard. If you power up your new MacBook when water is inside of the laptop, your notebooks motherboard will be damaged permanently.

Water may also get into your MacBooks motherboard via its cooling fan intake vents if you spill liquid in the sideways direction. If a spill is big enough, water may even leak through a panel at the bottom of the MacBook. Of course, this really depends if you spilled water onto the MacBooks trackpad or keyboard, or if you just dropped a few drops onto the top. While we are not laptop repair experts, we are fairly certain that means that spilling water on your MacBook could very well damage it permanently.

If you have spilled more water onto a MacBook, then you may need to visit Apples service center. If you accidentally damaged your MacBook by spilling water, you may be able to get your MacBook repaired by booking an appointment with an Apple Repair Center. There are plenty of resources out there that will help you DIY-repair your MacBooks with water damage–just take your time and make sure that you are well-versed in the tasks at hand, and you too can repair your MacBook after spilling liquid. If you spill water or liquid onto your MacBook, follow these instructions as carefully as you can so that you stand the best possible chance at avoiding liquid damage.

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If you spilled liquid on your MacBook, you need to evaluate how to position the MacBook quickly so that you do not let liquid infiltrate further. If you cleaned your computer with a cloth without placing it first, you are probably contributing to the extra fluid getting in. While the intent is a good one (to get the water off the MacBook), it only spreads liquid all over the device, and in deep, difficult-to-reach electrical areas. By taking the MacBook along to an extremely liquid-filled environment, you are increasing the chances that the MacBook is going to be damaged by the water.

MacBooks are not water resistant, and you should do everything in your power to keep liquids out of them. In short, MacBook Pros are not waterproof, nor are they resistant to water. While Apple Watches and newer iPhones are very water-resistant these days, MacBooks are not. Unlike the new iPhone, the Apple Watch, and even the AirPods Pro, your MacBook is not water-resistant.

MacBooks have many components not found on an iPhone, making them susceptible to water damage seeping into gaps within the MacBooks body. That is because MacBook Pros, like most laptops, have lots of exposed gaps for water to enter easily.

Watch this video to learn how to fix spilled water on your MacBook

One of the worst scenarios is that time you realize the MacBook Pro you loved so much is undamaged by water. Spilling water or other liquid on your $1000-plus MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is an awful feeling, but before you panic entirely, there are some proactive steps that you can take that may help save your Mac or data. There is never any guarantee a Mac can be saved from irreversible water damage, but occasionally, you can salvage MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros from spills and liquids encountered by taking a few really fast actions, or maybe by simply mitigating water damage to a keyboard instead of your whole computer.

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Repairing a water-damaged MacBook Air is not straightforward, and multiple components like the keyboard are more likely damaged. When more prevalent problems arise, a MacBook with water damage may be repaired by replacing or fixing affected parts on the component level. If you cannot power down the MacBook Air or Pro while holding down the power button, that means that your MacBooks keyboard has stopped working.

To prevent getting shocked or starting a fire, disconnect the Mac immediately after noticing any spillage of water on your MacBook. Because the water may still be inside, and turning on the Mac could result in the electricity reaching the water and further damaging parts of the laptop, and also result in someone getting shocked or starting a fire-causing short circuit, you should not power up the Mac once water has been spilled. If water is spilled onto your keyboard or trackpad, there is the possibility it will get inside the new MacBook.

Beware any suggestion telling you to just let it dry out or wipe with alcohol; there are a lot of components in a modern MacBook that could get damaged from spills. While you can get away without any damage, you are better off taking the MacBook into Apples Genius Bar or authorized repair services to open and inspect for corrosion or any problems that the water might have created. Water damage on a MacBook is not an easy repair; even a small spill may cause a serious issue that requires many tools and experience.

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MacBook Pros are sensitive to water damage, and whether or not you see no major signs of concern, it is always recommended that you contact Apple or an authorized repair partner to double-check any additional issues, this will also ensure you get peace of mind. What we are trying to say is a spilled water on a MacBook Pro or Air is an event that you would want to try to avoid in all likelihood, but if it does occur, do not expect a DIY fix for water spills will save you from a scary situation where your MacBook simply does not power up any more. Attempting to dry out water-damaged notebooks not only warms the device and may melt some electronics within, but airflow from a drying rack may also push the water around inside the MacBook and spread water over multiple areas, possibly damaging those too.

Can a MacBook run risk of rain?

You must first set up a Windows virtual machine using either Parallels or Apple’s Boot Camp Assistant application on a Mac to download and play Risk of Rain 2. Both of these programs are free and provided by Apple. 

Can a MacBook survive a water spill?

Once it falls, the water will immediately reach the logic board and other vital components. The liquid’s minerals and salts immediately corrode metal, silicone, and fiberglass components. Sometimes, a Mac will work for a few days after being spilled, but then it will stop working.

Is it worth repairing a water damaged MacBook?

Most people think repairing their broken screens or water-damaged MacBooks might be cheaper than purchasing a new one, no matter the reason for your busted device. Most of the time, it is not the case; repairing a damaged device costs you more than purchasing a new one.

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