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Bartender 4

Bartender 4

Bartender 4

With Bartender, a multi-award-winning macOS programme, you have complete control over what appears in your menu bar, when it does so, and how. Menu bar items only appear when you need them. With rapid reveal, search, personalised hotkeys and triggers, and much more, Bartender enhances your workflow.

Unlike its predecessor, Bartender 4 can reveal hidden icons without asking you to tap on a bartender button. Bartender 4 now allows you to show and hide icons according to certain triggers. Using Bartender 4 for Mac, you can easily hide any icons or items, reveal any hidden icons or items, and you can even auto-hide the menu bar icons again when clicking on another application. Enabling the Bartender will display your hidden menu bar items directly below the Apple Menu Bar when clicking the Bartender Icon.

You can display the entire menu bar, configure options to have the menu bar items appear on the menu bar when updated, or to always show up on the Bartenders bar. Hide items can also show up in the Bartenders Bar, which is basically a secondary menu bar that appears under the System Menu bar when you activate Bartender. No worries, since you can either make the Bartender icon visible again using hotkeys, or add it back into the menu bar via System Preferences.

If you wish to keep with the same Bartender Edition styling, selecting the checkbox presented alongside Hide item on the left side of Bartender Menu Items while showing hidden items will function the same way. Enabling it will eventually expand the available space for the Show menu bar icons, keeping normally shown items behind a panel that is present to the left of the Bartender.

As you might have guessed, you can alter these settings to select when your Action bar appears (is visible). In addition to moving the action bars around, you can also change the size and the look and feel of icons on the action bars. It will take some tweaking to make your action bars look exactly how you want them.

Four-week TrialFree
Single User License Subscription$15
A Monthly Subscription$9.99
Different subscriptions and their costs of Bartender on Mac.

In a nutshell, WoWs addon Bartender4 lets you reposition and style your action bars so they appear just how you want them. If you left-click on the Bartender icon (next to your minimap), you can now move the action bars anywhere you like. To make changes, you can either enter /bt into the chat box, or right-click the Bartender icon near the minimap. So, let us open up Bartenders config (where change starts) and we right-click the icon.

Once we are confident the Bar is where we want it, we hit the Lock button, and we have our user interface configured as we like it, pretty much, but the changes we made are substantial, and we have used just 1 addon to do that (although in this example, I used 2). For now, let us keep the dimensions of the Bag and Vehicle bars the same, and then we are going to move them around. We are going to move the Experience Bar, bag bar, the mini-menu, and vehicle bar (dismount button).

Watch this video to see the bartender 4 for mac

You could also use this method to move the micro-menu, additional actions buttons, and bag icons. You can then also adjust how many buttons you want on your bars, and how many rows you want. Now, the menu bar layout preferences simply allow you to drag and drop the icon to a location that you would like it to be, for always-on, hidden-until-unveiled, or hidden-always. Big Sur makes the menu bar wide, and that is the spacing that is the default on Bartender 4.0, but you can also choose to go with a tighter spacing like previous versions of MacOS, or squash icons directly into one another if you want to keep as much space as possible.

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To mitigate shrinkage, Bartender 4 now lets users fall back on macOSs Big Sur spacing, or even go with no spacing at all, to accommodate a larger number of menu bar apps. Bartender 4 makes it configurable, so that you can have spacing like previous versions of macOS, or even use no spacing at all, so that you can fit all of your menu bar apps. Bartender 4 introduces a menu bar spacing option, too. In the final release, Bartender 4 introduced menu bar spacers, which let a user add a spacer between groups of menu bar items, which could be either simply configurable space, text, or even an emoticon.

If quick search menu bar items are something that you frequently use, Bartender 4 lets you set up a hotkey to suit your preferences. Similarly, Bartender 4 for Mac lets you Search for all menu icons as well, and get access to them instantly. Elsewhere, the search functionality of Bartender has been improved, which now sports a Spotlight-like interface, featuring fuzzy searching for a super-fast way of finding, showing, and activating menubar items with the keyboard. Bartender 4.0 includes a new feature called Quick Reveal, which shows hidden menu bar app icons as soon as your pointer is over an empty spot on your menu bar.

You can define custom triggers, right up to the point where Bartender 4 will watch changes to how the menu icons look, and this is the sort of clever thinking that makes the tool invaluable for managing your menu bar. Bartender 4 has just added a function that lets you right-click, right-click, Option+left-click, or Option+right-click any menu bar entry with keyboard shortcuts – and the developers are also presumably adding support for AppleScript as well.

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If you click the bars at the left of your window, you will be able to change all of your UI bars at once. We clicked on drop bars, which makes them green and moveable, which allows you to drag and drop. The one bar that has numbers is the one that we have to keep up the top, as this is the one that we are going to be using most, and it is going to be closest to our hands, this is also the one with numerical shortcuts, or any of those, which are going to be abilities we can use just by pressing the appropriate numbers.

If you are ever in an app and its wide-spread menus conceal a menu you want, or are simply frustrated with a surfeit of icons that reminds you of satellite TV dishes covering the roof of a condo tower, clean up clutter exactly how you want with Bartender 4. For notched MacBook Pros, you can configure Bartender to only use an icon tray if you are working on a notch display; if you are working on an outside display without a notch, Bartender will display the hidden icons in an empty spot instead of a tray.

Is bartender for Mac free?

A four-week free trial is provided by the bartender. A single-user license for usage on all of your Macs costs $15 to purchase. It’s also a part of Setapp, a collection of 220 apps from independent software developers that is available as a $9.99 per month subscription.

What is bartender 4?

A complete ActionBar replacement mod is Bartender4. It gives you all the tools you need to completely customize the majority of your action and associated bars. Dragonflight’s current status is 10.0. For add-ons, hold-to-cast is not yet available. Bartender4’s Action Bars have been partially rearranged for Dragonflight.

How do I download Bartender4?

To download Bartender 4 from the website, open the disk image, and then drag Bartender 4 into your programs folder, you must be running macOS Big Sur or Monterey. After that, you can uninstall any earlier versions of Bartender and start Bartender 4.

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