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Best Countdown Apps For Iphone

Best Countdown Apps For Iphone

Best Countdown Apps For Iphone

Now keep an eye on the important and upcoming events using countdown apps. Countdown app is a reminder app that keeps you update with your family and business events so you don’t miss them. We listed Best Countdown Apps For iPhone.

These countdown apps for iPhone and iPad are ideal for keeping an eye on when these big events are coming up. Not only does the best countdown app offer customizable backgrounds and other appealing features, it helps you track the weather to make sure that important events are never missed. Countdowns not only countdown, they remind you of important events. This app is capable of tracking a lot of events, so you never miss any kind of important agenda.

Countdown also allows you to set your preferred agenda as your apps cover, and you can also set the backgrounds of each event. Countdown Star allows you to customise each event individually using pictures or backgrounds. You can create unlimited events and choose any custom background for your countdown.

App TypeFeatures
Countdown StarAllows you to customize each event individually using pictures or backgrounds
Countdown notification appthis software is ambidextrous, and it can count up to the very last second or down.
Event Countdown is a gorgeous calendar and reminder app for the big moments and dates of your life.
Countdown Apps For Iphone features

Moreover, the software allows setting an internal rule for each repeating countdown. This application allows you to choose a desired unit for every countdown, as well as has the repeat countdown function. As an outstanding event countdown notification app, this software is ambidextrous, and it can countup to the very last second, or down. The nifty app even lets you configure custom internals for any repeating countdown.

Watch to know the Best Countdown Apps For Iphone

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Set up reminders on the device, or share a live countdown to social media — this app has every possible option at your disposal. You can set the countdown using the phone clock app, or you can download if it is an event. A countdown app is useful when you want to view a days countdown for an coveted event.

The best features in Countdown are setting up countdowns that are repeated annually, which is a better solution to keep birthdays, anniversaries, and similar events from getting forgotten. Countdown supports a wide range of events such as birthdays, birthdays, weddings, and more. Event Countdown is designed to help you countdown the days until the most unforgettable moments of your life, like a wedding, anniversary, holiday, retirement, and other special occasions. Event Countdown is a gorgeous calendar and reminder app for the big moments and dates of your life.

Big Day is a light-weight, sleek app to keep you reminded of events and keep track of them easily and quickly. According to Event Countdown developers, the app helps you to concentrate on the things that matter for you, increasing your productivity — day by day. The app is packed with excellent sharing options, giving you a chance to share your countdown to anybody via SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media services. Countdown Star also supports event sharing through messaging, email, or social media.

This app is designed for those looking to keep track of multiple events — birthdays, anniversary parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, due dates of children, or an upcoming holiday. It displays your events both on Countdown Star and your Apple Watch, so you have countdowns right at your fingertips. This iOS Countdown widget will alert you to events every day, and let you pick the format or template of the countdown.

One of the outstanding features of this tool is it also has an option of importing events and birthdays from your calendar. This app also allows you to customize the fonts of every countdown, as well as will import your special events and birthdays from the calendar, as well as allowing you to share your events with friends. This app includes over 300 HD background images free and allows you to share custom live countdowns across all of your mobile platforms Android, iPhone, and Web. Share countdowns using Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Kik, Vine, Tumblr, SMS, Sina Weibo, Email, etc. This app will also import your special events from your phones Live Calendar, and import your birthdays from Facebook. This app has features for recurring daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual events on countdown, and this app has backup and restore features.

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This application will generate a specific countdown notification for every event, and will let you choose the favorite event for showing on boot, and will display you days remaining until an event.

Little things like an event calendar, counting down to your events, or counting up, as well as a few countdown widgets on the iPhone, will set days apart from others. Day Timer has nice calendars, homescreen widgets, and reminders for upcoming events. It even has a unique, zoomable List widget, which displays all of your important dates all in one place, directly on the home screen – no need to open the app to see upcoming events. Countdown Time has a variety of themes, hundreds of HD backgrounds, and a completely customizable widget that lets you keep track of any number of events as you like.

Countdown Time is an easy, user-friendly app that tracks your biggest, casual events with no fuss. Access all of your countdowns with one swipe on the right, and select your favorites to display as they appear every time you open Event Countdown Timer & Widget. Event Countdown Lite is a neat app that displays all of your countdowns in one list, and you can tap on each to view a tick-by-tick countdown. Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) is simple to use and customize, lets you pick a year-to-second time frame to countdown, and offers public event settings for sharing with other users.

You can customize events with the view mode and headers; choose whether you want the countdowns in years, months, weeks, or days. You can add notes and color-code events according to importance. Countdown offers several color codes that will help you differentiate events, not just by category, but by their due dates.

Easy to use for birthday reminders, countdowns for concerts, festival calendars, holiday tracking, this countdown app is free and packed with features that will make counting easy. That is right, in addition to offering a range of countdown units, this app also keeps timers on the average number of heartbeats they take. Other awesome features of Countdowndeg include creating countdown widgets, getting daily notifications, looping through events, and customizing reminders to suit your fancy. Keep a tab on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, vacations, and trips, as well as other exciting events happening around you, using the My Day-Countdown calendar app.

Why did Apple remove the countdown app?

Apple informed the developer that it had taken the program down because it was “too minimalistic,” not due to a copyright issue brought up by the movie’s distributor. Instead, STX made the decision to leverage the app’s viral popularity by purchasing it from Boyling and collaborating with him to make an Android version available.

How do you do a countdown on iPhone 11?

To achieve this, open the Timer screen in the Clock app by tapping on Timer in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To pick the duration of time you want to count down, slide down the Hours and Minutes wheels on the screen.

Is there a free countdown widget for iPhone?

With Countdowns, available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, you can sync your timers across your devices to stay active. The following features of Countdowns are available as a free download: – Beautiful, vibrant widgets for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These are the endless supply of timers.