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Best Iphone 5S Waterproof Case

Best Iphone 5S Waterproof Case

Best Iphone 5S Waterproof Case

The iPhone 5 is neither water resistant nor waterproof. It is NOT waterproof to use an iPhone 5s. A travel need is unquestionably a waterproof phone cover. Near the pool, your phone won’t be a concern. Armor Series from OtterBox. Easily one of the best in the industry is OtterBox’s Armor Series.

SPIDERCASE presents an exquisitely designed waterproof case for the iPhone that allows you access to all essential features and ports. The X-Case is made from tough plastic and silicone materials that will keep the iPhone safe from water, dust, dirt, oil, scratches, and severe drops. With the Ninecre Waterproof Case, you can immerse your phone in up to 16 feet of water.

The case is water resistant up to about 33 feet (33 feet) underwater, and it protects your iPhone against drops of up to 6.1 meters (20 feet). The outside of the case features premium materials to protect the iPhone from drops up to 10ft. There is a sleeve for protection inside, which can be slid easily into and out of the main battery cover.

You will have access to all of the buttons and functions that you need, and Gotons case comes with a headphone adapter that does not affect the waterproofing, and does not require that you take your phone out of the case.

In addition to offering top-notch waterproofing, the X-Case also offers a military-grade defense for your iPhone. Boasting a first-class waterproof rating, the fact that the X-CASE protects your iPhone from water as deep as 20 feet puts it a cut above the rest. It is equipped with an impact-resistant design, offering a complete protection for your iPhone.

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The Spidercase Waterproof iPhone case comes with a non-scratch backing, hard, grippy sides, and impact-absorbing corners. This case is certified to be IP68, so you can take it into the swimming pool or the beach with no worries of water damage. The Spidercase Waterproof iPhone Case is made from impact-absorbing, premium TPU plastic and has an elevated edge design, which provides added protection to the screen and camera.

This signature case features a polycarbonate exterior, with clear front and rear covers to let your iPhone show off instead of hiding. The HitCase Pro allows you to drop your iPhone down to depths of 33 feet (HitCase) and 16 feet (Catalyst Waterproof). Like most cases on this list, the Hitcase Splash for iPhone offers protection from IP68, but Catalyst says that Catalyst goes further than this, and can protect phones as deep as 33ft (10m). The case does not have the 5S-specificity, and lacks the military-grade certifications that some of its competitors have; but, DryCase does claim the case can survive being immersed up to 7.5ft, in water, for up to 30 minutes; and can survive being dropped as much as 7ft.

The Spidercase Waterproof iPhone case
FeaturesThe Spidercase Waterproof iPhone case comes with a non-scratch backing, hard, grippy sides, and impact-absorbing corners
Ratings This case is certified to be IP68
Built It is made from impact-absorbing, premium TPU plastic and has an elevated edge design
ExteriorThis signature case features a polycarbonate exterior, with clear front and rear covers to let your iPhone show off instead of hiding
Everything you need to know about the Spidercase Waterproof iPhone case.

The Spidercase is rated as being waterproof with IP68, and the company says that it has been tested to be able to survive being under 16 feet, or 5 meters, for one hour, and to survive being submerged in water for half an hour at 33 feet, or 10 meters. The SPIDERCASE has followed IP68 certified waterproof standards; the SPIDERCASE has passed 1,000 water resistance tests.

The edges are also inflated, meaning that Vanskys waterproof cases float in the event that you drop your cases into water. The case will protect your iPhone underwater up to about 30 meters, and it still retains all touch screen functionality, making it a perfect dive buddy. Using a gasket, the case forms a watertight seal around the edges of the touchscreen glass itself. The waterproof screenless seal lets you enjoy your screens functions without interference, but the case does come with a plastic screen protector if you would like some added protection.

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This is more of a water-resistant bumper than a case, yet it is still supposed to keep your phone safe from water (and sand, snow, and much, much worse). Instead, consider one of these waterproof cases that will prevent your iPhone from becoming a waterlogged paperweight; and will also preserve those swimming pool selfies that are on their way. While most of us at least want some protection from spills and accidents, these cases are designed to keep the iPhone 5 smartphone safe from flooding, or from taking long dips into a swimming pool while waiting for that all-important phone call, and cannot bear leaving it sitting on your chair. We are personal huge fans of using our iPhones as underwater cameras, and these waterproof cases would let us do just that.

Keep in mind, once you have got your phone inside the Haweel iPhone underwater housing cases, there is really nothing else you can do with it besides take pictures and shoot videos. You can keep data safe from water damage using a few nice cases that will improve the performance of your iPhone or other iOS devices. Here, this best iPhone waterproof cases article gives the best water-resistant companies, you can shop from that list or order it for your iOS device.

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Whether you are looking for something that fits with the sleek Apple flagship design, protects the four-inch iPhone from accidents, or shows your personality, we have got you covered with this roundup of the best iPhone 5 cases (all will also work with iPhone 5s). For owners of an older iPhone SE, we have got an entire roundup of iPhone SE (2016) cases, too, which you can use with older, four-inch phones, such as iPhone 5s and 5S (though, unfortunately, not the 5c). Before getting to cases suitable for adventurers, you may also want to check out our best iPhone cases guide to find other iPhone cases. If you are still a proud four-inch iPhone owner, you have got a lot of fashionable, protective cases available to choose from.

OtterBoxs Armor series can provide solid protection to your iPhone against knocks, too. As long as you have got OtterBoxs Armor Series over your iPhone, the device should easily take the brunt of a bump. The OverBoard Pro-Sport water-resistant case comes with a durable, fully adjustable elastic sports band, and is guaranteed submerged up to 19 feet/6 meters. This water-resistant case is designed specifically to protect the iPhone 5, but it also fits many other similarly-sized, smaller MP3 players.

Is a waterproof case worth it?

A travel need is unquestionably a waterproof phone case. You won’t need to make an “emergency” trip to replace your phone if it falls in the water while you’re on vacation or worry about it near the pool. If your phone case is actually waterproof, you can also record videos and snap pictures underwater.

Does iPhone make a waterproof case?

The Spidercase Waterproof iPhone Case has raised edges that provide additional protection for the screen and camera and is constructed of high-grade TPU plastic that absorbs impact. Since this case has an IP68 certification, you can take it to the beach or a swimming pool without worrying about water damage.