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Best Iphone 6 Plus Case Slim

Best Iphone 6 Plus Case Slim

So, there you have it, these are some of the best Spigen iPhone 6/6s Plus cases out there, based on what they look like, what they do, and more importantly, how well they protect your device. If you do not have any lying around, here are the best cases for the brand-new iPhone SE from 2022. Once you pick up your iPhone SE at an Apple store, choose from any of these awesome cases mentioned above. A good iPhone SE case will keep scratches and damage off of your delicate new device, protect from unexpected drops, and add some style, thanks to cases made from plastic, leather, and other tough materials.

This case will make sure the iPhone SE is extra secure thanks to a synthetic rubber moulding inside, and tough plastic outside. Hard plastic cases, or others made of harder materials, generally will not protect your phone from falls, but they may keep scratches at bay. Since this case is made from hard matte TPU plastic and polycarbonate, it keeps your device protected against drops and scratches that happen by accident. The case itself is not the strongest one you will find on the market, but it offers a base level protection against scratches and light drops.

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The case is thin and light, and also has raised rubber edges that provide screen protection. There are also raised anti-scratch strips on the back, but the cases are kept smooth, minimalist, and clear where it is least likely the iPhone 6S Plus will get damaged or stressed, so it will look great on your iPhone 6S Plus anyway. This case keeps the iPhone 6S Plus thin and light, while protecting the device at all corners. If you really do drop the iPhone 6S Plus, the case is designed to provide impact protection, so you can hope that your iPhone 6S Plus survives without any damage.

Best Iphone 6 Plus Case Slim
Keeps the iPhone 6S Plus thin and lightThis case keeps the iPhone 6S Plus thin and light, while protecting the device at all corners.
Case is designed to provide impact protectionIf you really do drop the iPhone 6S Plus, the case is designed to provide impact protection
Protect from unexpected dropsA good iPhone SE case will keep scratches and damage off of your delicate new device, protect from unexpected drops
Best Iphone 6 Plus Case Slim

The downside to hard plastic cases is they do not absorb as much damaging energy from impact, which could still damage your iPhone 6. Usually, thin cases are considered delicate and are unlikely to protect your device. To completely protect the iPhone 6, you are best off NOT getting the cheapest cases, since these are usually not made from the best materials or thickness for protecting the phone.

The iPhone 6(s+) is a tough device that will take some beating, so for most people, a thin case should suffice. Even if the handset is cheap, you will want to protect it with the best iPhone SE 5G cases that are out there. If you have decided the Apples new model, iPhone SE (2022), is the one for you, then the next thing you are going to want to do is to buy a case that can protect it from everyday hazards of life. While the super-slim iPhone 6 Plus is a pretty old phone by now, Tech21 still offers an array of sleek, protective cases for the Apple device.

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The button covers are tactile, and the cutouts are quite spacious, so the case should not hinder day-to-day usage of the super-svelte iPhone 6 Plus. The buttons are covered, the front has an raised lip, and the case is Otterbox-certified for drop protection. The companys cases make use of supple black plastic, fitted with slim button covers, a decent-sized port aperture, and texture-filled sides that actually increase grip. Cover-Up starts off with the standard, black, plastic-shelled, protector-style case, which has the full set of generous openings for buttons, ports, and cameras, then adds in a wood panel at the back.

The case snugly wraps around the device at all corners and sides, keeping the effects from getting in. The case itself is protective, with a shock-absorbing core and tough polycarbonate exterior surrounding it. Despite the ultra-thin, flexible TPU materials, this case is sturdy enough to provide protection from scratches and impacts, all the while maintaining the iPhone 6s Pluss original appearance and form. The design of Griffin Summit is unique, but as with all super-tough cases, there are issues with iPhone usability within the case, but if protection is what you are looking for, then this may be the case for you.

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Incredibly flexible, Olixars FlexiShield Ultra-Thin is easy to slip in and out, and it does not add much bulk to your iPhone, offering protection from every angle. Designed using premium Japanese TPU/rubber, this super-thin case is just 0.6mm thick, making it a perfect partner to your iPhone if you are looking for something to serve as a second skin. The Shmuri Slim iPhone 6s Case is ridiculously slim and lightweight, offering an excellent choice if you are looking for a minimalist-looking accessory for your iPhone 6s. There are dozens of options out there for ultra-thin cases, so we have taken a look at some minimalist cases that add the smallest amount of bulk to your iPhone 6s.

Phone cases are an awesome way to keep or add some style and customisation to your iPhone 6. You cannot go wrong with a genuine case made by Apple, and this years silicone iPhone SE cases are back with some fantastic colour options. In most ways, this is a straightforward snap-on case, but made of leather that is been dyed to have a premium look, and the soft microfibre interior helps to ensure that your iPhone 6S Plus is protected.

RhinoShields bumper cases are minimalist, so we would not expect them to offer much in the way of drop protection, but they will handle the basics of bumps, and look and feel good. They appear to be pretty typical thin cases, which combine a flexible interior with a hard-shell exterior, but the RhinoShields are no half-measures. Sure, Spigens Armor cases are thicker than most cases, and actually, they are thicker than all of Spigens offerings for the iPhone 6/6s PoS cases, but from a functionality standpoint, I believe that they are also the more practical.

The Caseology Wavelength case (opens in new tab) is one of the most attractive covers for iPhone 6S Plus thanks to its thin construction and an unusual fabric texture pattern. The Poetic Affinity Case (opens in new tab) is designed to only protect the iPhone 6S Plus in areas that require protection. The Nouske Window Flip Cover (opens in new tab) fully covers your iPhone 6S Plus, but unlike most of these covers, you will not need to open the case or remove your phone in order to use it.

Which is higher iPhone 6s or 6 Plus?

The iPhone 6S Plus has a better camera, a larger, sharper screen, and a substantially longer battery life than the other two smartphones. If you value performance above everything else, there can be only one victor. Of course, the iPhone 6S has one distinguishing benefit: it is extremely useful.

Is a rubber or hard case better?

Your phone is better protected from drops thanks to rubber. This is due to the fact that when the phone falls, the rubber largely absorbs the impact. Plastic containers are excellent for daily protection. Your purse and pocket contain no sharp objects that could scratch your phone.

Is hard case or silicone better?

Because they are made of durable polycarbonate, hard plastic phone cases are preferable. This causes it to last for a very long time. The best part about this material is how confidently it can withstand impact. Because it is soft, silicone is easily damaged.