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Best Nas For Macs

Best Nas For Macs

Best Nas For Macs

If you’re wondering whether Nas works with Mac, then you should know that both are quite compatible with each other. Some of the best Nas for Macs are WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra (termed as the best overall), BUFFALO LinkStation 210 2TB 1-Bay NAS (the best budget option for a user), and much more.

The best Mac NAS drives are macOS NAS devices that have RAID data protection, which are good for smaller offices and power users. It is a private 2-TB single-drive cloud storage NAS you can own for only $125.98. When you need a bit of higher-level cloud storage for saving and protecting data for your small business or at-home usage, Iosafe Mac NAS is your best bet.

That is because this NAS allows super-fast file transfers, backups, and syncing between devices. NAS is great for data storage, it is usable with Plex, and it is relatively cheap. At 24TB total storage, it is the largest NAS in our list, so ideal for more demanding users.

Since the WD NAS offers the best storage options when connected to your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, you could turn this NAS into a central storage in your house that is quick to access from remote, like photos, videos, etc. Use IoSafe NAS for Mac as a best-ever, fully-functional, network-attached storage (NAS) option at your home or office. Once you have BUFFALO NAS for your Mac or iPhone, several users can access your personal cloud storage from anywhere; all you need is Internet connection. NAS allows accessing files from a Mac or any device, just like public cloud services such as Google Drive or DropBox.

Unlike external USB storage drives, the file shares on a NAS are available simultaneously for each user on the network. Used in both home and enterprise networks, NAS devices can extend and augment the network storage capability, as well as facilitate easier file sharing. Many home network users are turning to NAS devices as a cost-effective solution to introduce shared storage among multiple users, since this is a one-time cost rather than recurring costs required by some other options.

If you are looking to add network-attached storage to your home network, it can be exceedingly intimidating to figure out which NAS is best, given the astonishingly large amount of devices available for home users. After testing five new devices with both two- and four-bays for network-attached storage (NAS) and comparing them against our prior choices, we have found the Synology DiskStation DS220+ is the best home NAS for most people. Moving on to higher-end, but still consumer-oriented, NAS storage solutions, we could find a good match in the Synology DiskStation DS218. If you are going for 4 bays network-attached storage which works great with Mac computers, then one of the best choices you could get from this list is slim, compact Synology Rackstation RS819.

NAS (or Network Attached Storage) is, in many ways, the just-right answer for anyone looking to upgrade from legacy external hard drives and a look-alike of the beginner-friendly My Cloud application. A single-bay NAS (or even just an external hard drive) is good enough for users who just want streaming media, creating rudimentary backups, or having quick, local shared storage. Some may say a single-bay NAS defeats the purpose of having such a device.

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An important consideration when choosing a NAS for home use is how many drives are available. If you plan on using a NAS disk for anything beyond just backups from Time Machine, you will want to bump up your storage capacity further than just the 1TB NAS disk. Many home-user-targeted NAS devices come with fixed drives — meaning that you cannot swap out one disk for another one that has more storage.

Nas For Macs
MeaningAccess files from multiple computers
FunctionCentral Repository for files
Also DoSuper-fast file transfers, backups, and syncing between devices
Nas For Macs

Some NAS systems are sold with no disks, meaning that it is up to the user to install a custom hard disk. You do not have to worry about installing your own hard drives when you order a NAS that is preconfigured. Instead of depending on you to constantly plug in your hard drives over the wires and back up manually, a NAS can provide convenience and automation, along with various other features. An easier process for configuring your network makes using your NAS a lot more pleasant.

While a NASs main purpose is as a highly resilient backup solution, the best network-attached drives can do much more, serving as shared file servers, Web servers, VMs, and media centers. A NAS is often an ideal solution for companies who need a private cloud for sensitive information storage. Unlike public clouds, a NAS allows for full control over data.

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If you are tech-savvy and looking for true, blue Mac NAS drives, do not skimp out on one of the personal cloud options. Pick out the best NAS drives for Mac that are favored to expand your storage, back up and secure data, and easily share files. The My Cloud Home is one of the most affordable NAS drives for Mac, priced at $199 for 4TB storage.

Rather than trying to cater to your budget or lack of technical knowledge, WDs My Cloud EX2 acknowledges NAS drives should be slightly more complex. In the end, out of the devices tested, the Synology DS220+ remains the media server NAS with fewer compromises, and best for the needs of the average home media server. Combine this rough ride with the expansion capabilities of the SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1517, and you have an equation for a NAS gadget that has certainly earned a place in the top-rated NASs for Mac users. Just understand that the SYNOLOGY Disk Station DS1517 is no slouch, and it might as well be more so, except that you are a creative pro, or looking for a private enterprise-grade NAS.

Thanks to its Quad-Core CPU and a whopping 8GB RAM, this NAS is capable of sequential speeds of 111.4MB/s for composition and 110.3MB/s read without any issues. The best Mac NAS drives have faster speeds: 1112.75 MB/s, 97.6 MB/s write. The best Mac NAS drives feature hardware RAID accelerators, which makes file transfers happen quicker.

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Besides, this NAS includes Time-Machine features, which helps you backup all your Mac devices at home. Get Backup Pro instantly links up with your NAS drives, and offers incremental backups on a preset schedule, or cloning options that let you restart a Mac from an external drive should you ever have one crash. While sporting a compact, thin design, this is also a scalable rack-mountable NAS for Mac networks, specifically designed for businesses.

Easily copy and back up DVDs on best NAS for Mac Download DVD-to-NAS Ripper for Mac free and copy/backup DVDs on your NAS devices in MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and other digital video formats for easy access, control, and secure storage across multiple users and devices.

Is a NAS worth it for home use?

If you need to access files from multiple computers, a NAS is something you should think about. It acts as a central repository for files that many users may access and work together on. You can connect multiple workstations to a NAS to work on and finish projects.

Is Synology good for Mac?

Because the OS and hardware from Synology not only make large Time Machine backups simple, but also provide apps for streaming movies and other data to iOS, Apple TV, Android, PC, and just about every other platform, they make excellent NAS systems for Apple and cross-platform households and companies.