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Best Reddit App For Iphone

Best Reddit App For Iphone

Best Reddit App For Iphone

Searching for the “Best Reddit App For Iphone’? Reddit app is the best choice for IOS users including Apollo. Appolo is the most popular, neat, and amazing Reddit app best for iphone. Another one is Narwhal that is very easy to use. If you looking for a fast Reddit app then must try Slide. For more Reddit apps, read below.

While those are among the best Reddit apps available on iOS, with each offering their own unique spin on the internets front page, iMore felt like it was worth repeating just how much we like Apollo. Reddit is packed full of images, videos, GIFs, and so on, and Apollo is an awesome way to see what like-minded users are sharing. Of course, you can upvote, downvote, and comment on posts, all from within Apollo for Reddit. What is particularly awesome about Apollo is the ability to toggle the display on your Subreddit from best, trending, best, newest, and rising posts.

For iOS users, this Reddit app is a perfect choice, especially if you have used Apollo before. Apollo is a neat, gorgeous Reddit app that is both fast and full of features, making it a great fit for the iPhone. In fact, it is a great app, so much so that iMore;d go so far as to name it as one of the best apps on iPhone, period. Apollo has changed quite a bit since its review, but it is still the one that iMore team uses on a daily basis.

When you open Apollo for Reddit for the first time, one of the first things you notice is how much more familiar it feels on iOS. As I said, Apollo for Reddit is a free iOS and iPadOS app, which you can bolster further through optional in-app purchases if you discover that, once you have downloaded the app, you like what you see.

Follow friendsYou can follow your friends
Enhanced searchYou can have an enhanced search on any topic
High supportYou have high support and can upload an image directly on it
Features of baconreader.

The full-featured Infinity for Reddit is designed similar to other apps we have listed here, but the UI is stronger when it comes to readability on the subreddit. While BaconReader does most of the other site features found on apps we already listed above, it has one more feature that makes it noteworthy. Of the best Reddit app options we have listed thus far, BaconReader is certified as being ad-free due to its open-source nature.

If you are looking for a site-based app that makes it easier to navigate, and that integrates features with a simple UI, Now for Reddit is your best app. Plus, with both the Android and iOS apps for Reddit, it is easier than ever to access Reddit on your smartphone.

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Recent updates in the Boost app for Reddit include support for uploading with multiple images, website voting made visible in posts, and more. Now for Reddit lists posts in a Card-like interface (much like Google Now) and includes preview support for everything from GIFs/GIFVs, to YouTube videos.

Watch this video to know about iPhone and iPad’s Reddit app

Another noteworthy feature of Comet For Reddit is a built-in media viewer, which lets you keep up with all of the interesting videos, fun-looping GIFs. One of the highlights for now on Reddit is the Reddit TV feature, that allows you to view trending videos (based on topics such as sports, games) directly within the app.

Luckily, the one app that has the most Reddit features of all apps in this list only lacks a single highlight. In short, Apollo is probably the best choice for users looking to get into Reddit on iPhone, regardless of whether or not they are willing to pay. If you only want to view Reddit, you can use Apollo for free, but you will lose out on all of the interesting bits. If you are a hardcore Redditor, and want an app to help you make the most out of Reddit, then Apollo is the one for iOS.

Whenever someone asks about a third-party Reddit app, Apollo is almost always the majority of the responses. Apollo is the best looking, powerful, customizable Reddit client on the App Store. With its gorgeous interface, features such as Night Mode, and supercharged media viewer by Reddit itself, Apollo is the one and only Reddit app you will ever need. Just as Apollo is a better alternative to the official Reddit app on iOS, Sync for Reddit is one of the top Reddit clients for Android users.

Claiming to have a top-notch image viewer and a clean design, Sync for Reddit is the favorite amongst Android users. Cute app icons aside, Infinity for Reddit is a reddit client on Android that deserves all the praise it gets. It may not be the best-looking app around, but Antenna Client for Reddit more than makes up for that with a solid set of features.

If you are looking for the most authentic Reddit experience possible on mobile, the official app is about as good as it gets. The One app is delightful to use, and has the kind of aesthetics and features thatll eventually make you stop browsing Reddit on a computer. The official app always gets the first shot at the new features or tools coming to Reddit.

While both the official Reddit app and Apollo offer a lot of the same functionality (you can read posts, comment, upvote, and downvote your hearts content), Apollo has one major digital ace up its digital sleeve: It is an ad-free app. While the official Reddit app does a decent job at spotlighting users content, it is fair to say the third-party Apollo app by Christian Skelley (opens in new tabs) is better.

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With its wide range of features, Slides makes it simple for anyone to use Slides and peruse topics from within the site. Slide has some handy features too, such as multiple Reddit accounts, password protection, Night Mode, etc. However, you will need to pay for most of these features. Slide is not the best app to use to surf Reddit while you are traveling as it requires WiFi connectivity and has lots of ads, however, if you would like this desktop-like experience on an iPhone or iPad, then you may try out the official app. There is also a $5 Pro membership which unlocks a few unique features such as a multiple-column view, multiple basic themes, auto-night mode, a scrubbed username (anonymous account names), and much more, making this one of the best Reddit apps for the iPhone.

Reddit is Fun presents stories in an easy-to-read format, complete with upvote/downvote buttons and several sorting options. Right off the bat, Uplift for Reddit stands out from the crowd of Android apps thanks to the inclusion of moderation tools for moderators on Subreddits. Perhaps one of the better designed Reddit clients on Windows Phone, Bacon Reader makes keeping up with the trending stories on Reddit a piece of cake.

Is there an app for Reddit?

The official Reddit app is a straightforward, user-friendly option that covers the fundamentals. Because you don’t have to grant third-party access to your Reddit account, this is the best option for Android users concerned about privacy and security.

Is Apollo Reddit good?

Apollo is first in line. The top Reddit app for the iPhone and iPad is without a doubt Apollo. It has a tabbed UI for simple navigation and considerate touches to improve the user experience. For instance, you may swipe left on any post to remark on it or swipe longer to bookmark it.