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Buying Macbook At Costco Vs Apple Store

Buying Macbook At Costco Vs Apple Store

Buying Macbook At Costco Vs Apple Store

Apple offers a wider range of MacBook models to choose from, while Costco typically only stocks a few of the most popular options and Apple offers a more comprehensive warranty than Costco. Apple Store employees are generally more knowledgeable about MacBooks and can offer more personalized assistance than Costco employees.

If you would like to purchase a Mac straight from Apple, check out the MacBook Pro at Apples store. You can trust you are buying the right Mac from Apple: View the iMac in the Apple Store. The Apple Store will always have the best prices for any laptop or Mac desktop.

Keep reading for a look at the best laptop MacBook deals available right now on both current-generation and older-generation MacBooks from Apple. The best time to buy a MacBook is during Apples Back-to-School discounts, explains McGrath. Like buying a MacBook, the best time to buy an iMac is when Apple offers its back-to-school discounts.

If that is not currently the best time to buy an Apple product, you can always save money by buying a refurbished model. Buying refurbished is another way to save on Apple computers. As with the U.K., U.S. customers obviously have the option of buying the MacBook Pro direct from the Apple Store, or saving on a refurbished model at the Apple Refurbished store (U.S.).

With this in mind, make sure to check what model you are getting if buying anywhere else but Apple (which usually only stocks new Apple devices, unless you are buying at Apples refurbishment stores — read why you should buy a refurbished Mac). We will direct you where is best to shop for a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, or Studio, whether it is at Apples own stores, from third-party sellers, or even from refurbishment or used, if you are looking to save a bit. If you are looking at the MacBook Pro in the Apple Store, which retails for $1,799, and find that identical model at Best Buy for $1,499, Apple will take 10% off $1,799, dropping the price down to $1,620.

These starting prices are the prices Apple sells MacBook Pros at, but are not necessarily what you are going to pay — a lot of retailers will discount the newer MacBook Pro models as well, or you may find that they have an older MacBook Pro on deal. You can probably still find deals on older, Intel-powered MacBook Air models, but you have to keep in mind you are likely going to be at a competitive disadvantage a few years down the line, should Apple drop support for these older models. While older, Intel-based configurations are compatible with MacOS Monterey and the upcoming MacOS Ventura, we highly recommend choosing the newer models now that Apple has their M1 and M2 chips in both the MacBook Air and Pro lines.

We would not recommend the Intel-based version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which starts at $1,800 and includes four Thunderbolt 3 ports, but otherwise looks identical to Apples M1-based Apple version. The Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch) is still a great option if you want an enormous 16-inch screen; if you need to run Windows apps on a Mac, and want the faster Intel CPU that you get in the MacBook; or if you want a laptop you can use with up to four external 4K displays (the MacBook M1 only works with one external display).

PriceApple PayCostco
Real Price1,799.99$1,620.99
With Discount$1,499.99$1599.99
Price of MacBook Pro at Apple Pay and Costco.

Best Buy lists the savings at $200 for the 512GB model, but Apple has dropped the price of its larger 16-inch Pro Sible by $50, down to $1,199, so you are saving just $149. The upgraded model costs $1,199 from Apple, and it ups the SSD storage to 512GB. While Amazon has the best prices right now, there is an advantage of paying full price, and that is that you can configure the machine and add additional RAM or a higher-capacity solid-state drive.

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When you add all of that up, Costco offers significant savings compared with Apple, plus you have 90 days to return the iPhone if you are dissatisfied. If a product does not fit your specs, the average time for returning an item is 90 days with Costco, while the time for returning an item with Apple is 14 days. If you get the item at a licensed Apple Store within 15 calendar days from delivery, you may return it for a full refund.

If you are tempted to purchase used Apple products on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp, get them checked out by an authorized Apple technician before sealing the deal, particularly with higher-end products such as MacBooks and iPhones. When you decide on an Apple device, an Apple Salesperson will help arrange for Best Buy employees to pick it up and finalize the deal.

Watch this video to see laptop and iPhone prices at Costco and apple store

Create a personalized discount every time you buy Apple products that Target sells, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs, using your Target RedCard. If you pay for products with your Apple Card at certain retailers, such as Exxon, T-Mobile, or UberEats, just to name a few, you will receive 3% back on your purchases. Plus, you also get 3 % off everything that you buy at Apple when you use your Apple Card.

If you have a big-ticket item you have to purchase right away, such as a new MacBook or iPhone, there are still ways you can score discounts or find models that fit within your budget. Otherwise, strategies such as price-matching from Apple or getting discounted prices for older phones are the best options. You also do not want to purchase a new Apple device months before the release of the next model.

When it comes to knowing when is a good time to buy a TV, a smartphone, or a MacBook, there are certainly ways to save money on high-ticket electronics, including Apple products. Costco shoppers can find huge savings on Macintoshes, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Apple TVs. Stores such as Walmart, Costco, Target, and Best Buy carry older-generation iPhones and iPads at a discount as the latest generations of Apple products come to market.

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In the past, Amazon has been the first retailer to offer discounts on Apples new devices. It is true that, unlike with other brands, Apple products do not always offer deep discounts. As one of the biggest authorized retailers of Apple products, Amazon has the newest MacBook Air M2 for sale.

For most people, the MacBook Air checks all of the right boxes in terms of performance and price, so it is what we recommend to MacBook seekers on a budget in our best laptops to buy guide, even now that the M2 is out. If you are sad to see Airs starting price drop to $999 (we are; we are; sniff), you can pick up a prior-generation MacBook Air with an M1 chip and 13.3-inch display for $900 at Best Buy–a $99. Amazon discounts are almost gone for MacBook Airs starting in 2020, but you can save $99 for 256GB models, and $149 on its larger 16-inch Pro Sible, at Best Buy.

Is it cheaper to buy an Apple watch at Costco?

Apple always sells at MSRP, while Costco typically discounts items by 100–200, which also lowers the sales tax. Apple, on the other hand, offers 0% interest payment plans and offers 3% cash back when using ApplePay. Consequently, it varies on where you reside and the particular model you’re buying.

Why are apple products cheaper at Costco?

Apple products are generally not cheaper at Costco than they are at other retailers. However, Costco does occasionally offer discounts or bundle deals on Apple products, which can make them more affordable for Costco members.

Why is Apple Care cheaper at Costco?

It is not necessarily true that Apple Care is cheaper at Costco compared to purchasing it directly from Apple. The price of Apple Care can vary depending on the product you are purchasing, the region or country you are in, and the reseller you are purchasing from.

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