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Can A Macbook Be Tracked After Factory Reset

Can A Macbook Be Tracked After Factory Reset

Can A Macbook Be Tracked After Factory Reset

You cannot track the Mac Book when it has been erased. But on supported models, the activation lock will continue to work. There is only one way to track Mac Book. Also, some of the data can be recovered. It is very difficult to track it after a factory reset.

While a factory reset will wipe a device clean of much of its prior data, someone with the right knowledge and tools can monitor the laptop once it is been reset. When a laptop is stolen, the person who used it attempts to perform a factory reset on the device as quickly as possible, since this shuts all doors for tracking the laptop.

Computrace pays off because it is capable of tracking a laptop once the factory reset is done, when everything else fails. If the Computrace function is not enabled on the BIOS of your laptop, then sadly, you would have no luck tracking down a factory reset laptop. If you are aware of Computraces features, and you enable it in your laptops BIOS, it is easy to figure out where your stolen laptop is. You are sure Computrace is the best theft-deterrent software, but cannot locate Computrace on your laptop.

If you cannot find the features of Computrace on a whole list, that finally means there is not any built-in Computrace software on your laptop or computer. If your laptop has Computrace built-in in the firmware, then enabling it is a simple matter. As we know, the Computrace functionality is not present on every model of laptops or computers; you would better test for yourself if your device has it or not. Once it tracks down the last location of your lost or stolen laptop, it provides the local neighborhood police all valuable information which may assist in recovering your laptop.

FactsFind My App
Find Your Missing Mac ByFind My App
Can DisableSystem Preferences > Apple ID
Cannot TrackWhen Device is Turned Off
Facts about Find My App

Now that you know how to turn on Find My Mac on MacBook, let us find out how to track it. Find My Mac is tied to your Apple ID, allowing you to monitor any connected device from any of your other devices, or through the iCloud site, from basically any device. Since you cannot turn off the feature unless you know both your Apple ID password and your Macs local password, the fact that you can turn off the feature is proof that you have got this thing. Since nobody can restore the MacBook except for you, tracing is still possible as long as the Find My Mac app is enabled on the MacBook.

Even if your MacBook has Find My Mac enabled, resetting your computer wipes out your function data and makes it impossible to trace. There is still the chance that you will be able to find your MacBook even if it does not have Find My Mac enabled–but it will not be nearly as easy as when it does. If Find My is not enabled for your MacBook Pro, you cannot locate your Mac, and your options are limited. Find My can show you your last MacBooks location, but cannot track a device when turned off.

Watch this video to learn if can i track my stolen laptop if it’s been factory reset

In short, Apple cannot track a stolen MacBook directly, but the company does offer a service called Find My, which you can use to help find your missing Mac. The methods we showed above work only when Find My Mac is enabled, but there are other ways to track down your missing MacBook if you donat have Find My turned on. We discuss in our article a few invaluable methods for tracking a MacBook Pro, which can help in finding a stolen Macs or stolen Laptops location. Below, you will find ways of finding your MacBooks IP address using several services.

If you are concerned that your Mac is being tracked using Find My Mac, you can disable this via System Preferences > Apple ID. When you wipe that Mac, any of your information is deleted from the device, and you cannot locate it using Find My. You can also remove a Mac entirely from your account once it is been wiped, but wiping the Mac will stop it being tracked. You can also use this function to remote wipe your Apple Macbook in case you have lost it or stolen it.

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After wiping a MacBook Pro, delete it from your trusted devices list to prevent the Mac from being used to access any of your accounts. Assuming that your machine has not been already wiped, the wipe command will start a factory reset, so your data will be cleaned up next time your device connects to the Internet. If a thief has deleted your hard drive, or restored the computer to its factory settings (using a manufacturers factory reset procedure), the computer is no longer recoverable. Now, if you are lucky enough that this does not happen (say, the thief simply sold your MacBook immediately to someone who was unaware of reset and everything), then you have a good chance that you will still be able to restore your MacBook using Find My.

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If there is no possibility to recover, you are still in a good place, because sensitive data on a stolen device can be deleted remotely using Absolute Software and Find My Mac features. You should also turn on find my device function on your settings prior to the theft in order to monitor the stolen laptop. Open the Find My Mac app using your iCloud credentials to log-in Select MacBook from the list of devices If the map shows the location, then the app has found MacBook Touch the middle of the screen of the MacBook From there, you can Play Sounds, Lock the computer, or Delete completely.

Can I track my laptop after factory reset?

In reality, the necessary tracking software might already be installed on your laptop. The majority of significant manufacturers include LoJack for Laptops BIOS code in their laptop BIOSes. Thus, even after the thieves have erased the hard disc on your laptop, it can still be tracked.

Can a stolen Mac be wiped?

You can remotely erase your lost Mac if you do not even believe you can retrieve it. This removes all of your information from your Computer and blocks access to it for anybody else. You can’t use Find My to locate your Mac after you wipe it since all of your data is removed from it.

Can Apple Find stolen MacBook by serial number?

Yes, Apple can track a stolen MacBook by its serial number using the Find My app or iCloud. If the stolen MacBook is connected to the internet, its location will be displayed on a map, and users can remotely lock or erase the device.

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