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Can Iphone 11 Cases Fit Iphone Xr

Can Iphone 11 Cases Fit Iphone Xr

Can Iphone 11 Cases Fit Iphone Xr

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR share the same general body design, If you’re looking for a case that will fit your iPhone XR, any case designed for the iPhone 11 should do the trick. There are a few small differences between the two phones, but overall, the cases should be compatible.

Knowing what cases are compatible with various iPhone models can be confusing — dive in this article to find out what cases work with your iPhone. Unfortunately, phone sizes are a bit different, so the iPhone X cases will not fit all of the newer iPhone models, with one exception. The case will fit either an iPhone X or an iPhone XS; however, there are some major design elements that are different between those devices, which will impact where the cutouts are for the case buttons, the audio grille, and the charging port. Because of placement, the cases cutouts for these buttons will not perfectly align with the iPhone X.

This means the camera cutouts on the iPhone 12 case will not fit over your iPhone 13s camera module. The iPhone 12 Pros camera module is also a lot bigger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro, so it will not be compatible with an older case at all. This is similar to the iPhone 11 camera module: It is larger, requiring more of a cutout for your case. The iPhone 13 is only a little thicker than the iPhone 12, with a different placement of buttons, and the iPhone 13s camera module is only slightly larger than that of the iPhone 12.

iPhone X12 MP Wide-Angle and Telephoto Camera
iPhone XRSingle 12MP F1.8 Camera
iPhone 11Dual 12 MP Wide and Ultra-Wide camera
iPhone 12Dual 12MP Camera System with Main and Ultra Wide Cameras
iPhone 13Ultra Wide Camera with Advanced Lens and Auto-Focus System
Cameras of different iPhones.

Both the iPhone 11 and newer iPhone 12 series feature similar screen sizes; however, the iPhone 12s overall design is dissimilar, and thus, any iPhone 11 cover would not fit. The good news is if you pop an iPhone XR in an iPhone 11 case, iPhone XRs will fit without a problem, and this includes Apples smart battery cover support. If you have an older case from the iPhone 12, and want to use it with the newer iPhone 13, that is just as well as forgotten. Saving some cash is always good, so if you have found a case that fits iPhone XR, you may wonder whether or not it will also fit this newer model, the iPhone 11.

Keeping iPhone XRs sleeve means that Apple has cases that you will find easily. If you are planning to order iPhone 11, then you do not have to worry about cases for that, since you will also have a lot of options for it. Since the iPhone 11 comes with some fairly significant changes in rear design, iPhone XR cases are not going to work well with the iPhone 11. While you may feel that you are free to use older cases on your iPhone XS, this has not stopped companies – including Apple themselves – from still making new cases for the iPhone XS.

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Just to make things more complicated, there are still older iPhone models out there that you can use those same cases on. Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot really use the cases from the older version of iPhones with the newer versions. Due to its iPhone design, it is incompatible with older versions and its cases. Since those cases are not designed with specific cameras in mind, they may work with its iPhones anyway.

With certain older generations of iPhones, you can use the same case across models. Even phones with mostly identical dimensions, such as the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, have differences in design that make them impossible to use the same case. While the various iPhones are of varying sizes, there are times when dimensions are close enough between the two models that you could effectively use the same case for both. Recent generations of iPhones generally have significant differences in size and shape between each other, and even among models within a single generation, eliminating iPhone case compatibility across models.

One is the new iPhone XRs comparatively larger size for cases compared with previous iPhone X/Xs, meaning even power and volume button placements are out of alignment if trying to fit an older iPhone case on a newer phone, like an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Watch this video to see the iPhone XR convert to iPhone 11

The same is true of an iPhone 12 Pro that does not fit in the iPhone 11 Pro case, a trend that continues across both series. It is not recommended that you attempt to fit the iPhone XR into the older cases. You could swap out an iPhone 12 Pro Max case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but that would not quite fit or fit properly. While the dimensions between the two models are pretty similar, the new triple-camera design on the iPhone 11 Pro Max means Rokforms cutouts from iPhone XS cases arent compatible.

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Since this case does not have a camera cut-out, those made for iPhone 12 (and perhaps earlier models) and iPhone 13 would be completely interchangeable. Thankfully, Apples move to the squared off camera portion means that the camera window is larger, which is better accommodated in an iPhone 11 case.

The second reason is the older iPhone X had just a single rear camera cutout, unlike the newer iPhone XR, which has two cameras at the rear, meaning that iPhone XR requires cases with two camera cutouts to fit both back cameras. The harsh truth is that your old iPhone X/Xs case will not fit on the new iPhone XR, as the dimensions and the camera cutouts are different between the two phones, and trying to fit one on iPhone XR would just expose the edges of the cameras, thus leaving them open to potential damage due to scratches and fractures.

To verify if the case made for the other iPhone will fit the new iPhone, you need to check each phones specifications. The best advice we can offer is to get a new case specifically designed for the shape and dimensions of the new iPhone 12 Series.

We actually found a case that managed to come close, and the Smart Battery Case from Apples iPhone 11 fits iPhone 13, while also grabbing onto the frame slightly more than others. The battery part did not quite do it, though, and while we were able to make an iPhone 11 Battery case fit The iPhone 12, the buttons and the side switches were completely misaligned, so the case did not quite fit iPhone, though it did sorta. Without it, the camera button does not do anything, but with it, the iPhone XR gets the camera-release button in a custom battery case.

Will the iPhone 13 price drop?

When the next generation of iPhones is announced, Apple normally lowers the price of the current model, so you’ll almost surely be able to purchase an iPhone 13 for $699 as opposed to the $799 retail price it has right now after September 7.