Can You Delete Multiple Contacts At Once On Iphone

Can You Delete Multiple Contacts At Once On Iphone

You can delete multiple contacts at once on an iPhone. Open the “Contacts” app on your iPhone. Tap “Groups” in the upper-left corner and select “All iCloud” or “All on My iPhone”. Tap “Edit” and select the contacts you want to delete by tapping the circle next to their names. Tap “Deleteā€ and confirm that you want to delete the selected contacts.

Apart from installing third-party apps, there are also other methods of deleting more contacts from your iPhone using your Mac or Windows PC. You can delete contacts in bulk on your iPhone using iCloud services or third-party apps, such as third-party apps called Groups. Unlike in the Contacts app of all good iPhones, you can choose to delete more contacts using iClouds Web-based version on a Mac or PC.

You can now head to your built-in Contacts app on the iPhone and confirm the selected contacts are deleted. Just like this, you will see the contacts have been deleted by the iPhones software. When you wipe out all of your data, any contacts are deleted from this iPhone, not deleted from your Contacts app elsewhere.

Now, any contacts that you choose to delete are deleted from all of your Apple devices. You can now swipe across the Contacts Book and choose which contacts you would like to remove. Select the contacts that you want to delete, holding down Control button to select more than one at once.

Learn how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone and iPad

You can select a contact by tapping on the blank field at the top-left, then tap on Remove to remove all contacts from your iPhone. Or, you can just select the multiple contacts and delete selected iPhone contacts by clicking on the delete button. Removing contacts separately from iPhone would be a lot of work as iPhone does not have multi-delete option on contacts.

FeaturesAbout Contacts
Can See Every ContactIf you go to, login in with your Apple ID, and then click on Contacts.
Contacts From Multiple SourcesYou could have many entries for the same individual in Contacts
Utilize Contacts AppYou can utilize the Contacts app on your iPhone to remove specific contacts.
Features of iPhone about contacts

Also, the iPhone does not provide multi-delete option that you can use for faster deleting of contacts in the iPhone. If there are many unwanted contacts you want to remove from your iPhone, then deleting contacts one-by-one using iPhones contacts app could take time. In fact, delete is one of the best ways as well, if you do not want to remove contacts one-by-one, which is time-consuming.

Restoring makes sense only when you have to delete contacts before you give the iPhone away, or you are planning on selling it to some random stranger. Since you are restoring contacts, you can revert to it right back on your iPhone. That is it, this is how you can remove any duplicate contacts that are on the iPhone using iCloud.

You can easily delete several contacts at once on a computer, the results of which will appear on your iPhone, provided that Contacts sync is enabled on the iCloud settings of your iPhone. Then, confirm the deletion of the contacts you want deleted, and when the iPhone syncing process is completed, your iPhone will be cleared of multiple third-party contacts. You will need a computer for this deletion and an iCloud account configured to store contacts ahead of time.

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You can use delete only if you already sync all of your contact lists to iCloud. You can perform Deleting by navigating to Contacts in iCloud and selecting all contacts one by one, pressing Command key and tapping on each name from the current Contacts list. You can also delete a selected contact by tapping the little red X over your contact list and checking the box to perform the action.

You can then continue right-clicking the selected contact and tapping Delete Card to erase all contacts. Now, view all contacts, hold down Macs command button, and click on the contacts you want to remove (one at a time).

All you have to do is to use command + A on Mac, or CTRL + A on a Windows PC, to select all contacts, then hit delete. If you have a PC with a solid Internet connection, it is easy to select all of your unwanted contacts and delete all of them in just a single click. With the help of Coolmuster iOS Assistant, not only you can manage contacts at once, you can also delete contacts in a tap.

With all 5 tips above, you can see that Free iPhone Manager is the easiest way to manage and delete contacts on your iPhone iPad, whether it is one, several, or all contacts. Apart from managing iPhone iPad contacts, Syncios Mobile Manager supports the transfer and management of Photos, Videos, Messages, Music, Notes, WhatsApp messages, eBooks, apps, etc. Just download this useful iOS/Android Manager Tool and give it a try.

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The iOS management software can transfer messages and photos between devices and computers, as well as backup contacts when needed. You can use it to add, remove, and modify contact info on an iPhone.

Group apps allow you to remove multiple contacts from an iPhone, as well as manage certain features on the device without the need for a computer. Groups app is one of the fastest ways to organize contacts on iPhone that is easy and straightforward to use as well. When you use its groups function, it groups all of your contacts together so they can be easily deleted.

Allow groups access to your contacts by tapping Let us start, and then OK. From the groups list, tap All contacts. Free iPhone Manager allows you to add, modify, delete, and transfer contacts from iDevices to computers and to another iDevice. Undoubtedly, Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a great tweak which helps in deleting a lot of contacts from an iPhone with just one tap.

It can filter out and remove contacts who have no phone number, no name, and no email address, even monitoring the health of the iPhones battery. My Contacts Backup offers offline backups of your contacts list, as well as a cross-device email synchronization, as well as a simple way to delete large numbers of contacts. If you are looking for a smart contact manager that allows you to delete more than one contact on an iPhone easily, I recommend trying out either Groups (free, the full version is $9.99) or Delete Contacts+ (free, contact tools are $3.99).

While the contact app on iPhone (or iPad) does not have a multi-contact removal feature, you can do the same thing in the contact app of the Mac (assuming your iPhone and Mac share the same iCloud account). Stop using your iPhone immediately, in order to minimize the chance of its base iOS OS overwriting deleted contacts before restoring them. Doing mass erasures will save time, as well as keeping the contact list clear and tidy for any new contacts to come in.

How do I clean up my Iphone Contacts?

You can see every contact Apple has saved for you if you go to, login in with your Apple ID, and then click on Contacts. Here, you may click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner and choose Delete after selecting all the contacts you want to delete.

Why do I have so many multiple Contacts on my Iphone?

You could have many entries for the same individual in Contacts if you have contacts from multiple sources. The same-named contacts from multiple sources are connected together and shown as a single unified contact to prevent copies from showing up in your All Contacts list.

What is the fastest way to delete Contacts on iPhone?

Tap the contact you wish to delete after opening Contacts. Click Edit. Tap Delete Contact while scrolling down, then tap it once again to be sure. You can utilize the Contacts app on your iPhone to remove specific contacts. You can block your iPhone contacts before deleting them if you want to break things off for good.

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