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Can You Lock A Folder On Iphone

Can You Lock A Folder On Iphone

Whether you are working on a major project, or just want to secure your photos, you can lock the folder to your iPhone. To ensure that your private files are safe and protected on your iPhone, you need to have a folder that is locked with a password. If you let others use your iPhone, but you have a few sensitive files that you do not want them to see, you have the option of hiding them away in a password-locked folder.

While your iPhone does not come with a secret folder, you can easily create one to keep personal files hidden. With apps like these, it is easy to hide photos and videos into a secret folder on your iPhone. Here, we are going to look at how you can hide files on your iPhone using a pair of trusted third-party apps.

For extra security, we will also cover the best apps to hide photos, so that you can keep photos and videos hidden inside a secret, locked photo album on the iPhone. Sometimes, you are going to want to ensure those photos and videos are safe and hidden away on your current iPhone, so others cannot access them easily. Hiding photos on the iPhone inside of Photos has a few major holes in it, which makes it very easy for someone to discover photos that you meant to keep private.

Watch this video to learn how to secure Apps/ folders on an iPhone

When you hide photos on your iPhone, the Photos app in iPhone will create a hidden photos folder and move any hidden photos into this folder. The option of “Hide Photos” on the iPhone Photos app just moves Photos into a hidden folder that anyone can access easily. The iPhone has always had Hidden Folder within the Photos App that remains exposed. While all hidden photos will not show up in Photo View, nor the original Photo Album they are hidden in, they are easy to access by going into your hidden Photos folder.

Your iPhone provides a variety of tools to browse through, including a password-protected Photos app and the option to hide whole albums. The workaround provided below uses the Notes app to really hide and password-protect photos on your iPhone.

You can Lock the notes on iPhones Notes App your iPhones Notes App using password protection to make it Confidential. Just keep in mind that you will need to use that password to view any locked notes. You will need to type in the password or use your biometric to see the locked note.

Remember, if you hide any notes, any notes that are locked are hidden. Once a note has locks, you have the option of hiding it behind password, Touch ID, or Face ID, or of re-hiding and keeping it easily accessible. Individual notes can also be locked by a password, and you can unlock the locked note using Touch ID or Face ID as well. Unfortunately, you cannot create a secure, password-protected folder within Notes just yet, but the ability to lock individual notes is present.

The Password function even lets you make another password to lock the folder, providing further security. Optionally, for extra security, you can make it require you to type in a different password before opening this particular folder.

Once the steps are completed, you could store anything inside this folder, which will need the password for access. This is mainly for cleaning up your Camera Roll, and perhaps to keep Grandma from seeing a few private photos, but, again, this will not lock down and protect it if anyone simply taps that hidden folder.

You can just skip it, and this will create a new Note with your photos, but if you want to keep lots of photos behind a single passcode, you can just stick them all in one Note. First, you will need to insert your photos in a note, then, you can choose to lock them behind the password. If the photos that you want locked behind a password are not already on your iPhone or iPad, then transfer them there. Before you do, know that there is not an app (at least not one that we could find) that lets you place existing apps in a folder and lock them behind a password.

If you are not comfortable entering a password into your iPhone each time you need to access a specific folder, you could set up a secured folder to make your important documents and photos secure from prying eyes. In these situations, a secure folder can keep your most important files–photos or documents, for example–safe from prying eyes by requiring a different method of authentication, like a PIN or your recognized fingerprint, before they will open. There is a function for those with images and photos of great importance that has been missing, and it is a secure password-protected folder, a function that has been present in Samsungs Galaxy smartphones, along with several other Android phones. You can even lock a separate folder, should you want to keep confidential data safe.

This feature is aptly named the security space, and any files contained within that space will be unavailable to anyone without a passcode, which is used to hold down any folders on your iPhone.

You can either use the built-in Security System or a third-party app to lock the folders and files using a password or a passcode. The File Manager function in the iPhone has a Password function that allows you to secure the folder by setting the password of the folder. If you are using the Notes app on an iPhone to store private or confidential information, you may wish to secure that information by locking Notes using a password, Touch ID, or Face ID. You cannot create a locked Photo Album on Notes if you want to lock notes that include videos on your Notes app.

Locking photos on your iPhone using the Notes app is convenient since you do not need additional apps. If you truly want locked photos on the iPhone, you will want to use the second part, which shows you how to truly, really, lock photos on your iPhone from public view using the Notes app to create a private photo folder on your iPhone. Secured notes typically allow you to attach files, including photos and videos, and files are locked behind a master password. In the Samsung gallery app, for instance, you can choose an image or images, tap the “More” button on the bottom-right, and choose “Move to Secure Folder”.

Can you lock a folder on iPhone notes?

You can lock only notes on your device and in iCloud. The Notes with PDFs, audio, video, Keynote, Pages, or Numbers documents attached; notes that sync with other accounts; or Quick Notes cannot be locked. You cannot lock iCloud notes with other collaborators. Tap the Lock button.

Can I password-protect a folder in photos?

Technically speaking, Google Photos doesn’t offer lockable folders to conceal your files. Instead, the Google Photos Android app has a unique feature called Locked Folder that can be found in the utility section and performs comparable duties to a photo vault app.

Do iPhones have secret folders?

When you conceal pictures and videos, they are moved to the Hidden album and don’t show up in your library, other albums, or the Photos widget on your home screen. The Hidden album is totally hidden when it is turned off in iOS 14 and later.