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Can You Trade In Cracked Iphone

Can You Trade In Cracked Iphone

Can You Trade In a Cracked Iphone

If the crack is minor and doesn’t affect the functioning of the phone, then you may be able to trade it in. You can easily sell it for a good amount. However, if the crack is severe, it may not be possible to trade it in.

At Verizon, not only will we provide you with our best trade-in value on a broken phone, but we will also provide our best value. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a newer model, or you simply need a little extra cash, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal when you trade-in your iPhone with us. You can trade in just about any iPhone released over the last few years, but you will receive less cash for older models. You could even bring an expensive iPhone into a big-box store to trade it in, but you may be surprised by how little you are offered.

The only way you can ever receive some kind of trade-in value from Apple is if you repair the damaged iPhone, and then you can sell it back. An iPhone with a cracked screen has no value at all for Apples trade-in. You can trade an iPhone in to Apple for one that has had its screen replaced, but only when an Apple-approved company replaced it. Apple will only accept a trade-in iPhone if an Apple-approved company does the screen replacement.

Apple will offer more credit if you trade-in a well-conditioned iPhone. If your iPhone is cracked or broken, and you are looking to upgrade to a newer model, do not throw it out and just trade it in with just anybody. Whether you are looking at the SE, or dreaming about the new iPhone 12 lineup, do not simply toss an old phone into a drawer when it is time for a refresh.

Check out how the Apple iPhone trade-in works

You cannot sell your iPhone here if it is in great condition, is working properly, and is undamaged. If your screen is cracked, your housing is damaged, or you have other imperfections, you could always fix the phone at a third-party store, and then sell it for a fair price. Yes, if your phones screen has any physical LCD damage such as chips, cracks, scratches, or dents, then you may sell for a decent price. In some cases, the iPhone that has cracked screens may also sell back only $30-50 less than the good-condition ones.

Professional repair companies buy cracked iPhones in bulk and replace the screen much more inexpensively than Apple could. Whether your phone has a cracked screen, defective LCD, or is unusable, you are still guaranteed to receive top dollar for it on SellCell. If the iPhone model is damaged, you may still get something for it, even if the device does not turn on. If you have ever cracked an iPhone screen, broken the camera, or damaged its buttons, you know that Apple does not accept these damaged devices under its iPhone Trade-In Program, which gives you credit to use towards a new iPhone.

If you buy a new iPhone using Apple Card, Apple iPhone Payments, or the Verizon Device Payment program, the estimated value of your trade-in is applied to your purchase price at checkout. If we discover your phone has a higher or lower value than we initially thought, we will adjust our offer for your iPhone and email you with the new offer. Once you accept our offer for your iPhone, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label so that you can ship the phone to our office. You can send GadgetGone your cracked, damaged, or broken iPhone (with a prepaid label provided by GadgetGone) at no charge, and you will be paid as soon as we receive your cracked phone.

Best Buy sometimes has extra promo offers that may increase the value of your trade-in Good Buy phone. As with Apple, your trade-in of your Good Buy phone results in a Best Buy gift card–great if you are a Best Buy fan, or you are planning on buying your next iPhone there. Up to $1 could apply to a new 5G device, such as the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, or the Samsung Galaxy S21.

An iPhone 8 with a cracked screen from another network traded in for an iPhone 12 and the Get More Unlimited Plan An iPhone 12 on the Get More Unlimited Plan would net $700 toward your phone (via bill credits) and an E-gift card worth $300. Verizon customers trading in that same cracked iPhone 8 for an iPhone 12 and that same Get More Unlimited Plan will get just $440 in bill credits, but it is still a good deal for an older device that is already cracked. T-Mobile customers can save up to $1,290 when they trade in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which includes $700 in Apple Credits and $500 in Bill Credits.

Apple will pay up to $790 when you trade in a recent iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can also trade in the Apple Watch Series 2, which was first released in 2016, but you will get just $25 back for an Apple Watch Series 2. You could earn thousands by trading in an older iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac computer, and much more in the Apple Store or online.

Apple lets you trade in your old iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac computer, and even smartphones from other brands such as Samsung and Google. Since it is easy to repair your old phone and sell it back as a working phone, offering the trade-in of your device is still valuable. Some retailers will happily take on an arrangement since they can easily repair and resell it as a nearly new phone, so there is value to offering trade-in.

While there is not exactly no risk to the sale–if your older device is not in the condition that you said it was, say, if it is a cracked iPhone, you might not receive the full price offered by a buyer–it does minimize time and headache, particularly when compared with trying to sell it yourself on, say, eBay or Craigslist. A damaged phone is always going to cost less than an unbroken device when you exchange. Plus, if you contest an adjustment quote, you will need to pay for Apple to send back your pricey iPhone (unlike GadgetGone, which offers to send back your hardware free if you accidentally get a correction quote that you disagree with).

Is my cracked iPhone worth anything?

Bulk purchases of broken iPhones are made by reputable refurbishment businesses, which then replace the displays at a considerably lower cost than Apple can. This means that your cracked iPhone is still highly valuable. The price difference between an iPhone with a shattered screen and one in good condition is frequently between $30 to $50.

Who buys iPhones with broken screens?

With the help of iCellGlobal’s recycling service, you can easily sell your damaged smartphone online. Simply choose your models and their state—cracked or damaged—and you’ll get a quick cash offer. They send a cheque in the mail or make a PayPal transaction to pay within 1-3 business days. PayPal or check for payment.

What happens if iPhone back glass is broken?

You may be debating whether to repair the device’s cracked rear glass if it has one. While a broken back glass is unattractive, it has no effect on your ability to text, phone, or read through social media. However, with time, a cracked back glass can cause cuts and scratches on your hands.