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Can You Upgrade Macbook Air Storage

Can You Upgrade Macbook Air Storage

Can You Upgrade Macbook Air Storage

You can upgrade your MacBook air storage easily if the storage is not enough. If you want to store a less number of videos, images, files, or music, then this storage is enough for you. But if you want to store a large number of videos, images, music, games, and the latest software then you should use external storage for this purpose.

Although, you may choose to upgrade the storage in the MacBook to a higher-capacity SSD, and may choose to keep the original one as your secondary storage device. If you are using a previous MacBook Pro model from 2012, then yes, you can upgrade your storage by swapping out your hard drive for a faster SSD. As a MacBook user, you may even have considered replacing your stock hard drive with an SSD at one time, just not for the storage, but for the speed, since solid-state drives are faster, but SSDs are expensive pieces of hardware.

Since larger drives are probably more affordable now than when you bought the MacBook, more storage may be still worthwhile. Fortunately, you do not have to buy an entirely new computer to gain additional storage space on your Mac. While you could always put that data onto something like an external hard drive, running out of storage space on a MacBook Pro can be painful.

An external hard drive that plugs right into your Mac using a docking station or USB-C hub, and it will provide as much additional storage space as you need or need. With the MacOS USB drive, you can install macOS to the empty SSD, or boot from that USB, and use tools and utilities to test or format your macOS drive. A low-profile USB drive is not as fast as high-speed storage as a MacBooks original thumb drive, but it is nice enough for storing documents & media.

If your MacBook has USB Type-A (old USB standard, not new, reversible) connectors, you can add some storage with a low-profile USB drive. On older MacBook models, you can use an SD card or a flash drive to get additional memory. If you got an older MacBook that has a card reader, you can use SD cards or microSD cards as well to increase the total amount of memory in your MacBook.

Another way to increase the storage on a MacBook is by using its SD card slot (assuming you are using a model with one). Perhaps the option that most would prefer to take for expanding their MacBooks storage is by upgrading their SSD. In the meantime, we can all hope that Apple will increase the basic storage capacities of SSDs in Apple notebooks in the near future.

Watch this video to know about the storage of MacBook Air

If your MacBook was built in 2012 or before, you will have more options to improve storage. All of the ways of upgrading your storage discussed thus far are for older Macs, but there is one option that works for all models. In many cases, you can purchase upgraded kits that contain everything needed to update your laptops storage. Our DIY SSD Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to do your own upgrade, including the external case to reuse the factory-stock drive as your storage device.

MacBook AirHow To Upgrade
Increase the Inbuilt SSD Storage SpaceBy 1TB SSD Kit
Kit SubstitutesWith Two 512GB Units
Reinstalling Software Mac operating Apple Configurator 2, USB-C connector
Can You Upgrade Macbook Air Storage

To complete your upgrade, you will need your new SSD, a set of screws corresponding to your laptop, and an extra external disk or enclosure for your old drive, so you can make a clone of it. If you decide to upgrade the storage on your Mac through the SSD, you are better off having a professional do the job for you. If you go with the kit, you will receive an SSD upgrade, necessary tools, and a case that you can put the old drive in for data transfers.

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These kits come with the SSD (Solid State Storage) drive, two screws, and the SSD enclosure. Once your new SSD is installed, you can store the old SSD inside the enclosure and use it as an external drive. You do not have to replace the SSD in order to add more storage space on the Mac; using external storage is an easy alternative.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not every model of MacBook can add storage internally. Some of those options are available for specific model years, and the newest MacBook models cannot really add storage inside. That said, these external storage upgrades offer a respectable amount of read-write speeds and are perfect for expanding what is available in a MacBook, especially if you are running low on available space.

Because of that, Apples correct response to expanding the storage available on the MacBook Air is to upgrade the MacBook Airs SSD to a larger SSD. Once the MacBook Air SSD is replaced, you can fit the original MacBook Air SSD in an enclosure, attach it to the computer, then use a data recovery software to restore the files. Once you have created the backup, you can restore your files from the backup in case your original files are deleted by Apples MacBook Air, or the SSD in your MacBook Air is deleted, replaced, or damaged. Before using Time Machine to backup your files, you will want to set up an external drive large enough to store your backup files.

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If you look at your storage management on the machines in a more critical way, you can probably get away with it until the next time you upgrade. Couple this with the way Apple makes swapping flash storage into MacBooks after the purchase is not possible, and your storage choices are a permanent thing that you are going to have to live with for a very long time. Upgrading your machine to either 16GB RAM or 512GB storage will not get you quite what you want in those scenarios anyway, and if you go up one more level, price-wise, you are getting into Macbook Pro territory.

If you do not want to pay that much up front, you can take advantage of any of the methods outlined above to gain additional storage space in your MacBook Pro. In addition to adding storage to your MacBook directly, you can also leverage some of the storage space that you already have in other parts of your house with this technique. Thanks to the wealth of excellent external SSD drives available to you third-party manufacturers, you can add an almost infinite amount of storage space that is accessible by the M2 MacBook Air.

Buying additional storage space for your Mac through iCloud is often a much more affordable and practical option than getting an external drive. If you are using newer models from 2016 or later (which is likely), upgrading internal storage is nearly impossible for you (as the end-user) as Apple has revamped the Apple Dashboard, and it is extremely difficult, sometimes even dangerous, to swap out an internal HDD. For Retina display MacBook Pros (2012-2015), storage is upgradable too.

Is 512 GB Mac Enough?

If you don’t intend to install large apps or maintain massive photo and video libraries, 512GB of space is adequate. If so, purchase a minimum of 1TB. If not, you’ll need to increase your MacBook’s storage capacity by utilizing external drives, the cloud, and network storage.

Can MacBook storage be upgraded?

You may increase the inbuilt SSD storage space of your Mac Pro by using the 1TB SSD Kit for Mac Pro. This kit substitutes the existing SSD device(s) in your system with two 512GB units. Placement is necessary. Reinstalling software necessitates a secondary Mac operating Apple Configurator 2 and a USB-C connector, please note.