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Carrying Case For Imac

Carrying Case For Imac

Carrying Case For Imac

iMac carrying cases are designed to be lightweight whilst remaining sturdy. These are used worldwide by over 15000 companies and customers including Apple and their resellers. The NSP Apple iMac Carry Bag has been a “must have” for professionals seeking the power of their iMac but without the restriction.

Like the rest of the Willow Design cases, the IMac carry-on is constructed robustly from dense foam padded and covered in a heavier cloth. After all, it has an integrated carrying handle, which is strongly suggesting the iMac is portable. Except the carrying case for an iMac is pretty heavy, and the handle does not really help you to transport cables, mice, keyboards, or whatever else essentials you may need.

The Curmio has a carrying handle at the top, and once you have got the iMac in there, carrying it is about as simple as carrying a fairly heavy briefcase. I am happy with the Curmio case, and highly recommend it for those who want to take their iMac on a shorter trip. We strongly recommend an iMac carrying case, should you feel a need to take your iMac on a trip. The iLugger 21.5a iMac carrying case is an extremely durable iMac carrying case, designed specifically for the iMac 21.5″.

This carrying case from Wheels Away is designed to specifically hold a 27-inch iMac. Willow Design, the company that makes carry cases for all kinds of Macs, has updated its iMac flat panel carry case, Wedge, to accommodate the new 17-inch iMac G4. Companies such as Gator, Viridian, CURMIO, and NSP Cases all make carrying cases for iMacs that fit either 21.5-inch or 27-inch desktops, so the 24″ case seems a smart choice. We have seen some, but they are nothing more than bags to transport an iMac around in, with almost no padding or protection.

You will want to find a protective cover that offers more protection, giving your iMac Pro a cool, sleek appearance. Do not fret, look out for an all-body cover in the best IMac Pro cases roundup. Share this best iMac Pro Cases list with your friends by using social share buttons given below. The best MacBook Pro cases should offer the combination of style, protection, and value.

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There are pricier cases for the iMac in the market, should you want extra protection. Charter) Unlike laptop cases, there is not a lot of competition in the case space for the iMac.

The case is heavier than many of the other iMac cases, but it is probably the toughest. The case wraps your iMac with heavy-duty foam padding, and its sturdy design keeps out outside elements. A hard-shell panel over the front screen provides added protection against heavy impacts and damage, while the premium Gators case includes a storm flap built-in via a lanyard.

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Todays popular iMac has smartly integrated a mousepad in its keyboard cover, which bends down over the monitors glass face to protect from small knocks and scratches. You can even use the M1 iMac while it is still inside its body, which has a folding sun protector that keeps your screen from washing away. It has proven a good investment, protecting a 20-inch iMac from washing away on any excursions.

List of Carrying cases for iMacFeatures
IMac carry-on (Willow Design cases)constructed from dense foam padded, covered in heavy cloth, Portable
Curmio carrying handle at the top, durable,
iLugger 21.5adesigned for iMac 21.5″
Gator casesnot cheap, No need to remove iMac 5k while travelling
Pelican Cases stress-free, safe transport solution for your PC
This Table shows the list of Carrying cases for iMac and their features

The Gator cases are not cheap, but being able to use an iMac 5K without having to remove it from its housing is a major advantage when traveling by RV. I may invest in the highly-rated Gator Cases Creative Pro Series Nylon Carry-On Tote if I have some cash to burn. The intriguing one is the BUBM 21.5″ Nylon Carry Tote Bag, which puts an iMac inside of something that looks like a gigantic handbag. The $35 nylon Curmio Travel Carry Bag turns your M1 iMac into a handheld.

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Pelican Cases scuff-proof enclosures for 20-inch and 24-inch Apple iMacs provide a stress-free, safe transport solution for your PC. CPD Industries has announced the launch of its newest, specially designed transportation and shipping cases designed for the new, highly-delicate 24″ desktop, iMac.

Urban Armor Gears latest line of Plyo cases for 13/16″ MacBook Pros offers slim, elegant, minimalist designs with no compromises in protection. Even better, the cases from MOSISo As Case are generally available in sizes that will fit most 13/15/16-inch MacBook Pro models, and some come with a secondary screen protector and matching keyboard cover. Available in many vibrant designs and colors, the MOSISo as case is a durable hardshell case that can easily protect your device from everyday wear and tear. Considering that most of the MOSISo as covers are priced below $20, these hardshell cases are an amazing value and a convenient solution for protecting your MacBook Pro from everyday wear.

Apple even recommends the rugged STM Dux cases, and if you are looking for a tough case that offers great protection without compromising on style, it is easy to understand why. Of course, it makes little sense to buy a super-expensive, armoured case if all you want is something that will keep the MacBook Pro from scraping up against the contents of your purse or backpack on the way through commutes. Like the Tenba case, this product is better for iMac owners that want some added protection against bumps and falls that may happen while traveling, and can do some serious damage to a computer.

Get rid of daily wear and tear, grab this bargain, and even better, this case is designed for an iMac Pro. You get one of those Apple Magic Keyboard Protective Cases. I am perfectly happy with the Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard, personally, and do not particularly need the space in my case dedicated to stashing an original Apple Pencil. Gator Premium cases offer premium protection to the delicate display on an iMac Pro against light exposure.

To build an ideal carrying case for the iMac, Bearden and the product developers at CPD Industries were inspired by the compact designs that Apple had already included with the throwaway packages that the iMacs came in. Bearden started receiving calls for cases for the new-designed iMac well before Apple started shipping the desktop, as laptops and laptop bags would not hold up to the subtle, groundbreaking design of the new iMac. Instead, iMac cases are better used to store an iMac, and to take the iMac on trips in your car or truck (or perhaps on even a nice cruise).

Willow Design places straps along the sides of the case, has another set of straps velcroed at the top to form a carry handle, and also includes a strap on your shoulders, just in case you would like to carry it like this. The TomToc Smart A25 includes removable straps and reinforced handles, making the TomToc Smart A25 a nice utility case that can triple-duty as a messenger bag, carry-on bag, or a regular sleeve.

How can I carry my iMac without the box?

Place several layers of bubble wrap over the entire screen. Use packing tape to hold the bubble wrap in place. To ensure that the computer won’t move around inside the shipping box, use several layers of bubble wrap.

How do I travel with my iMac 24?

Repackage it in the appropriate containers. Instead of attempting to check it as luggage, bubble wraps the item and places it in a hard case suitcase. You may even send it. You must verify it in as luggage if you intend to bring it on the plane because it is too large to travel on.

Is it easy to move iMac?

Because of its magnetic power cable’s portability, you probably won’t hesitate to take it into the living room to assist your child with schoolwork. The iMac is essentially designed to be a shared computer that anybody may use to complete a little amount of work.

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