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Change Default Browser Mac

Change Default Browser Mac

Change Default Browser Mac

Open System Preferences from the Apple menu bar, the Applications folder, or the Dock on your Mac (System Preferences). Choose the first icon in the preference window, General. Choose your preferred browser from the list of installed browsers by clicking the dropdown menu next to “Default web browser.”

The Settings app opens Appearance settings by default, but we have to navigate to the Desktop and Dock settings in the left-hand sidebar in order to change Macs default browser. By navigating to the MacOS System Preferences, you can adjust a variety of system settings, like the Macs Parental Controls, the network, Trackpad settings, etc. Here, you can also control and change the Macs default browser via the System Preferences. If you do not like Safari opening every link that you click on Mac, then you can change the default Web browser on Mac via System Preferences and Browser Settings. Sometimes, you will not want a link to open on Safari, and you might want to change your default web browser on Mac to Google Chrome, Firefox, or whatever else you prefer.

Any links that you now attempt to open on a Mac will take you to Google Chrome instead of Safari. Now, any links that are opened on the Mac will open straight up open in your configured browser, no matter from where they came (unless they are from a different web browser, of course). Now, every time you click on a link to open it, it automatically opens in your chosen browser. Even if Safari is your default browser, you can open any link in a different browser by holding down Control while clicking it, then selecting Copy Link, and then pasting that into the address bar of whatever browser you prefer.

Learn how to change the default browser on a Mac 

By changing your default, any link or Web-based file that you choose will open in the browser of your choice. If you prefer for web links to open in the devices default browser, go into your appsDisplay & Sounds settings to make the change.

If you want to open web links using another browser, change the devices default browser from Windows Settings. To use the devices default browser instead, touch More on the lower-right, choose Settings, choose General, and toggle Open webpages within app. Press the Windows key + I to launch the Windows Settings app, choose Applications, and choose Default app from the sidebar.

Click on the menu option in the upper right of your screen > Settings. Click the three vertical dots, then select Settings in the resulting drop-down. Open Chromes menu (select the icon with the three dots on the top-right corner of your window) and select Settings. Open the system preferences by clicking on the Apple icon at the top-left corner of the screen, then selecting System preferences from the drop-down box.

Open System Preferences from the Apple menu bar, the Applications folder, or the Dock on your Mac Select Start, Settings, Apps, Default apps. Open Default apps
Choose the first icon in the preference window, General Select Microsoft Edge
Choose your preferred browser from the list of installed browsers by clicking the dropdown menu next to “Default web browser.”Next to make Microsoft Edge your default browser, select set default
Steps to change default browser on Mac and Windows.

In the toolbar at the very top of your screen, click Chrome and choose Preferences from the drop-down. Open your Safari browser, and from the top toolbar, choose Safari > Preferences. Launch Google Chrome, and choose Chrome > Preferences from the menu bar, or hit Cmd+, (comma) to jump straight to the preferences menu. Click on Apple Menu on the top-left corner and open System Settings.

Press this key simultaneously with the key i to open the Settings menu. In Vivaldi Browser, click on the settings icon at the bottom-left of your screen.

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Then, choose which browser application you would like to set as default, and click “Set as default” in the upper part of the window. Select Browser Apps and choose the new browser you would like to set as the default. Tap on the Browser app entry, then choose Chrome as the new default. You will see whatever browser you have set as the default right there, now.

If you change your mind and decide you want to use another browser instead, you can use the steps above and just choose another browser as the default. Major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have preferences menus which let you set a given browser as the default by clicking on a button or checking a box. Click on the drop-down box next to that option and choose browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Opera as your Macs default. Before jumping into application settings on a Windows or Apple computer, you can open your desired browser and make it the default.

Open Gmail, click on the menu icon, click Settings, click the “Default App,” toggle “Ask me what application to use each time” to “Off,” and choose the preferred browser. Next, open the Android Settings app, swipe to where you see apps, then tap it.

If you do not see the Web Browser you want on the drop-down, swipe down and choose Seek app from Microsoft Store. Now, click the pop-up menu Default web browser and choose your web browser, such as Safari; you can see this in the following image. Open the drop-down box next to Default web browser and select the preferred browser, for example, Google Chrome.

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That is all there is to it, you have now successfully changed the default web browser from Apples Safari to one that you prefer. Yes, it is really easy to change away from Safari Browser on Apple Computer. While you can always go into the MacOS settings and change your default browser, there is a simple way to make Chrome your default browser instead of Safari in any macOS version you have on your machine.

On Android, your default might be Google Chrome, Samsungs Internet Browser, or something else, such as the stock Android Browser that is common in older models. In Google Chrome, tap the triple-dot menu icon, choose Settings, choose Default browser, select Open Chrome settings, and choose Chrome as your default browser under Default browser app.

Click on the Make Defaulta command, then hit the Use chrome button to make changes. Under Start up in Settings, click the button that says Make default.

Click Set this program to default, and the status should change to show the browser has all of its defaults. Open the Control Panel icon view, navigate to the “Default programs” section, and click on the link for setting your default programs. In the Settings pane, go to Change PC settings > Search & apps > Default.

Depending on your handset, you might already be able to go to Default apps/browsers from the apps page. For other Android browsers, like Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and DuckDuckGo, go straight to the default apps screen in Settings. Then, after saving your changes, close the System settings window, and you should be able to open links, websites from Airdrop, Mail, Messages, and more right in your new Default Web Browser.

Can I use Chrome instead of Safari on Mac?

You can use various browsers on your Mac, including Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chrome. It can be challenging to decide which solution best meets your needs, given the abundance of choices. For a variety of reasons, most notably its convenience, Safari is one of the most utilized browsers on Macs.

Why is Safari defaulting to Google?

Safari for iOS shows Google Search results when users enter a search phrase. This is due to the fact that the business annually pays Apple billions (!) of dollars to serve as the default search engine for Apple products. Your iPhone does not prevent you from switching to a new one, though.