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Cool Things To Do On Macbook Pro

Cool Things To Do On Macbook Pro

Cool Things To Do On Macbook Pro

You can do many cool things on a Macbook Pro. These include playing around with already installed apps, talking to siri, taking funny pictures with photo booth, playing games from apple arcades or the app store, using the maps present in it to explore famous landmarks and much more.

We rounded up 25 awesome things that you can do using macOS, which are both helpful and beginner-friendly. To make the most out of the Mac, you may want to take advantage of some hidden functions and features immediately. Whether you are a beginner in the world of the Mac, or have been a hardcore user for years, there are plenty of small tricks and shortcuts many do not know that could make your experience on these devices a whole lot more productive.

Here are 10 things you can do immediately to help get started on your journey toward being a Mac power user. As simple as it is with a new Mac, doing a few things might not be immediately apparent, and you owe it to yourself to ensure you are making the most out of your new investment.

The Mac App Store is far more than just a way to download cool new apps to your Mac. Apple has designed the Mac App Store as an easy, secure way to download software to your new Mac, all using the same Apple ID and password that you use for music and iPhone apps.

You can get these either through Apples own App Store, or through the websites of third-party developers, and many of the best Mac apps are free, too. There are excellent apps out there for Mac users, no matter what you are looking for, whether it is productivity apps, photo and video editors, security suites, and much more. If you are not looking for a bit of fancy DIY Mac decorating, you still get to enjoy Apples Siri, Maps, and grapher apps.

Learn how you can customize your macbook 

You can also use Siri on the Mac to do smart searches in the file system, as well as launch apps. You can even make custom shortcuts to get to whatever menu options you want. Some apps have more menubar options than you could ever hope to keep track of, but rather than having to search each drop-down list by hand, you can speed things up by using a specialized last menu.

In Messaging, you can pull up a line of emoticons you can swipe across to select the one that is exactly right. Once you have found the one that is right, you can edit your picture, adjust color, or cycle through filters using the MacBook Pros Touch Bar. Double-click on the picture in Apples Photos app, and the Touch Bar turns into a series of thumbnails, so it is easy to cycle through all of your photos in a matter of seconds.

If you are using Photos, or another photography app that supports Touch Bar, on your Mac, you will also be able to edit photos with the new Touch Bar. In Final Cut Pro, one of the most commonly used video editing apps on the Mac, there are tons of options for you to choose from with the Touch Bar. With PDF Expert running on the Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro, you get options for performing various actions in quick succession, including things like highlight, and underline, as well as options for removing text from the PDF, adding notes to the PDF, and putting text, images, and links in a PDF.

Things To Do
Pre-Installed AppsPlay around with pre-installed apps and take funny pictures from Photo booth
Use MapsUse Maps to explore popular landmarks or you could talk to siri
Personalize MacBookYou can personalize your MacBook pro user experience
Play GamesYou can play games from Apple Arcade or App Store
Cool Things To Do On MacBook.

You can sign a document and have it scanned using my Mac Camera, sign using the Trackpad on the MacBook Pro, or even import your signature by signing it on your iPhone or iPads touchscreen. You can also use it for authentication with Apple Pay, and if you have multiple users on the laptop, it will automatically recognise one finger and sign you in or switch workspaces accordingly. Unlocking With Apple Watch: If you own an Apple Watch, you can use it to unlock your Mac, a super handy feature for those of you that are unaware.

Password Authentication With Apple Watch – For those who have macOS Catalina and an Apple Watch, Apple Watch can also be used as a replacement password, so that you do not need to enter your passwords often. If you are using password managers such as 1Password, then you will be happy to hear that you can also now unlock the password manager app using a fingerprint. The new MacBook Pros feature Touch ID scanners on the power buttons, and once you have enabled Touch ID for your favorite password manager, you can just tap on the Touch ID fingerprint reader (the Touch Bar even draws an arrow, pointing towards the Touch ID fingerprint reader) and your password manager unlocks.

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If you would like to secure confidential information on the MacBook Pro, and store it behind a password-protected wall, you can create Secret Notes with the Preview app. One unique thing that Macs can do that other computers cannot is store all your passwords, and recall them to you vividly using a feature called Keychain from Apple. When you are using Calendar App to track anything that is important to you, the new Touch Bar will allow you to swipe across every week in every month on the Calendar, so that you quickly take stock of all your past events as well as your upcoming ones.

Whenever you receive an incoming call, either through FaceTime or via your iPhones neighbor retransmitting a call on to your Mac, your Touch Bar automatically turns into the answer pad, so you can take or reject a call without having to click on anything. Touch ID has not been a 100% perfect feature for me, as I frequently use MacOS at a slightly telescopic distance, surrounded by other technology, but it is an awesome feature. In MacOSs default Maps app, the touch panel has been set up to display a set of quick links for landmarks such as restaurants, gas stations, shops, and more.

By simply setting up Macs built-in voice recognition system, you can direct the computer to do a whole host of things just using your voice. With apps such as Automator and Grapher, you can spend quality time with your Mac, both amusing yourself and teaching yourself. You can use your Mac to learn new skills, such as editing photos and videos, or trying your hand at graphic design. You can always watch videos on YouTube, listen to podcasts, or start a new blog–or look for things to do that do not necessarily involve using your Mac.

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You are in luck, as there are tons of things you can do with your Mac to keep your mind off the drudgery. Your Mac is going to be your saving grace at times, when you are in the mood for doing something fun, but not leaving the comfort of your home in the process.

Do MacBooks get hot easily?

Your MacBook is prone to overheating, just like any other laptop. In addition to being inconvenient to use, a heated MacBook can shorten the battery’s life and even harm other internal parts. Fortunately, you can do a few things to cool it down and keep using your MacBook.

How hot is too hot for MacBook Pro?

Use your Mac laptop where the temperature is between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (10 and 35 degrees Celsius). Because parked cars can get hotter than this range of temperatures, never leave your Mac laptop in your vehicle. Additionally, you ought to utilize your Mac notebook in environments with relative humidity levels of 0% to 95%.

Can you add widgets to MacBook Pro?

Click Edit Widgets in the Notification Center’s bottom section. Search for a widget or select a category, like Clock, from the list of widget categories, to see a preview of the widgets that are offered. You can preview the information displayed by selecting a widget size from a range of sizes.

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