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Create A Second Instagram Account

Create A Second Instagram Account

Create A Second Instagram Account

To create a second Instagram account, open the app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner. Next, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner and select “Create new account.” Enter your new account information and tap “Sign up.”

Your second account will be created on Instagram, and you will show up on the home page of your second account. You will log into your second Instagram account either in their app or on their web version, depending on what you created your account with.

Once you create your second account, you will be able to add the same one both on your phone and your computer. If you are creating a second Instagram account through the Instagram app, you can register using a phone number rather than an email address. Once you have added your new account in the app, you can toggle between them at any time.

Nowadays, Instagram allows you to toggle between accounts without having to sign out. Instagram allows users to have 5 accounts on a single device, and you can switch between accounts without having to login and exit every time. You can have up to five accounts per device, which can be switched easily within the app.

Learn  how to create a second Instagram account with one email

If you are using Instagrams app on more than one mobile device, you will need to add your accounts separately on each device. If you have multiple accounts and you decide that you would like to delete one, you can do that easily within the Instagram app. If you are not able to add more accounts, you might need to update the Instagram app.

Note that once you have added a new account in your Instagram app, you will get notifications for all of the profiles that you added, unless you manually disable notifications. To add a new account on Instagram, you will have to use a different email address or phone number than you used for the first account. Each new account that you create needs at least one new email address or a Facebook account associated with your new Instagram profile.

To create a new account, tap on Sign Up on the bottom of the screen, then follow the prompts to make your new account via phone or email. You can create another account through your browser by going to the Instagram sign-in page, then clicking Sign Up and following the instructions.

If you are already using Facebook for your main account, you will be forced to sign in using your phone or email. If you need to manage multiple accounts, you will have to use a laptop or other device to sign up. Otherwise, you have to log out of any accounts that have been authorized in order to reach the sign-up page.

Then, go to Settings, and select either Log Out (Account Name) or Log Out All Accounts. Select any of your linked accounts, then tap on “Log Out” on the bottom of the screen.

At the top of the screen, tap the three dots next to your account name. Tap on the horizontal triple lines in the upper right, and then Settings > Add Account.

Then just click the gear icon in the top right, and then click Add Account. Click the gear icon in top right corner to open Settings on Instagram. Or click on the gear icon to open Settings, and scroll down, and choose Add Account or Switch Accounts.

You can also switch accounts from any Instagram tab by holding the profile photo icon at the bottom right. From this point forward, simply tap your Instagram profile photo in the bottom of any tab to switch accounts. Open the Instagram app, then navigate to your profile by tapping on the symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Then, just tap and hold the Profile photo in the lower-right and you will see a menu pop up showing which accounts you are currently signed in and to which accounts you can switch. Once you add more accounts, you will see that your profile picture appears consistently across the app, so you will always know which you are using at any given time. Your other accounts may still show up on the Explore tab for your followers and friends, thanks to Instagrams algorithms.

Some people report problems with single-profile delinking, so if that happens to you, try Logging Out Of All Accounts, then Logging In To The One You Still Want To Access Through Instagram. Fortunately, Instagram makes switching simple; you do not need to log out and back in each time you want to access your other accounts. You can opt out of any of your linked accounts individually, or all of them, all at once, within Instagrams app.

While your accounts are linked through the apps where you sign in to both, they are not linked publicly on Instagram. Instagram is so receptive to having multiple accounts that it makes it easy for you to switch between them directly within the app.

If you already have a second Instagram account, you can connect it with your main one rather than creating another one, if you would rather. You can either build the new Instagram account by signing in to your current account, or, if you have created more Instagram accounts before, you can simply connect them with ease. At this point, you can enter a new username and password for the existing Instagram account you simply wish to attach to your existing Instagram account.

Instagram will take you back to the home page, and your old account will be linked automatically to this new one. If you are able to use your Facebook, you just have to authorise the Instagram login from Facebook, which will then automatically help set up your account; otherwise, take the following steps.

Log in again with another account, and then follow the instructions above. Click Sign In with Existing Account to add one that you created earlier. You can add an existing account to manage along with your main one.

From here, you can create a username, add a profile picture and bio, and start sharing to the new account. Click that button to sign in and complete setup steps, such as adding your profile picture, saving login information, choosing accounts to follow, and more.

On computers, you can use the Switch Accounts button near your profile photo and username on your Start Screen. Select Settings Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose Add Account. If you are under the limit of five accounts, you will also see a button saying Add Account, which you can tap to repeat the steps from the previous section.

Can I have 2 Instagram accounts with different names?

You can only add five accounts to a single device on Instagram. Theoretically, you could create more by switching names across profiles, but doing so wouldn’t be simple with just one app. Remember that you can also sign in using a web browser.

Can I register 2 Instagram accounts with same email?

Now, if you make an account while logged into another account as previously said, you DO NOT need to enter a new email address or phone number. You can add a distinct one per Step 9 above, or they can both use the same email or phone.

Can I create two Instagram accounts with the same phone number?

It is not possible since the same phone number or email address for two Instagram accounts because Instagram does not permit the use of several accounts under the same email address or phone number. Therefore, obtain a new email address in advance if you wish to create another profile. You may also open two accounts, one with your phone number and the other with your email.