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Custom Messages Iphone

Custom Messages Iphone

Custom Messages Iphone

If you want to know how to create custom message on your iPhone, then just open Setting < Click on ‘Phone’ < Tap ‘Respond with Text’ < Select any formatted quick response < Tap on ‘auto messages and edit’. Now you can create your own custom message.

If you opt for text messaging replies, you are given some built-in replies–call me back later, I am coming, whatever–or you can write your own custom messages. You can delete replies that you dislike or do not want to use, and you can create custom text messages replies if you use specific phrases or difficult-to-dictate names often and would prefer to not type it in every time you reply to a text.

There is even a 4th option, which lets you write out the custom message, in-the-moment, but it takes some time, and if you are really busy, you are not going to have the time. A custom message can also be entered by tapping on Custom…, which sends the text message quickly to the caller. If you need to enter something more personalized yet, you can hit the Custom button to send the full message to the caller (Figure C).

Custom Messages Iphone
By Tapping On Custom A custom message can be entered by tapping on Custom…, which sends the text message quickly to the caller
You Can Create Your Own You can create custom text messages replies if you use specific phrases or difficult-to-dictate names
Can Populate The FieldsYou can populate all fields with custom messages, so whenever you are rejecting calls
Custom Messages Iphone

Now, tap on the box and type in whatever message you would like to send while denying a call. You can populate all fields with custom messages, so whenever you are rejecting calls, you will have a personal collection of messages you can choose from. There are three pre-set text messages that you can send in reply to calls in the iPhone.

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By setting up automatic replies on your iPhone, you can respond automatically to missed calls with a text message, so that you stay in touch with the person who called you. Whether customers or friends are calling, auto-replies can help you stay on top of missed calls and voicemails, telling people that you are unavailable, but that you will get back to them. You are not going to be able to pick up every call, so an auto-reply can let the people calling you know you cannot reach them immediately, and will get back to them when you are.

Watch the video to know how to make a custom text response to calls on iPhone

Fortunately, the iPhone has a feature that lets you decline an incoming call, while also sending out a message letting the caller know you cannot speak at this moment. Let us look at how you can configure it to allow you to easily send a one-tap message to the caller to let them know you are busy or on another call. You will be able to select from up to three different messages with just a single tap when you get a call.

Setting up will eliminate the trouble of typing out a message each time you do not want to take the call. By doing Let, your customers will know why you are not taking their calls.

The message would go out to your callers when you are unavailable to answer their calls, and want to let them know why you were unavailable. Sometimes, you cannot accept a crucial call and you would like to send a quick message to acknowledge the call, at the very least. Your caller may not be aware your response is preset, and if you are using long-form text, it may feel awkward that you had the time to write the long-form text, but you were not able to pick up the call. By using an autoreply, you automatically make sure that people who reach out to you know you received their call, text, or voicemail, and that you will return their call whenever possible.

Once you tap on the message on your Incoming Calls screen, you will find that your new response is ready for action. When you tap Message, you will be given access to any messages that you have entered in Settings.

Once you select the correct text tone, tap on Done to save that option on your iPhone. Step 3 Tap Text Tone and choose a song that you created to set as the Text Tone. When you have found the text tone you want, tap on the tone to put a checkmark next to it, and tap Done (in some versions of iOS 12 and later, the button is called Save).

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Select the text tone from your text tones list. Once you have created and imported the text tones on the iPhone using the method mentioned above, you can set these to the sound of your iPhones text messages however you want. From now on, whenever you get a text message from a contact, you will hear your newly created text tone. Step 4 Tap the newly created text tone to set it as your default setting for a selected contact.

Open Contacts app > Select the Contact you would like to assign the custom Text Alarm Tone for. You can set custom text alert sounds for contacts in the iPhone as well. To set up text-based response to, tap the Settings in your Home Screen on your iPhone. Simply go to Settings -> Phone, and tap the Respond with Text option below Calls.

Whenever you get a call, simply tap on the Messaging icon located right above accept, which brings up your customized text response list. Once you set your customized text response, it will be available for selection in your response list on Apple Watch. It is easy to set custom message responses on your Apple Watch, and they make a world of difference when you are responding to texts while you are out and about. With Syncios built-in ringtone creator, you can import your favorite songs from a computer or iPhone, then chop up the parts that you like the most, and have them serve as the tone for your new text message notifications.

If you are using Focus/Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS, you may already know that your iPhone will mute any incoming calls, and automatically respond with your pre-set text message. From this point forward, anytime Do Not Disturb While Driving is turned on, any incoming calls are silenced, and the preset message that you just entered is automatically sent out as a text message to let them know that you are driving. You can set up Emergency Passthroughs for specific contacts in your iPhone if you do not wish to have their calls or messages silenced by Do Not Disturb.

In comes Respond With Text, a feature that lets you send quick canned responses, telling the other person who is calling that you are busy. When an incoming call comes, the canned response is displayed.

What are custom Messages?

A tailored text message uses the subscriber’s information, such as their time, age, gender, and country, to send them more relevant offers and news at the appropriate moment. You must start a conversation in Messages before responding. After touching and holding a message bubble, click Reply. After typing your message, click the Send button.