Dji Pocket 2 Accesories

Dji Pocket 2 Accesories

The DJI Pocket 2 Controller Wheel comes with a power cable, cover case, lanyard, and USB-C and Lightning smartphone adapters. DJI Pocket 2 Wireless Mic with Windscreen Wide-Angle Lens Cover Tripod Mount Do-It-All Handle Charging Case Controller Wheel Extension Rod ND Filters. Osmo Pocket features a larger sensor and larger field of view.

DJIs Pocket 2 is a tiny, hand-held camera capable of shooting 4K, ActiveTrack subjects, and shooting motion lapses, all in a small package you can carry in your pocket. The DJI Pocket 2 has a wider camera sensor, better array of microphones, and a interface more accommodating for accessories. The DJI Pocket 2s tiny, collapsible micro tripod supports your action camera, allowing it to firmly rest on any surface. Another ultra-convenient, inexpensive accessory is this DJI Pocket 2 Micro Tripod, which will let you keep your DJI Pocket 2 steady on a variety of surfaces.

The Micro-Tripod collapses down to a compact form, providing standing stability to your Pocket 2 pretty much everywhere. Speaking of tripods, the next accessory to come with the Pocket 2, is the Advanced Tripod. Another accessory included with the Pocket 2 Creator combo, but also available individually, is this handy tripod. It may sound redundant listing a tripod and grip accessory back-to-back, but this universal Pocket 2 mount from Skyreat Skyreat is an excellent alternative to Startrcs earlier offering.

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We recommend this kit of accessories to use with all of your Pocket accessories. The kit includes a hand-held telephone mount, sternum strap with adapter, rucksack strap, two Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, a tripod and adapter, an extendable monopod, carry bag, extension bracket, j-hook, wrench, and base mount. Including some accessories can help get better shots, and this article covers the accessories I most frequently use the Pocket 2. The set is made of a wheel for DJIs Osmo Pocket controller, wireless module, mount adapter for accessories, and 32GB Samsung microSD card.

Meanwhile, the DJI Osmo Pocket is held within an included PolarPro tripod mount that slots inside the primary grip portion. While the controller wheel is nice, you cannot put the DJI Osmo Pocket in the supplied housing with it mounted. That means you will need to slide it into and out of its accessories mount if you want to safely store the Osmo Pockets gimbal and camera lenses inside a pocket or purse. Clearly designed to hold the accessories of your Osmo Pocket, this strap for a rucksack is quite the handy buy, since it comes with a extendable frame that you can extend for various accessories.

AccessoryBest For
Samsung PRO Endurance 64GBEnhanced Storage Memory
DJI Pocket 2 Charging Case – GrayTo Charge on the go
DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle – BlackVery Versatile
DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter – Battery PoweredGood sound quality
USKEYVISION Wide Angle LensWider View
Best DJI Pocket Accessories

It comes with precise cutouts that makes this phone holder a desired purchase, where you can easily accommodate both camera and your phone, and quickly and easily mount the OSMO Pocket on your cell phone. The Osmo Pocket extension pole also features a handy phone stand to give a clear view of the shots, and has an integrated command stick and buttons for easier access to DJI Pocket 2 controls. If you are planning to purchase this extender, consider making a quick order from Amazon and getting this DJI Pocket 360 camera accessory now. Best Compatible With The DJI OSMO Pocket 2 Accessories, This Tripod Mount is one product that you should own.

The charging pouch has space for DJI Pocket 2, charging pouch, Do-It-All grip, wireless mic, bunch of adapters, and handful of SD cards. Straight from DJI, the Pocket 2 Charging Case keeps the camera safe and secure as you charge its batteries. The battery is charged via the camera, an included USB-C to USB-A 19-inch cable, and an available USB power adapter (not included). The Pocket 2 charging case is small enough to slip into your pocket or purse, and also holds two microSD cards, four ND filters, and two smartphone adapters.

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The extender grip is a bit pricey at $69. But if you are using your Pocket 2 regularly, this is an excellent camera accessory. If you buy the extension handle, you can use it as a faux jib — but this is usable on gimbals too, and is slightly cheaper because it does not have Osmo Pockets special features. I initially bought it for doing faux jib movements with my Ronin years ago, but because Pocket 2 has the Quarter Twenty mount at the base, you can use this later accessory with the Pocket 2, too. My next accessory for the Pocket 2, is one I have gotten with all my DJI cameras — and that is the DJI Care.

ND filters are not exclusive to the Pocket 2, but because the camera has such a good image in such a small package, it is essential that we utilize ND filters in order to capture as much cinematic-looking footage as possible. Freewell ND filters fit on top of the lenses on DJIs Pocket 2, protecting the glass, but also giving you sharper shots with vibrant colors when shooting in bright sun. A rare accessory that upgrades both DJI cameras — and is included with the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo — the DJI Pocket 2 wide-angle lens increases equivalent focal length up to 15mm, increasing field-of-view for Pocket 2 up to 110o, and Osmo Pocket to 90o.

In fact, Pocket 2 can be purchased as a Pocket 2 Creator Combo (opens in new tab), which includes the Mini Command Stick, tripod mount, Wide Angle Lens, wireless microphone, Do-It-All grip, and a wireless microphone handle. With this, you can connect to DJIs Mimo app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, control DJI Pocket 2 with an iPhone, record audio wirelessly, and mount your camera on a tripod. That means you can set up your cam on a tripod, then mount your lights, microphone, or Rode Wireless Go Receiver to the sides.

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The Rode Wireless Go transmitter attaches to the camera through a Mic Adapter and a cable, making for a wireless microphone setup. The Rode Wireless Go includes the SC2 cable for connecting the receiver to a DJI Osmo Pocket via the mic adapter, and two USB-C cables to recharge the batteries in the transmitter and receiver.

A phone clip provides more reliable holding power between Pocket 2 and connected smartphone. This pocket-sized camera is ultraportable and offers one-handed operation. The versatile monopod covers various tasks and fits well with the DJI OSMO, GoPro, DSLR cameras, etc. So, grab this 3-way collapsible monopod by Smatree on Amazon today and enjoy smooth functionality.

Can DJI Pocket 2 shoot underwater?

The DJI Pocket 2 Waterproof Case lets the Pocket 2 take clear, distortion-free images underwater while being waterproof up to 60 meters. The gimbal is held in place by the internal clamp. Further enhancing the shooting experience is the shutter/record button and two mounting brackets on the outside surface.

Can the DJI Pocket 2 take underwater photos?

The DJI Pockets 2 is a portable video as well as stills camera with stabilisation that can be used to capture the whole of life’s adventures no matter where they take you. With its unique underwater casing, the Pocket 2 can be utilized underwater at depths of up to 60 metres (200 feet), making it ideal for travel vlogging.

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