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Does Apple Care Cover Broken Screen

Does Apple Care Cover Broken Screen

Does Apple Care Cover Broken Screen

Screen replacement (front) is covered with a cost under an instance of unintentional handling damage under your AppleCare+ plan. You must pay a $29 deductible if you purchase Apple Care+ for an iPhone 12 and then break the screen. Your final cost will be $178 if you factor in the $149 Apple Care+ price.

If your device meets all these criteria for the Apple Watch line, you should be able to have the screen repaired or replaced as part of Apples Care Coverage Policy. Apple may cover repairs to cracked screens, depending on which AppleCare version you have. For instance, if you own an iPhone 13 or 13 Plus, and you cracked glass at the rear of your phone, Applecare+ plans do not cover the repair costs. If you break an LCD screen in acceptable models, Applecare+ will cover the cost.

Unfortunately, coverage means if you do not have paid extra money for AppleCare+ coverage, then you cannot use AppleCare to have the device screen repaired or replaced. AppleCares standard, limited, year-only warranty plan does not include user-inflicted damages, but AppleCare+s extended warranty does cover cracked screens. The standard AppleCare warranty plan is included for free with every Apple device. The year-long warranty does not cover user abuse or damages, including accidental dropping of your device and breaking its screen.

In addition to expanding the standard Apple warranty, AppleCare+ includes incidental coverage — that is, should you accidentally drop your iPhone and smash its screen, or spill a cup of water all over your MacBook, you will be able to have it repaired for a reduced cost. AppleCare+ provides extra coverage, including coverage for broken screens, accidental hardware damage, and battery replacements. The standard AppleCare option does not cover damage caused by unexpected events, like dropping the device in water or breaking your screen.

Unfortunately, that is why you cannot use the standard version of AppleCare to fix a cracked screen on a phone — damage caused by an accident is just not covered by warranty. AppleCare+ – the highest form of Apples warranty cover, does indeed cover cracked screens, at little extra cost.

Your warranty with Apple does not cover accidental damages, meaning that Apple does not offer to fix cracked screens on its iPhones or iPod Touches under the warranty. In fact, going to Apple to get an iPhone screen repair is more crucial, as using an unauthorized repair facility will invalidate your warranty from Apple, as well as the extended AppleCare warranty. If your iPhone is not under warranty and you do not have AppleCare+, the cost for replacing the screen will range between $129 to $329, depending on the iPhone model.

You can take a cracked iPhone to any Apple Store nearby, or to any authorized specialty service provider, for screen replacement. If you already paid for your screen replacement, then discover your device is still covered by the warranty, you can contact Apple to find out whether Apple will reimburse you.

While your phone is still under warranty, or if you paid AppleCare+, your iPhone is covered for two incidents of accidental damage to the iPhone, and it costs just $29 for the screen repair, so take advantage of the Apple Service Center for this damaged screen fix. You will also find AppleCare+ costs for this device (without adding in any lost or stolen protection) and also a cost to fix the screen. If you have AppleCare+, you will be able to have the screen repaired for just about $20, depending on the device.

In short, the AppleCare+ plans price increases your warranty coverage and covers accidental damages, as opposed to the base AppleCare plan; while a bit pricey, and it might only cover a limited amount of repairs, AppleCare+ is still worthwhile in comparison to fixing your cracked screen without it. AppleCare did not cover accidental damage initially, but Apple has shifted the majority of products over to AppleCare+ eligibility over time in order to offer this additional coverage.

AppleCare+ is available on all current Apple Watches, and covers two accidental damage repairs for a period of two years. AppleCare+ builds upon Apples base device warranty, adding accidental damage repairs and remote software support. For most products, Apples extended warranty program is known as AppleCare+, which provides hardware coverage for up to two to three years (depending on the product), plus up to two incidents of accidental damage per 12 months (subject to a service fee).

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You can get AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch, which extends the coverage up to two years from purchase date. AppleCare+ for Apples suite of Mac computers extends coverage to three years, rather than one that is included at the time of purchase. For most Apple products, AppleCare includes 90 days of tech support by chat or phone, plus a one-year warranty against hardware failure.

AppleCare+ offers effective technical support, as well as Apples extra hardware coverage, as well as adept protection against accidental damage. Overall, AppleCare greatly lowers the stress and expense of fixing or replacing an unexpectedly damaged device, as well as eliminating the expense of fixing a hardware malfunction, but AppleCare is a significant extra cost for a cover that still has a few deductibles and limitations for claims. Apple will replace, and certainly even repair, an accidentally damaged iPhone right away, as long as you are covered by its insurance, called AppleCare+.

Any standard AppleCare+ plan does not cover lost or stolen devices, but Apple offers AppleCare+ Theft & Loss on the iPhone, which provides more coverage. Apple sells AppleCare+ protection in order to extend the warranty support included in the box with the iPhone up to two years. In addition to its standard one-year warranty, Apple offers AppleCare service and support plans for extra coverage.

AppleCare is the standard warranty every Apple product comes with. AppleCare+ is an extended product warranty that Apple offers, which you can buy at an extra charge from Apple or most authorized retailers. AppleCare generally includes 90 days of free product support–by phone, via chat, or in person at Apple stores–as well as one-year coverage.

That is where Apples warranties come in, helping users to have their devices fixed or replaced without paying a hefty fee. Like every warranty, there are some things that will invalidate the warranty on a device.

That will mean if you are likely to experience more than two incidents of damage within the first couple years of buying your iPhone, AppleCare+ is well worth it. Assuming Apple believes that you are truly this unlucky, AppleCare+ might cover four screen repairs, four other damages, or four battery replacements. If you are unfortunate enough to get a cracked screen on a device, no worries: the Applecare+ plan covers it for you as long as you are covered, or a cracked screen outside the warranty repairs covers it.

What is considered accidental damage Apple?

“Accidental Damage” refers to physical harm, breaking, or failure of Your Covered Equipment as a result of an unanticipated, unintended event that occurs either as a result of handling (such as dropping the Covered Equipment or coming into contact with fluids) or as a result of an external incident (e.g., extreme environmental or atmospheric conditions).

How much does AppleCare cover to fix a broken cracked screen?

In case you crack the screen of an iPhone 12 with Apple Care+, you’ll have to pay a deductible of $29 for the repair. If you add the $149 fee for Apple Care+ to your $178, your total cost will be $178. The repair cost will be $279 if you do not have the protection plan.

Does AppleCare give you a free replacement?

You can repair or replace your iPhone hardware with both AppleCare+ options. Your plan may cover unlimited accidental damage and theft or loss incidents up to two times each year, depending on your choice. There is a service fee or deductible associated with each incident.