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Does Apple Care Cover Cracked Screen

Does Apple Care Cover Cracked Screen

Does Apple Care Cover Cracked Screen

Mostly apple care covers the cracked screen on your apple phone. But you have to pay the charges for it.  If you get apple care for iPhone 12 for hiding the cracked screen, you should have to pay 29 dollars for this cover. If you don’t want to use the apple care cover then you should repair it by paying extra charges

Apple might cover repairs to cracked screens, depending on which AppleCare version you have. If your device meets all these criteria for the Apple Watch line, you should be able to have the screen repaired or replaced as part of the policy for Apple Care coverage. It is important to carefully review your Applecare policies terms, since there might be some specific exceptions that apply to cracks in your device.

If you have a Screen Repair Applecare policy, then it is very likely you are covered for your screen damage. While your phone is still covered by your warranty or if you have paid AppleCare+ insurance, your iPhone is covered for two incidents of accidental damage to your iPhone, and it costs just $29 for screen repairs, so take advantage of that and get your damaged screen repaired at Apples Service Center. Your standard/baseline iPhone warranty does not cover accidental damage to your screen; if the screen on your iPhone is cracked, you have to pay to repair it.

If you pay AppleCare+, you will only need to pay $29 to have the screen of your iPhone repaired – with other devices being just slightly more expensive to fix. Customers get just two non-warranty repairs covered under AppleCare+, and after they are used, they will be charged the full amount. If customers would like additional coverage on a new device, they can pay directly to Apple for extended AppleCare+ warranties.

Watch this video to learn if does apple 1-year warranty cover cracked screens

AppleCares standard, limited, year-only warranty plans do not include user damages, but the extended AppleCare+ warranty covers cracked screens. The standard AppleCare warranty plan is included for free with every Apple device. The AppleCare Protection Plan is available when you buy an iPhone on the Apple website and at Apple stores.

AppleCare generally includes 90 days of free product support–by phone, via chat, or in person at Apple stores–as well as a year of warranty coverage. For most Apple products, AppleCare includes 90 days of tech support by chat or phone, plus a year of coverage if the hardware fails. AppleCare+, which covers Apples Mac lineup, extends the coverage to three years, rather than just the one that is included when you buy.

AppleCare+ is Apples extended product warranty, which can be purchased for an extra charge at Apple or at most authorized retailers. AppleCare builds upon Apples base device warranty, adding accident repair for damages, as well as remote software support.

AppleCare+ is available for all current Apple Watches, and covers two accidental damage repairs for up to two years. Any standard AppleCare+ plan does not cover lost or stolen devices, but Apple offers AppleCare+ Theft & Loss on the iPhone, which provides more coverage. AppleCare+ With Theft and Loss will cover, as the name suggests, a lost or stolen iPhone once you make a claim and pay the deductible.

AppleCare+ provides extra coverage, including for broken screens, accidental hardware damage, and battery replacement. The standard AppleCare option does not cover damage caused by unexpected events, like dropping the device in water or breaking your screen. Unfortunately, that is why you cannot use the standard version of AppleCare to fix a cracked screen on a phone — damage caused by an accident is just not covered by warranty.

The year-long warranty does not cover user abuse or damages, including dropping the device accidentally and breaking its screen. In addition to expanding the standard Apple warranty, AppleCare+ includes incidental coverage — that is, should you accidentally drop your iPhone and smash its screen, or spill a cup of water all over your MacBook, you will be able to have it repaired for a reduced cost. With an effective AppleCare+ Protection plan on any iPhone, the customer can extend their warranty protection to an additional two years from purchase date.

For those who are using an AppleCare protection plan, they are getting an out-of-warranty replacement at a minimal cost starting from $219. Whether or not AppleCare+, or any extended warranty, is worth the price depends on what you own, coverage details, and if you file any claims(s) during your time with the plan. In short, the AppleCare+ plan costs more extends the warranty and covers accidental damages than AppleCare Basic; although a bit more expensive, and it might allow for only a limited number of repairs, AppleCare+ is still worth the price tag over fixing your cracked screen without it.

You do not get accidental damage coverage under the $29 plan; instead, Apple will replace it for free if the Apple TV, Siri Remote, or Power Cable stops working within two years after you buy it. You will receive two claims in 12 months, and repair prices vary from $0 for replacing a defective battery, $29 for fixing a cracked screen, to $149 for replacing a lost phone. Before you throw your phone up in the air to celebrate, however, be aware that the service fees and deductibles are still there: A screen or back glass repair will run $29, and other unexpected damages will run you $99.

You have a choice of sending the phone back for repairs by mail, or visiting any Apple Store or apple-approved service provider for a screen replacement. You can take a cracked iPhone to any Apple Store nearby or to any specific authorized service provider to have your screen replaced. You have a choice to have it repaired by a licensed Apple repair service, and you will be paying out-of-pocket.

If your screen starts showing defects without any reason, you may get a free repair; provided that you are still under Apples one-year warranty. If you lease 80 pounds of equipment from Apple for iPhone repairs, the fee is just $50, but there is a $1,200 charge to your card if you get damaged or fail to return.

Apple will replace, and certainly fix, a accidentally damaged iPhone right away and absolutely, as long as you have their insurance, called AppleCare+. Assuming Apple believes that you are truly this unfortunate, AppleCare+ may cover four screen repairs, four other damages, or four battery replacements. That would mean if you are likely to experience more than two incidents of damage within the first couple years of buying your iPhone, AppleCare+ is well worth it.

If you are someone who typically takes great care of their devices, and does not drop or soak, you are not likely to benefit from AppleCares extended coverage. AppleCare+ offers effective tech support, as well as Apples extra hardware coverage, as well as adept protection against unexpected damages.

Does Apple Care include screen damage?

A service fee of $8900 for screen damage or external enclosure damage or $25900 for other accidental damage applies to each occurrence of accidental damage covered by AppleCare+ for Apple Display, which extends your coverage to three years from the date you purchased AppleCare+.

What damage is covered under AppleCare?

Each instance of accidental damage covered by AppleCare+ is subject to a service charge of $29 for damage to the screen or rear glass or $99 for other accidental damage. A $149 deductible applies to each case of theft or loss. Only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models are eligible for the rear glass damage service cost.

What does Apple warranty cover?

For one year from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user, Apple warrants the Apple-branded hardware product and accessories contained in the original packaging (“Apple Product”) against flaws in materials and workmanship when used normally and under Apple’s published guidelines.