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Does Apple Replace Chargers

Does Apple Replace Chargers

Does Apple Replace Chargers

A day after European Union legislators voted to ratify a common charging standard for all smartphones, Apple officially announced at a Wall Street Journal event that it will switch over to USB-C chargers for its upcoming iPhone devices. This decision was made to comply with the EU’s new charging standard.

It is important you read through the terms and conditions so that you can understand whether or not your Apple charger falls under its Charger Replacement Policy, or whether you need to simply purchase a new one directly. If your Apple charger is not working correctly, Apple does indeed offer the Apple-branded Charger Replacement Policy, but that policy covers manufacturing defects only. Even if your charger is not working correctly because of a manufacturer defect, Apple will not replace your charger if it has any external signs of damage.

All Apple chargers are covered under the One-Year Limited Warranty, but you cannot have the charger replaced if there are signs of damage on the outside. What that means for your charger is that it is much more likely your charger will get fixed or replaced if you have AppleCare+, compared to just having the one-year limited warranty. Unless your charger is working right out of the box, you are at risk of damaging the exterior of the charger during that first year, rendering the one-year limited warranty for your charger void. Your original charger is covered by the warranty for your MacBook, so if you have problems with it, talk with Apple first and see if you cannot get a replacement for free instead.

Whether you have lost your original MacBook Air charger, or somehow damaged it, you might be looking for a replacement. To help, we have put together some of the best replacement chargers you can buy for your MacBook Air, whether you are rocking a newer model or an older model. If you need to swap in your MacBooks MagSafe or USB-C charger, there are a number of third-party options that are reasonably priced.

Some of all of the top choices on this list offer more than one charging port, making it easier to charge both the MacBook and smartphone simultaneously. This compact power adapter has dual USB-C charging ports, so you can charge two devices — such as a 16-inch MacBook Pro and an Apple Watch or AirPods — simultaneously. Plus, this extra juice can be directed toward charging your second device, such as a better iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods. The result is a compact, high-power charger about the same size as Apples AirPods Pro cases.

Watch this video to know how to get free Apple replacements

With 100W combined, this means that you can use a second USB-C port to charge either a 15-inch or 16-inch laptop, or both MacBook Airs, at top speed. If you are charging four devices at the same time, this Highsay Multiport USB-C charger automatically shares the charging power needed by each device. This charger also has smart power allocation, so if you are charging four devices at once, the charger automatically figures out the best output distribution.

With its 61W output, Nekteck can even charge the MacBook Pro 13-inch model in under two hours. Best for MacBook Pro 16-inch NEKTeck 100W This high-power 100W Nekteck charger can charge the MacBook Pro 16-inch in less than two hours. If you are looking for a high-power charger that will charge your 16-inch MacBook Pro fast, then look no further than this 100W charger from Nekteck.

Apple recommends this charger for iPad Pros and iPhones 8 or higher, both of which support faster charging. This, however, is the 42W fast charger, which works for all iPhones, and it charges iPhone 8s onwards faster. An 18W charger, for instance, will quickly charge an iPhone, but is not strong enough to power a MacBook Pro.

No MacBook charger is safe from breakdowns, including official Apple ones. Even if you attempt to purchase an official Apple MacBook charger, you may get a counterfeit one instead. It is always safer to buy the official chargers direct from Apple, especially when it comes to MagSafe adapters.

If you think that Apples charger is covered by a warranty and could use replacement, schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar or a certified Apple Service Provider. In this article, we will discuss ways to be certain you actually need to replace your Apple adapter before paying out on a new charger box. Apple will replace your chargers up to one year, but they are not going to replace ones that are fraying or showing signs of wear — not for everyone, anyway.

The best chargers for MacBooks are those made by Apple for Apple, which is why the Apple 35W Dual Port/67W/96W/140W USB-C Power Adapter, combined with Apples USB-C to MagSafe 3 charging cable, or USB-C to USB-C charging cable, is best all around. We recommend getting a 12W USB Power adapter (this is the one the iPad ships with), since most iPhone models can charge more quickly using that one rather than using the 5-watt adapter the iPhone ships with. The built-in, magnetic Apple Watch charger does not require you to have a charging cable — so you can use the Watchs own cable elsewhere, like on the go or at work. The Apple MagSafe charger is designed with your iPhone in mind, using your smartphones magnets to line up properly, and thus ensure that you are getting the best charging speeds.

If you want a super-stylish wireless charger that also happens to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, the MagSafe Duo looks glorious. Like this rival charger, it is dual-voltage, so you can bring it along on vacation to charge your iPhone, Kindle, your camera, your Apple Watch, and whatever else needs topping off. The Powerline Plus II works with high-power chargers, including Apples own, and is lab-tested to survive 30,000 bends, meaning that it should last 30 times longer than lesser cables.

If you need a new charger for an older 13-inch MacBook Pro, AGVEEs USB-C to MagSafe 2 (T-Tip) charging cable, combined with MINIXs 66W Turbo 3-port GAN wall charger, is our best choice as Apples alternative. Whether you need to replace the original charger, or you simply want an extra in the house or office, the Nekteck 60W USB-C GaN charger is worth getting.

This Anker charger offers the best of both worlds, charging at up to 100W through one USB-C cable, or with distributed output across up to four different connected devices. This 100W charger, notably smaller than Apples own charger, comes with a removable USB-C charging cable, and costs less than half what Apples complete replacement kit costs. The charger that Apple recommends for your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, or iPhone 13 mini is also the one that you would want to be included in the box with your not-so-cheap buy.

Can Apple fix a broken charger?

Bring the phone into any Apple store and inquire if the charger is the one that came with it and if the phone itself is covered by warranty. They can replace the item without charge if there is any manufacturing defect. If it’s because of improper use, you’ll have to pay

Does Apple replace iPhone Chargers?

At a Wall Street Journal symposium on Tuesday, Apple formally announced that it will convert to USB-C chargers for its forthcoming iPhone models. This decision was made just one day after EU legislators approved a unified charging standard for all handsets.

Will Apple fix my charging port for free?

The charging port might or might not be repairable by Apple. When you bring in a piece of damaged equipment, they often just replace it for you at a reduced cost. You’ll probably have to pay for the restoration if it’s over its warranty period and has no insurance.