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Does Apple Warranty Cover Cracked Screen

Does Apple Warranty Cover Cracked Screen

Does Apple Warranty Cover Cracked Screen

AppleCare+ does not cover cracked screens due to accidents or for any other reason. If your screen cracks due to a manufacturing defect, it may be covered by the Apple warranty or consumer law. If there is any need for a replacement you can try other repair companies other than Apple.

Your iPhones standard warranty does not cover accidental damage to your screen, so if you break the iPhones screen, one way or the other, you are going to pay to get it repaired. To be completely honest, repairing an iPhone is going to cost you a pretty penny unless you are covered by Apples warranty. Using a screen-repair company that is not officially affiliated with Apple might be cheaper, but it could also invalidate your iPhones standard warranty, so do your homework before bringing your iPhone into the shop for repairs.

Find out what it costs for their iPhone or iPod touch screen repairs, with or without your warranty, at Apples support page on the subject. In fact, going to Apple for iPhone screen repairs is all the more important, as using an unauthorized repair facility voids the Apple warranty, as well as the extended warranty of AppleCare. There are other places you can go for an Apple iPad screen repair, but choosing an non-Apple repair shop will void your warranty.

Once you have had your iPhone repaired at a non-Apple repair center, you cannot access services that are covered by your warranty with Apple. It may cause the voiding of your Standard and Apple Care warranties if you request repairs from a non-Apple Store. If you got your iPhone used secondhand from an independent retailer, you may be ineligible for Apples warranty.

Everything You Need To Know
Screen Repair$99
Coverage of all issues$299
Warranty12 months
Lost Phone$149
Everything you need to know about repair costs of iPhone.

In other words, Apple is not going to come and help if you drop your iPhone and it breaks in a thousand pieces, and Apple is not going to help you if you drowned it in tea. However, if you do arrive with a cracked, non-warranty iPhone, Apple may be able to provide you with a replacement, but it is going to cost something. Apple does offer service on iPhones that are out of warranty, so although you are not likely to be able to have it repaired free, you might be able to get a replacement for a reduced price.

One advantage to getting an iPhone repair done at an Apple Store is they will be replacing the screen in one location instead of sending your iPhone to service, and this does not take too long. You can take a damaged iPhone into an Apple Store or authorized service provider to have your screen replaced, which often can be done that day, or you can send your iPhone into Apples facility via the shipping box that Apple provides upon your request. You can take your cracked iPhone to any Apple Store nearby, or any specific licensed service provider, for a screen replacement.

Unlike Apple, these repair shops and services replace your Apple Watchs screen, rather than replacing your whole Apple Watch device. There are limited third-party repair shops who will replace the screen of your Apple Watch. If you are still outside warranty, there are plenty of third-party Apple repair shops that will fix a broken screen on an Apple iPad.

If you already paid for the screen replacement, then learn your device is still under warranty, you may want to contact Apple to find out if Apple will reimburse you. In case there is a miscommunication and Apple says the Apple product is not covered by the warranty, you can use your receipt to sort things out. If your device fits that bill, and your device is not broken or has cracked screens, Apple will perform the repairs at $149.

Watch this video to learn if does apple 1-year warranty cover cracked screens

Customers get just two non-warranty repairs covered under AppleCare+, and they pay the full cost once they have used them up. You will pay $99 for screen repairs or other outside damages, or $299 for coverage for all issues. You will receive two claims in 12 months, and repair prices vary from $0 for replacing a bad battery, $29 for fixing a cracked screen, to $149 for replacing a lost phone.

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While your phone is still covered by your warranty or you are paying AppleCare+, your iPhone is covered for two incidents where you accidentally damage your iPhone, and only a $29 charge is required for screen repairs, so go into an Apple Service Center and have that damaged screen repaired. Your Apple warranty does not cover accidental damage, meaning that Apple does not offer to repair cracked screens on its iPhones or iPod touches under the warranty.

The warranty covers all of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad hardware and accessories contained in the original Apple box. It is a standard warranty for each Apple product, including 90 days of free product support through Chat, In-Store, or by phone. This means if the product is defective either due to materials used or the workmanship, it may be covered by the Apple Warranty for a period of 1 year from purchase date.

With an effective AppleCare+ protection plan for any iPhone, a customer can extend the warranty cover for another two years from the date of purchase. If customers wish for additional coverage on a new device, they can pay directly from Apple for an extended AppleCare+ Warranty plan. Many who own an Apple device opt to buy the Applecare+ Plan, which is an insurance plan that covers a broad spectrum of potential damages to their iPhone screen repair devices.

Any standard AppleCare+ plan does not cover lost or stolen devices, but Apple offers the AppleCare+ Theft & Loss plan for the iPhone, which provides even more coverage. AppleCare+ With Theft and Loss will cover, as the name suggests, a lost or stolen iPhone once you make a claim and pay the deductible. Apple will replace, immediately and certainly, a accidentally damaged iPhone, as long as you have its insurance, called AppleCare+.

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In addition to the extended one-year warranty, AppleCare+ includes incidental damage protection – that is, should you accidentally drop an iPhone and smash its screen, or spill a cup of water on the MacBook, you will be able to have it repaired for a reduced cost. This extended warranty can be purchased on iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, Apple Displays, Apple TVs, HomePods, iPods, and headphones, and is good for one year longer than a 1-year warranty. Macs will get an extra 2 years if AppleCare+ is purchased. This extended warranty covers the iPad, the battery when it is below 80% capacity, Apple Pencil, the iPads Apple Keyboard, the Airport unit, and accessories included with the package. If your screen starts to display defects without any reason, you have access to a free repair service; provided that you are still under Apples one-year warranty.

What is covered under Apple warranty?

For ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user, Apple warrants the Apple-branded hardware product and accessories contained in the original packaging (“Apple Product”) against flaws in materials and workmanship when used normally and under Apple’s published guidelines.