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Does Iphone 11 Case Fit Iphone Xr

Does Iphone 11 Case Fit Iphone Xr

To see whether the case made for a different iPhone would fit a new one, you need to look at each phones specifications. Unfortunately, phone sizes are a bit different, so the iPhone X cases do not fit all the new iPhone models, with one exception. While the various iPhones are of varying sizes, there are times when the dimensions are close enough between two models that you could effectively use the same case for both. Even phones that are basically the same size, such as the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, have differences in design that make it impossible to use the same case.

With certain older generations of iPhone, you can use the same case across models. Just to make things more complicated, there are also older models of iPhones out there that may be using the same case. Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot really use the cases from the older version of iPhones with the newer versions. While you may seem to be able to use older cases for iPhone XS, this hasnt stopped companies — including Apple itself — from still making new cases for the iPhone XS.

The responsible thing to do is invest in a quality iPhone 11 case that lasts and keeps the phone looking like new. The good news is if you pop your iPhone XR in this new models case, your iPhone XR will fit without any issues, and this includes Apples smart battery cover support. At the very least, that case fits, so if you can find a slightly cheaper iPhone XR case, you will be able to use that one with this new model. If you have an older case from an iPhone 12, and want to use it for a newer iPhone 13, that is just as well, just let it go.

If it is iPhone is not compatible with its direct predecessor, then it is not going to work with any of the older versions of the cases. Apples going to build phones so the new ones fit into predecessors cases. For example, if you had iPhone 8 handset and upgraded to the iPhone 9, the latter will fit into the cases of the former. It is not recommended that you try and fit iPhone XR in your older case.

Find out the comparison between iPhone XR and the 11

Thanks to its similar dimensions and shape, it is pretty simple to slip the iPhone XR cover onto this new model, and it should fit well. Both the iPhone 11 and newer iPhone 12 series share a similar screen size; however, the overall design of the iPhone 12 is different, so any iPhone 11 case would not fit. The iPhone 13 is also nowhere near as large or shaped as either the iPhone 11 or previous models. The iPhone 13 is only a little thicker than the iPhone 12, button placement is different, and the iPhone 13s camera module is only a little larger than the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 Pros camera module is also a lot larger than the iPhone 12 Pro, so it certainly does not go into the older cases. You could swap out the iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, but that would not quite fit or fit properly. If you need one, then you will have to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, as well as the 13s in the corresponding covers. While the dimensions of both models are fairly similar, the new triple-camera design on the iPhone 11 Pro Max means Rokforms cutout iPhone XS cases are incompatible.

The same is true for an iPhone 12 Pro, which does not fit inside the iPhone 11 Pro cases, a trend that continues across both series. Recent generations of the iPhone have generally had significant differences in size and shape between each other, and even among models within a single generation, eliminating iPhone case compatibility across models. Some generations of iPhones are actually quite similar in terms of their dimensions and designs.

To help you easily find the case that fits the right iPhone, Pela has lumped together the phones listed above into our selection of iPhone cases. Knowing what cases are compatible with various iPhone models can be confusing — dive in this article to see what cases fit your iPhone. The case will fit either iPhone iPhone X or iPhone XS; however, there are some major design elements that are different between these devices which will impact where the cutouts are in the case for buttons, the audio grille, and the charging port.

Because this case does not have a camera opening, one made for iPhone 12 (and perhaps earlier models) and iPhone 13 will be fully interchangeable. Since those cases are not designed with any specific camera in mind, they may work with his iPhones as well. The designs are pretty underwhelming, as that means that you will need to purchase a new case each time you get a new iPhone.

The battery part does not work, and while we were able to get an iPhone 11 battery case that would work on an iPhone 13, the buttons and the side switches are completely misaligned, so the case does not exactly fit iPhones, although it does sorta work. We did find a case that managed to come close, with the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11 from Apple fitting The iPhone 12, and hugging the case slightly more than others. Just drop an iPhone XR in the Apple Smart Battery case, and your iPhone XR is supported, complete with an additional camera button included along the sides.

You might have to remove the phone case if you are using one, though that will depend on the thickness. The harsh truth is your old iPhone X/Xs case will not fit on the new iPhone XR, as the dimensions and the cutout for the cameras are different between the two phones, and trying to fit one on an iPhone XR would only leave the edges of the cameras exposed, thus leaving it open to possible damage from scratches and cracks. Most of the Apple users are always wondering whether or not their older iPhone Xs case will fit their new iPhone XRs case, to avoid having to purchase new cases each time they switch iPhones.

What cases can an iPhone XR fit?

An iPhone XR case will not fit the iPhone 11 because of significant rear design changes that came with its debut. The iPhone XS and iPhone XR cases may be switched out relatively effortlessly. This also applies to the iPhone X. Anything from the “X” family should work, and the flexibility of the iPhone XR ends there.

Does iPhone 11 and XR use same case?

An iPhone XR case will not fit the iPhone 11 because it has a significantly different rear design as a result of the iPhone 11’s introduction. Despite the fact that both phones have the same size, iPhone XR cases cannot be used with the iPhone 11, due to the camera modifications on the back of the iPhone 11.

What iPhone is same size as XR?

With dimensions of 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are identical. At 5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 inches, the iPhone SE is significantly more compact, narrower, and thinner. Choosing a smaller phone may benefit your hands in the long run even though bigger may seem better in the store.