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Find Apple Pencil

Find Apple Pencil

You can find your lost apple pencil easily. All you need to do is you should go to the settings app and open the Bluetooth screen. In the list of devices, you will observe the apple pencil and you can see if it is connected or not. If it is connected that means you can find it easily.

Apple does not offer the Find My Pencil app, so you have no idea what you are talking about. For stolen pencils, I would imagine Apple might implement Find My Pencil via an iOS solution, along with iCloud.

For that, you could use the simple Bluetooth Tracking App, and do not forget to make sure that Bluetooth is not turned off on the device being tethered, if you want to locate the missing Apple Pencil. Launch this app, then browse through your connected devices listed in range. A Bluetooth location app is basically a Bluetooth tracker, which you can use to find your Bluetooth-enabled devices, like your AirPods, Apple Watch, or even MacBook.

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The Apple Pencil uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPad, and technically, you could use a Bluetooth tracking app to find your lost Apple Pencil. If you are able to Bluetooth-connect your Apple Pencil, then the Pencil is going to be nearby, and you can use the Bluetooth tracking app to find out exactly where the Pencil is. By doing this, you can always locate the pencil relatively easily since it will be connected to your iPad and you can find it using the Bluetooth finder app.

Watch this video to learn how to find your lost Apple pencil

To Find Your Lost Bluetooth Pencil Device The Bluetooth Finder iPad App has two apps in one, which increases the chances that you can locate your lost device. The Bluetooth Finder App is basically the iPads own expertise that helps you locate any number of Bluetooth-powered devices, like the Apple Pencil or activity tracking wearable. Wunderfind is an app that you can download on an iPad which gives you additional info on connected devices.

The Pro version unlocks Map View as well, but you can just walk around the house and locate an Apple Pencil using the free version of the Bluetooth tracking app. Another cool feature is that you can also use the app to locate other devices, not just the Pencil. Apple will not approve of a new app for the iPad when it does not have some feature beyond finding your Apple Pencil, however, so Deucks Pty has added features for all the other Bluetooth devices too.

This is the first time that Pencil is provided along with iPad Pros from Apple, making it easier for users to create, draw, make notes, etc. We found cases that allow for the storage of more than one pencil, along with other things like cables, and regular pencils and pens.

Finding Apple PencilDetailsHow It Helps
Using BluetoothSettings > Bluetooth > My DevicesShows you if the Pencil is connected that means it is nearby
Using AppWunderfind & Bluetooth Finderindicates if you are near or further away from the Apple Pencil
Finding Apple Pencil

This bounce back case with Pencil Holder is a lifesaver, since it gives you full access to ports, buttons, and camera. You can secure both the iPad and pencils inside the bounce case because it is made of a smooth, synthetic polymer which keeps your iPad from sliding around or falling out.

If the finish or feeling is rough, like sandpaper, then you will want to swap out your Pencil tip so that it does not scrape your iPads surface. While there is no recommended amount of time that the Pencil tips should last, many owners replace them as soon as the feel, finish, or function begin to wear off.

Instead, you will want to simply place your Pencil to the side of the iPad whenever you are done using it, or place it somewhere specific, if it is the first-generation pencil. It also helps to avoid placing the pencil on places like a desk, on the bed, or in your lap when you are not using it.

Where you can do so many things with the Cylindrical Smart Pencil, you are likely to misplace it at the office or at home. How To Find Lost Apple Pencil With Ipad App Bluetooth For instance, thick walls, floors, or even furniture may impact the connectivity of your Apple Pencil.

If you are having issues with your Apple stylus failing to respond to apps, disappearing from the battery menu of the Notification Center, or refusing to power on, we have got a few easy tips that will get it back into working order. If you have tried all of these troubleshooting steps, but are still having problems, it is time to contact Apple.

If you do not live near an Apple Retail Store, you can also call AppleCare at 1-800-MY-APPLE to request a repair or a mail-in replacement, or check out Apples Support Website (opens in new tab). If you believe that you have received a defective Pencil, or that something has happened that has made it defective, you may be able to bring it into an Apple Retail Store to be either subjected to additional examination, or exchanged directly.

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If reviews are to be believed, the Bluetooth Finder seems incredibly popular among folks who have lost pencils. With that being said, given how expensive the Apple Pencil is, how easily it can get dropped or misplaced around your house, and the lack of official ways of finding it if lost, the $4 price-tag attached to this simple-to-use Bluetooth Finder app might certainly be worth paying for if you are someone who finds himself looking for your Apple Pencil on a regular basis. Getting a GPS tracker for the Apple Pencil might sound overkill at first, but imagine the scenario of dropping it while walking home, or while walking to work — the GPS tag would help you locate the Pencil wherever it is.

Your devices Lightning connector connects directly to the bottom of your iPad Pro to quickly charge, but also starts the pairing process the very first time you plug the Apple Pencil into the iPad Pro. If you are ever running low on battery, you can connect it to the devices Lightning connector and get up to 30 minutes out of it with just 15 seconds of charging. Depending on your model, you will either have to connect it to the bottom of the iPad Pro through Lightning, or plug it into the right edge of your iPad. You can use one of Apples new AirTags, since they have built up quite the reputation in the short amount of time that they have been out there.

Can you locate a missing Apple Pencil?

On your iOS device, open the Settings app, then select Bluetooth. To access the Bluetooth settings, you may alternatively use the Control Center. Take a stroll around the region where you believe the Apple Pencil was last used. When you’re close by, the Pencil should appear on the Bluetooth list if it’s still linked to your device.

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