Find My Iphone No Location Found Means

This message appears on the iPhone of a friend once he or she has tried to find your device using Find my iPhone. If your iPhone is turned off, Find My Friends shows you your iPhones latest location updates, meaning that if you turn your iPhone off, you will not get tracked by Find My Friends. If you are getting the issue of No Location Found in Find My Friends, restart that location-based software (iPhone) and sign in right away.

If you are getting no location found on your iPhone, particularly on Find my friends, then it may have some configuration errors in your settings you will have to adjust. This location-based (iPhone) software is available only in limited locations, so there might be times that your friends are not available via the service. Once the iPhone is back up, open the Find My App and see if it is able to locate your friend.

You will keep getting a “Location Not Found” error until your friend signs in and sets the app. If your friends or family members are not signed into your Find My App, they will not show up on the app, and you will not be able to view their location. Since Find my has grown to be an app people have to download and log into, your friends or family members have to be signed into the app to submit their location.

That means with this new Find my app, not only do you get to share your location with your family members, you can track the location of your iPhone. Apples Find My app does not just find your iPhone, it finds the devices of friends and family members that have shared their locations with you. Because Find My iPhone is a service that relies on location data collected through radio reception, which is transmitted from multiple satellites. As a location-based application, the app allows users to effectively locate friends and family members from any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch).

Watch to learn why the Find My Friends location is not available

The application that you are using to locate your iPhone does not have permissions to access location services on your device (location services can be turned off on your phone as well). After switching on Location Services, you must enable the option for Location Services, which turns on the phones GPS and No location found error for your phones Find My Mobile application.

What Does It Mean
Airplane ModeYour devices Airplane Mode is turned On, with the WiFi services and cellular services turned off
Damaged DeviceIt can also mean that your device isn’t working properly or is damaged
Location ServiceAnother reason why this problem occurs is that the other person has disabled Location Service
What Does Find My iPhone No Location Found Means.

When your iPhone returns a No Location Available error, it means that the GPS is trying to locate the persons location, but has not found it yet. If Maps cannot find the location of the current user, then your iPhones GPS may have an issue. There is a possibility that locations are not available in your iPhone because you device does not have Internet access.

For instance, if the device is turned off or is not connected to the Internet, Apple might be unable to locate a location. When the location is not available, you can begin checking your device for software issues. If you are able to power on your iPhone again, but you are still getting the “No location found” error message, this could mean your iPhone is not connected to the network due to sporadic network service, a lack of WiFi connectivity, or if you are using the wrong password for connecting to the network. In order to use Find My iPhone, your phone needs a data connection.

Sending the Last Location is your best shot at retrieving your smartphone, but will not help if someone moves it to another location, or if Find my iPhone is turned off. Send Last Location sends your smartphones location data back to Apple when its battery is critical. If anyone finds it and turns it on, they can see your messages, and hopefully get back to you.

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If you would like to find out some other ways of knowing whether or not someone has turned their location off, it is easy to do so. No Location Available means that someones location is currently unavailable, but could be very soon if someone finds the signal. The difference between No Location Found and No Location Available is when someones location is trying to be found using GPS, Find My Friends or iMessage will say that their location is unavailable, but is currently trying to look for their location. The saying comes up when you or your friends GPS is having problems, or if the Find My Friends or iMessage app makes an error, rather than when they stopped sharing their location with you.

The No Location Found on App will show up on your app if a person is outside network coverage. If you do not find the name of either a member of your household or of your friends who have shared your location, then the person has disavowed you. Follow the steps below within the iPhones Settings app to make sure someone has unshared your location. Once you enable the “Share my Location” feature, your friends will see your location, and you will see theirs.

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If you are concerned that someone has gone missing, you can use Share My Location to locate them. To receive the real-time location of where someone is through iMessage or the Find My App, they must have their phone turned on. If you cannot get the location via iMessage, there are some things you can do.

If you are seeing the No Location Found warning on Find my, you will want to check your settings to make sure that Find My is configured properly. Sometimes, Find My might not be working correctly, and sometimes, when trying to locate a device or friend, you might sometimes see a No Location Found alert. Find My iPhone uses data collected from several transmissions, along with calculations made by the circuitry and chip in your phones radio receiver, to pinpoint your friendsa location as well as your own iPhone.

What’s the difference between no location found and location unavailable on iPhone?

You could occasionally get a warning saying “No Location Found” or “Location Not Available.” When location services are disabled, it occurs, and when your iPhone is in Airplane mode, it also appears. You can check the Location Services and turn them on if a problem arises.

Does iPhone say no location found when dead?

Unless an iPhone can establish an internet connection OR location services are switched OFF, location services will not be able to report an iPhone’s location. In the event that the battery fails, the iPhone’s functions are also suspended and it is unable to connect to the internet in order to transmit its location.

Does airplane mode hide your location?

You would be foolish to believe that your GPS location will be blocked if you had aeroplane mode set on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Learn various strategies to prevent being tracked with or without using aeroplane mode, as well as the reason why it does not turn off GPS position.

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