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How Long Does The Newest Iphone Update Take

How Long Does The Newest Iphone Update Take

How Long Does The Newest Iphone Update Take

It takes about 13 to 35 minutes to update iPhone iOS 16. The internet speed and the quality of your hardware will influence the process. On newer phones, the iOS 16.1.1 installation process could take 10 minutes or less to complete. It took about eight minutes to install on an iPhone 12 Pro.

Here, we are going to go over just how long iOS 14/15 takes to download, and what to do if your iPhone/iPad gets stuck downloading the update. We have figured out a few handy solutions which will keep you on your way to climbing up the ladder and clearing up the problem that iOS 15 takes hours to update on iPhone, whether you are updating via Airdrop or updating through iTunes. Some users including iPhone 12 users are reporting it is pretty tough task to install or download latest firmware because iPhone software iOS 15 takes forever to update their iPhone. As a golden tip, you should make sure that you have sufficient storage space in your device otherwise, you are more likely to face issues such as Cannot Update, IOS 15/14/13 takes forever to update, or the Download and Install button is greyed out.

It is highly likely that your iPhone will hang while updating iOS, as you will not have sufficient space available to install such a big update. Your devices updates were stuck in an unfinished state for an extended period of time, and there is a high chance the upgrade process went haywire. Your iPhone may have taken an extremely long time to update, it may have felt like forever. If your iPhone is running a relatively older version of iOS, then a big update file could easily take more than an hour.

Why is the new iPhone update taking so long?
iOS 15.4As your iOS 15.4 upgrade you could notice a larger downloading if your iPhone is operating an earlier version of iOS.
iOS 15.3.1The setup, if you’re upgrading from iOS 15.3.1, may take no more than ten minutes.
Time to TakeThe size of the update and the speed of your internet connection affect how long it takes to download.
Why is the new iPhone update taking so long?

In general, it may take an iPhone 30 minutes or longer to receive iOS updates. Based on our experience, an average iPhones time for getting and installing the current iOS 14 version may be around 10-20 minutes. The iOS 14 update may take anywhere between minutes to hours, depending on a number of factors, like your devices model and specs, iOS installer file size, and how fast the Internet is (How to Transfer Music From Mac to iPhone). While we cannot pinpoint an exact time for the update to finish, as that depends on multiple factors, we can tell you that it is normal at times for the iOS 16 update to take longer than you expected.

Watch to know how to update iPhone

So, a major update, like going from iOS 15, to the latest iOS 16, version, will have a lot more features, thus taking more time to complete. In providing new features and new functionalities, the update may sometimes seem like it is taking more time than normal. As you might know, iOS updates can be troublesome and time-consuming, especially if they are a new version, such as iOS 16, which is still under active development.

Apples iOS 15.4.1 update is a minor point upgrade, but one that could still take quite some time to install on your iPhone. When Apples iOS 16 is officially released, you can either wait for your phone to remind you via a pop-up notification that it is available, or you can force the upgrade manually.

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It is possible to set your iPhone up for auto-updates, so that it will download every time new iOS is available. Many iPhone users around the world tend to update their iOS as soon as Apple releases it.

Now, you have decided to continue installing iOS 15 Beta builds onto your iPhone, but iOS 15 Beta takes forever to load. With the background knowledge of total download time for iOS 15, you can even figure out a good time for the iOS 15 upgrade. That said, we can help you estimate the amount of time you need to allocate should you decide to install Apples iOS 15.4.1 update to your iPhone.

If you are upgrading an iPhone from iOS 15.4 to iOS 15.4.1, then you will be getting a shorter list of changes, as well as a smaller download size. The exact size of Apples iOS 15.4.1 update will vary depending on the iPhone model and what iOS version you are running now.

While most of your iPhone customers will see the file size for their iOS 14/15 software update as being 4.79GB, others will only have to download 2.83GB in order to receive iOS 14/15. In fact, you will need about 5GB total free on your phone in order to download and install the latest iOS software update. The iOS 14/15 update requires a minimum capacity of 2GB, so take a look at the device storage space if this whole download is taking you too long.

Once Apples iOS 16 starts downloading, you will see a time-estimated bar on the top; the amount of time you wait for depends on how many other people are trying to update. In general, updating an iPhone/iPad to the new version of iOS takes about 30 minutes, however, exact times vary depending on internet speeds and the amount of memory in the device. For example, iOS 13 and iOS 14 took about 10-20 minutes to completely install and configure Updates on your iPhone, while recent iOS versions update takes upwards of 30-40 minutes to configure.

Sometimes, the Update can move slower, and it can actually take several minutes to finish. Sometimes, I could simply leave my iPhone 11 alone and let the process finish on its own, but sometimes, updates get really stuck for one reason or another.

If you have noticed that your iPhone upgrade is taking an unusual amount of time, or just got stuck during your iPhone upgrade process, or during your iOS 14 installation right now, or have some sort of unexpected error prompted, you may want to follow our best troubleshooting tips below and give it a shot. If you are unsure about how to properly prepare for your iOS update, check out our guide on getting ready to install. A full iOS update includes downloading a new iOS install package, installing that package, and setting up your iPhone 11.

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If you cannot download the new iOS installation package, you should check with the Internet service that you are using to see if Safari or another application is available. Moving your device from one iOS version to the next usually causes issues, so you will want to keep an eye on the installation and performance of the Apple iOS 15.4.1 update on your phone after installation is completed. As you can see, it is difficult to say with certainty the exact amount of time required to upgrade and install the current version of iOS 14 on an iPhone or iPad device, since iPhone device models and the speed at which iOS 14 is downloaded vary (2020s most common iPhone X problems, and how to fix them).

Why is the new iPhone update taking so long?

To upgrade your gadget, you must have an internet connection. The size of the update and the speed of your internet connection affect how long it takes to download. While the update is downloading, you can use your device normally, and your device will let you know when it’s time to install it.

How long does iOS 15.4 take to update?

As your iOS 15.4 upgrade contains the modifications from iOS upgrades you postponed, you could notice a larger downloading if your iPhone is operating an earlier version of iOS. The setup, if you’re upgrading from iOS 15.3.1, may take no more than ten minutes.