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How Much Does Iphone Price Drop After New Release

How Much Does Iphone Price Drop After New Release

How Much Does Iphone Price Drop After New Release

When a new model of iphone is released every year, the price of the previously released iphone drops. According to BankMyCell, Iphone prices drop by almost 16% in the first year, 22% after 2nd year, and almost 33% by the 3rd year of the release date.

With all the talk of waiting until next year to buy Apples iPhone, you should not be fooled into thinking that iPhone prices are going to fall dramatically. We know from past experience that it is highly unlikely Apple would lower iPhone prices during its first year on the market.

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Waiting an entire year to buy the latest iPhone might not be worth the effort, as the decline will not be as substantial, at just 1 percent difference. Waiting one year will not be worth it, not just because a $73 drop is relatively small, but also because iPhone 14 will be available then. Even if you are not looking to purchase the latest and greatest iPhone, you are still better off waiting for an event, since the current, slightly older models are more likely to receive a discount.

Another reason to buy right now would be if you are looking to purchase the new iPhone 11 direct from Apple — since that model is most likely going to be discontinued after the launch of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 12 is most likely going to fall in place of the iPhone 11 now, and even this 2019 model is being discontinued. This is unsurprising, since Apple is expected to keep selling the standard iPhone 13 as the new model for at least one more year, probably dropping its price just $100.

After a launch event, prices of the older generation iPhones are likely to fall, and Apple has also reduced prices on handsets from last year. Apple does indeed tend to lower prices on previous-year iPhones when it introduces a new model — so expect Apple to lower the prices of its September handsets (and possibly the spring, if it introduces new handsets then). Because Apple tends to lower prices on older iPhone models when Apple introduces the new generation, you will want to avoid buying an older handset right before the new one is expected.

Find out which iPhone will get a big drop

The worst time to buy would be in July or August, mostly because, since the new iPhones are coming, it is very likely the older phones will be priced down soon. One of the best times to buy iPhones is in September (or October, as is this year), which is typically when the new models are announced and older ones are discounted. Market availability plays a critical role, too, which is why the best time to buy an iPhone is either right before Apple releases the new one, or right after it, which usually happens in September.

Buying right after the release of the new iPhone is best, as there will be a lot more options available, which generally benefits buyers (with a slight reduction in price). You can get a great deal if you buy right before the release of the new model, as many people will sell off their current phones to finance the upgrade.

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Apple usually releases new iPhone models at the same price as those that are replacing them, so it is foolish to pay full price for an iPhone 13 now when you can pick up the iPhone 12 at that same price in only a couple weeks. One of the biggest reasons to wait until after the iPhone 14 rather than buying now is because the release of the iPhone 14 will mean other models get cheaper. One could wonder why Amazon would offer such a deep discount for such a high-end product like the iPhone 13, particularly considering the fact that the next-generation iPhone 14 is not due out until September this year, at the very least, which has been the norm for Apple.

A recent study revealed that iPhone 13 prices would fall seven per cent within months after it was released last month. Now, a new report claims that even standard models of the iPhone 14 will see price increases, even though they are virtually the same as the previous models.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are still part of the current line-up, now priced $100 lower than their initial launch prices, now starting at $599 and $499, respectively. Both iPhone 12 and 12 mini models are now priced at $699 and $599, respectively, without any indication of deals or new models coming over the next few months. Based on the current prices, we would expect to see the starting prices for the iPhone 13 fall down to $599, while those for the iPhone 12 will fall down to about $499.

While a broadening will be welcome news for buyers of standard models, credible anonymous leakers have actually warned that Apple is looking at raising prices of the iPhone 14 Pro by at least $100. The leaker, who has routinely provided pricing data on iPhones in the past, told me the push from Apple in 2022 is to increase the margins between the Pro and Non-Pro models on iPhone 14, and pricing is one of the ways that Apple is going to do this. Tom Peet, director of repair outlets, suggested Apples 2022 iPhone prices should drop, or at the very least, have better models at a similar price.

In addition to a drop, consumers looking to wait an entire year before buying an iPhone 13 may have to think again, as price decreases are expected at just 1% through March 2022. As with last years, Apple has been cutting prices on older iPhone models after it announced the lineup for its new iPhone 12, which includes the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini. Apple is cutting prices of several of its biggest mobile products over the coming days — including its iPhone 13 lineup.

IphonesDropped to
 The 64GB iPhone 12to $700 from $800
 The iPhone 11 to $500
Iphones priced dropping low

Not only are there new iPhones that are likely to be announced, we are also anticipating a pricing adjustment on existing models, as Apple reshuffles its lineup and discontinues older phones. This comes into play in terms of the question of whether to wait for Apples next leading-edge iPhone, or to go with the tried-and-true iPhone 13 model right now – particularly since many carriers are offering deep discounts in an effort to try to clear their iPhone 13 inventory ahead of the launch of its iPhone 14 line. With Apple being one of the leading brands in a highly competitive smartphone market, it is safe to say there is huge demand for iPhone 13, to the point where Apples probably going to be cutting back on production because of a shortage of chips. Between Black Friday and Christmas, a lot of retailers are going to cut prices, so if you are willing to wait a month or two, you could get a good deal on the new iPhone.

Do iPhone prices drop after a new release?

When releasing new iPhone models, Apple typically lowers the price of the prior versions, as it did with the iPhone 12 last year. After the iPhone 13 was revealed, the price of the 64GB iPhone 12 was reduced from $800 to $700. In contrast, the iPhone 11 fell to $500 in 2021.

Is it good to buy iPhone 13 or wait for 14?

Price reduction: Purchasing the iPhone 13 outright is a no-brainer if your phone is broken or has unexpectedly stopped operating and you’ve been considering upgrading to a high-end gadget. Wait for the release of the iPhone 14 or for Apple to further reduce the price of the iPhone 13 if you can wait a few more months.

How much will the iPhone 13 cost in September 2022?

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini each have a maximum price of $999 and $1,099, respectively, as seen in the table above. Remember that those are the more affordable iPhone 13 versions as well. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a potential retail price increase of $1,499 and $1,599.

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