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How To Change Apple Music Payment

How To Change Apple Music Payment

How To Change Apple Music Payment?

To change the payment method of your apple music, all you have to do is go to the settings app, and tap on the option that has your name on it. There, you will have the option of ‘Payment and shipping’; click on that. Login with your apple id, change the payment method, delete the old one, and press on done.

If you are one of many who is using the paid Apple Music version on your mobile device, and want to delete or change the payment method, you can do so using these steps below. Fortunately, you can change the payment method for Apple Account using Mac as well. You will have to add a credit card or another form of payment method in order to set up your Apple Account to be able to buy things on iTunes. You do not need a foreign payment method, and it is easy to go back and forth between your old account and your second Apple ID account in the App Store.

It is possible to create a new Apple ID account without attaching payment information to it, which allows you to download free media from iTunes or App Store from any country. Once you have created a new Apple ID account, or changed settings on an existing one, you should have the ability to access content from iTunes or the App Store in your chosen new country. This means that you should download any purchases that you wish to continue using before changing your iTunes and App Store countries, or before creating a separate Apple ID account. Instead of changing your existing iTunes and App Store account country or region, it is sometimes a good idea to create a second Apple ID for you to use instead.

It does not matter what platform or device you are using to access Apple services, you can definitely change credit card info in iTunes. Whether you are using a Mac or PC, the steps for changing Apple ID payment information will be the same, as it is done via iTunes Store itself. Also, if you wish to modify or delete the Apple ID payment information in order to keep it safe from unauthorized usage; we are going to give you a few simple steps for doing so.

If you are not able to change the Payment information, make sure that you do not have any outstanding balance, there are no active subscriptions, and that you are not sharing purchases with the family sharing group anymore. To change this information from within the iTunes Store, choose Account, navigate to the Your Apple ID summary section, then choose Payment Information. Once you have done so, log into Apple ID, and then navigate to the Payments and shipping section. When you add your payment info to purchase anything on any Apple service, Apple stores your payment info on your iCloud account.

Apple uses safe, secure payment methods to buy certain apps in the AppStore, as well as for in-app purchases such as buying skins and clothing within games, etc. Once you choose your payment method, it is saved to your iCloud account to easily access payments in the future. By default, your Apple Account picks a payment method that you typically use for paying for apps and subscriptions. The household organiser can add new payment methods to the Apple ID, however, only the first on the list is shared with the household.

Watch this video to learn how to cancel your apple music subscription or stop your apple music free trial

After adding the new payment, you can delete your existing or expired payment methods from the account to prevent any confusion or conflicts that could cause a payment failure. If you wish to remove the payment method or credit card information from your Apple ID, click on the Edit button and the Remove options on the following pages, respectively. You have to renew a subscription, or buy services, or buy apps, and you cannot do that because your Apple ID payment method is old or expired, and it is impossible to change from an Apple device.

Go to the settings appOpen the App Store
Tap on the option that has your name on itClick your name and click on the Account Settings
There, you will have the option of ‘Payment and shipping’; click on thatNext to Payment Information, click Manage Payments
Login with your apple id, change the payment method, delete the old one, and press on doneClick Add Payment, then enter the new payment method. Click on Done
Steps to change Apple Music payment method on iPhone and MacBook.

Whether you received a new credit card you would like to use, or wish to change which credit card is registered for your Apple ID, changing your Apple ID payment information allows you to make future purchases made via Apples online stores, like App Store, Book Store, or iTunes Store, with a new credit card that you add. If you wish to purchase anything from a foreign country, you can add a payment method from that country, or buy a foreign iTunes gift card to use with this account. Log out from all of your other iTunes Store services and devices using the Apple ID that you are changing, including your other iOS devices, Macs, and Apple TVs. Make sure that all of your Apple devices and services, like FaceTime and Messages, are signed into using the new Apple ID.

Open the iTunes app and navigate to Accounts > View my Account, and then enter the password for the Apple ID to see the details of your account. In the Settings app, you will need to open your Apple ID profile, where you can edit Apple Music preferences. You can change Apple Music plans from the iPhone or iPad using the Settings app. To begin, you will have to open the Apple Music app on an Android phone and open Account settings.

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Android users who are signed up for Apple Music can tap on the “Listen Now” icon, then open the three-dot settings menu, and choose “Account”. You can also cancel your subscription directly in the Apple Music app by tapping on the Listen Now icon, and then tapping on your profile icon on the top-right. If you are on a Windows PC, or you have not updated your Mac yet to Catalina or higher, you still have the iTunes app, and you can cancel your Apple Music subscription there. As you can see, Apple has made it fairly simple to manage your Apple Music account on multiple devices, including your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

You can listen to Apple Music on a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, an Apple Watch, an Android device, the new Apple TV, and the Web. For those wondering, no, you do not need an Apple Music subscription to keep enjoying the iTunes Radio streaming functionality in the iOS Music apps or iTunes on your desktop, these are completely separate services and are independent from each other. You can manage your subscription right from your 4th-generation Apple TV by going to Settings > Users and Accounts > [your account name] > Subscriptions > Apple Music membership. Launching Apple Music on an Android or Chromebook device Now, you will want to tap on the menu button in the upper right. Tap on Account A Payment information.

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That is, the tech giant offers a few ways of updating payment methods associated with an Apple ID on platforms including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, so that you can easily modify all of your information.

Why can’t I change my payment method on Apple ID?

Edit your Apple ID information by logging in to your account page. Click Payment methods in the Sidebar, then touch Payments Methods, and finally hit Manage payment method. You should be able to alter or verify it there if you log into your account on the App Store or iTunes.

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