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How To Change Text Message Color On Iphone

How To Change Text Message Color On Iphone

How To Change Text Message Color On Iphone

To change the text message color on your iPhone, go into the Settings app and tap on the “Display & Brightness” section. Here, you will see a setting for “Text Color.” Tap on this and then choose the color that you want to use for your text messages.

In todays article, you will learn to modify a Text Message or IMessage bubble, and do not worry if your iPhone is running on an older version of iOS, this works for them as well. In this article, we are going to give you the step-by-step on how to change message or iMessage bubble background of iPhone X/8/7/SE/6s/6/5s both with and without Jailbreak. We hope that the solutions provided here will be useful for changing the background of your iPhones and lower versions iMessage with ease.

Although you cannot change the background of your iMessage on your iPhone using your native iOS OS, you can either download dedicated third-party apps that are free, or you can use a Cydia Installer. One such third-party app is Messages Plus, which gives you various options for background.

How To Change Text Message Color On Iphone
Fancy Bubble. You can adjust the background of your messages as per your preference with FancyBubble.
Color Text BubblesColor Text Bubbles app is recommended because it offers several features which enhances the look and feel of your text bubbles.
How To Change Text Message Color On Iphone

In this case, the third-party application is your only choice for customizing the colors of the bubbles in your messages on your iPhone. Since Apple does not offer any apps that change your text message backgrounds, you will have to use a third-party app if you want to adjust the backgrounds on your messages. With an app such as FancyBubble, you can still adjust the background of your messages as per your preference.

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Just in case you are reluctant to edit the colors of your messages from the keyboard, know that you can do so right from a third-party app, too, with FancyBubble. You can also change the font size, font color, and more using Color Text Bubbles in iMessage. By installing third-party apps like Color Text Bubbles and FancyBubbles, you can enjoy using custom colors and font types.

You can also use Custom Text Colors if you are looking for a particular color and do not want to use the built-in font editor. If you are a fan of a particular font, but are frustrated with a lack of contrast on the keyboard, you can switch text colors on Samsung using Keyboard Themes. Tap on the color icon of, which should show up right above the keyboards screen when using another app. Now, you will have the Color Bar open on the keyboard, select whichever color you want to go ahead.

Open up your existing text message, or simply create a new one, and tap on the color icon of the , to bring up options. Select which iMessage background you would like to use as a text message image background. Go to your apps settings and look for the option for Wallpaper, choose which wallpaper you would like to use, and click on the top left icon for the I to apply your changes. Now, you can open up One and use it to change your imessages wallpaper with either an image or another color.

Tap on the “SMS” button to set your selected image as the background for the IMessage app. You can now edit the color of the bubbles in iMessages, and easily remove the app if you do not need it anymore. The messaging app received quite an overhaul in iOS 14, but still does not have an option to change the color of iMessage bubbles. Given how much time you spend within Apples iMessage, you might be looking to personalize it, such as changing bubble colors.

Watch this video to learn how to change the text bubble color on iPhone

If you would like to give your messages some pizzazz, you can change your bubble colors by installing an app. You can make your messages on Instagram a little bit more fun by changing the default blue bubble color to a bubble color of your choosing. Using the FancyBubble App, you can customize your iMessage bubble colors too, without having to choose them in the apps panel. Now, you will find plenty of options in Apples app store offering to alter iMessage colors.

A quick search in the App Store for iMessage color will bring up a list of various apps. Then, the App Store will present to you many cool messaging apps that are designed to provide you with colored backgrounds, different interesting effects, colored texts, designed bubbles, and various types of fonts, etc. If you are unsure about which is the best, then look at the introductions and reviews for those apps. Their reviews and features will help you figure out whether or not an app works with the latest version of iMessage, whether or not it fits with your style, and so on. Hopefully, Apple incorporates this functionality into iMessage in the future, making customizing messages easier and more convenient.

Changing your messages backgrounds in iMessage is fairly simple, but you will need to download an app either from Apples App Store or via a Cydia installer. If you would like to add texture bubbles or any kind of effects to your texts, there is no need to download a specific app. If you are dissatisfied with the customisations that we shared with you in the above-mentioned stock messaging apps, installing a new messaging app may just satisfy your interests. You can adjust background, text styles, sizes, and much more using this fascinating messaging app.

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Colored Text Messages+ lets you pick from dozens of different colors for the message bubbles, along with choosing from a variety of fonts, textured bubbles, and the option to use a random design in every message you send. You will now see a number of apps offering customizing iMessages with various effects like background colors, colorized text, cursive fonts, colorful, textured bubbles, etc. Changing iMessage text bubble colors is relatively simple, thanks to developers who have created apps such as FancyBubble — Text & Emoji Themes for iMessage, and Colored Text Bubbles in iMessage, among others. There are both free and paid apps text bubble color changing apps available in App Store. While there are third-party apps available which can handle the changes for you, Color Text Bubbles app is recommended because it offers several features which enhances the look and feel of your text bubbles.

While a good application among them helps in changing bubble colors smoothly and makes your chats fun, the app comes with its own fair share of cons. To make your dull chats fun, you should definitely try changing iMessage colors to make the texting experience a little bit funnier. Using the Screen Effect is a lot more similar to changing your wallpaper in iMessage, while the Bubble Effect lets you personalize your messages, in case you are not sure about how to change colors in your iPhone text messages without jailbreaking. If you want to change the color of the iMessage bubbles on your iPhone without jailbreaking, you can useA a third-party application called Color Text Bubbles on iMessage.A This allows you to adjust the iMessage bubble colors, font sizes, font styles, and font colors.

Can you change the background of texts on iPhone?

In the settings menu, select “Wallpaper.” Additionally, decide which iMessage background you wish to use for text message images. On the top left of the image you’ve chosen, tap the I icon. This will set the chosen text message backdrop wallpaper as the default.

Can I change the text color on my iPhone?

Scroll up or down and then tap Color to see all the options. To see a preview of the text in that color, touch a color, hold it, then drag it across the grid. A color name is shown for each previewed color to help you duplicate an exact match. Release your finger, then choose a color.

Can I change iMessage colors?

The default software does not offer a mechanism to alter the color of your text bubbles. Instead, you will require a third-party app. Instead of modifying the color of your text, your third-party app will transmit colored graphics with text that resemble iMessage bubbles.