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How To Delete Watch Videos On Facebook

How To Delete Watch Videos On Facebook

How To Delete Watch Videos On Facebook

You can delete watched videos on your Facebook easily. All you need to do is log in to your profile, click on the three dots, go to the activity log, check out the watched videos and then clear the watched video history. By doing so, you can remove the watched videos from your Facebook account.

While clearing Facebook Watch History is not exactly rocket science, there is been some layout changes on the pages as Facebook has changed the Facebook UI, you might benefit from the Facebook Watch Video Clearing Tutorial. While clearing the history of watched movies is not rocket science, a tutorial can be helpful considering that Facebook has changed their user interface, which has led to a change in page layouts. Now you know, watched videos on Facebook are purgeable.

Now, you can either remove particular video records, or delete your whole history, as desired. Keep in mind, you can only delete videos you upload on your Facebook account; you cannot delete any other videos.

There you have it, now as you can see a complete list of videos you have watched on your Facebook account. Next, head over to your Videos Watched list and tap on the three-dot icon next to a video that you would like to remove from your Facebook videos watching history.

Simply click on the three-dots icon next to any of the history and choose Remove. Tap the 3 dots next to each video you want to delete and select Delete. Tap on the pencil icon in the upper-right of a videos thumbnail and choose Delete video. From here, click on the 3-dots icon next to the video you wish to remove, and tap on Remove.

Tap on the small, triple-dot button next to any videos history to erase them from your list. Now, you can tap on Meatballs menu next to a video that you would like to remove from history, and then tap Confirm Remove. You can click the Clean search options at the top of your screen to clear the whole history.

To clean your Facebook videos watching history as a whole, simply click Clear History of Watched Videos on the top-right, and click Clear History of Watched Videos on the pop-up window to confirm. You can easily clear the mobile video history in your Facebook settings. You can clear all videos watched at once if you are using Facebooks web site on PC, but that functionality is not available yet on mobile.

Delete Watch VideosUnhide Videos
Log in to your profileSelect the Activity Log from the three-dot menu next to your cover photo on Facebook to reveal a post that has been hidden
Click on the three dots and Go to the activity log Unhide a post on Facebook by clicking the “Filter” link
Check out the watched videos and then clear the watched video historySelect “Hidden from timeline” once you’re in your Activity Log
Steps to Delete Watch Videos and Unhide A Video On Facebook.

You can delete all watched video history with one tap using either a PC or Facebook on your phones web browser. All iOS users can repeat the same steps to clear or delete watched video history on mobile apps. Note that you cannot clear history from the Facebook apps at once, like you can do on your laptop or computer, which is where you access through the web site. To clear Video Search History from the Facebooks Android App, head over to Activity Log options, and then look up and clear Video Search History.

Learn how to delete watch videos on Facebook

To do this, choose the Activity Log option in the blue tab, go to the tab titled Video Views, and remove video viewing history. If you want to delete your whole history, you can do that easily via the Facebook settings. While tapping is a good way to delete individual videos from the Watch History (rather than delete your entire history), the mobile app unfortunately does not let you delete the whole history with a single click, as it does on the desktop.

Instead, you will have to access Facebook via a mobile browser and follow desktop instructions, instead of using the mobile app itself. This can be done both through Facebooks App as well as the Facebook web interface; all you will need is an Internet connection. If you have just a cell phone, but you would like to clear your history, you will have to access Facebook in a mobile browser like Safari or Chrome, instead of using the mobile app. Maybe you do not have access to a computer, or just prefer browsing Facebook using the mobile app.

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While technically you can go to a Facebook Watch show page and play a video without a Facebook account, doing so will lead to multiple pop-up messages asking you to log into Facebook. Facebook Watch is in some ways comparable to YouTube, as well as Instagram TV, but you cannot simply sign up for Facebook, create a page for your show, then expect to have your videos appear in Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch, which gets about 1.25 billion visitors each month, gives access to an array of videos across Facebook, from TV shows to live events, music, sports, or news videos.

Facebook has plenty of entertaining video content to offer Facebook users. Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that has millions of entertaining videos. Videos are the best content that you can publish to any social media platform. One of the exciting aspects about Facebook is that users can share videos to Facebook.

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It has now become a source of entertainment for many people, since it offers multiple ways of finding videos for viewing. Meta-owned Facebook has been pushing video content such as Facebook Watch Videos and Reels, across their platforms in a very aggressive manner, these can get quite savage, people will often end up spending hours on them, not realizing they are doing so. In a nutshell, people like to watch videos, and spend more time engaging with videos than with photos or text-based content.

While videos are an excellent tool to boost engagement and brand awareness over the long run, you might have to remove them from Facebook at times. Facebook allows you to remove the history of videos that you have watched, thus reducing the volume of activity records, and protecting your Facebook private information should someone gain access to your account. While Facebook says only you can view your history of watched videos, since nobody else has permission, it is best to delete your watch history if you are worried that it is available in your profile. You should upload your videos using a Facebook Page, rather than Facebook Profile or Group, if you want them to show up in Facebook Watch.

Getting rid of watched videos helps you remove clutter from unwanted, old videos in Facebooks Watch List. Here, we show how to find videos that have been viewed recently in Facebooks desktop or web apps, and in the Facebook mobile apps, as well as how to clear your Facebook Watch History. This section is Facebook Watch, and it is the place where you will be able to find both live gameplay streams as well as videos recorded earlier by your favorite streamers. To remove the video from the desktop, first open your computers web browser and open Facebook.

How do I unhide a video I watched on Facebook?

Select the Activity Log from the three-dot menu next to your cover photo on Facebook to reveal a post that has been hidden. Unhide a post on Facebook by clicking the “Filter” link and selecting “Hidden from timeline” once you’re in your Activity Log. Both the mobile app and any online browser support unhiding posts on Facebook.

How do I remove things from my watchlist?

Add to your Watch List (if you don’t already have one). Choose Remove Item while your pointer is above the object you want to eliminate from your Watch List. If you’re absolutely certain that this is what you desire to do, hit Confirm.

Why can’t you remove it from continue watching?

Log in to delete a program from the Continue Watching list on an internet browser. Next, drag your cursor over the program you wish to delete in the Continue Watching area. Finally, click the “x” symbol below and pick a justification for why you wish to uninstall the show.

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