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How To Download Gifs On Iphone

How To Download Gifs On Iphone

How To Download Gifs On Iphone

To download gifs on iPhone, go to the safari app and find a gif you want to download. Now tap and hold on the image you want to download, a pop up menu will appear. Hen, tap on Add to photos. If you already have a Giphy app simply tap the via giphy button to redirect it to the giphy app.

In this article, I am going to show you how to upload and save GIFs from Twitter, Facebook, imessage, and other popular apps. If you make, use, or like GIFs, then you are going to want to know how to save them on an iPhone. When you discover a GIF on your phone that you might want to share with others or save, you will want to know how to save the GIF to an iPhone or an Android, depending on which device you are using.

Now, you know how to save GIFs in iPhone apps like messaging (iMessage), Facebook, WhatsApp, GIPHY Messenger, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter. In this tutorial, we are going to show how to save GIFs from any other social media platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, and share it with your friends through messaging or email right from your iPhone. If you are browsing online and find an amazing GIF that you have not seen before, you can save it on your iPhone for use later.

Sometimes, the GIFs you love are saved to Downloads automatically, so do not worry if you cannot find it in the Gallery app. Just tap any GIF to show it in full-screen, but if the GIF is not stored locally on your iPhone, you will have to wait for a few seconds for it to load from your iCloud photo library. You can either save the GIF to GIFWrapped itself by tapping “Save to Library,” or you can save the GIF in Photos, too.

Just locate the GIF you want to save, and tap and hold on it until you see an option to Add to Photos. If you do not see Download buttons for the GIF you wish to save, tap and hold the finger over the image you wish to save in order to bring up a box with additional options. Now, open up your Twitter app on the iPhone, and navigate to the GIF you would like to save.

Select the location you want to save the GIF, keeping the file format as.gif. Hover the cursor over the file, right-click it, and choose Save Image As from the list of options. Now, you will be taken away from his site and be presented only with GIF contents, right-click again on your GIF and you will be presented with a option to Save Image As select that option.

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Learn how to download gifs on iphone

Right-click on your GIF you opened in the previous step and from the contextual menu that appears, click Save Image As. Tap on the dashed overlay menu to reveal options, tap the Save Image option in the triple-dot menu to upload the GIF onto the iPhone device. When a GIF opens on its original site, touch and hold the finger over the image to bring up a menu of options to save or share.

If using the Tumblr website, click the GIF, and then the three dots at the right-hand side under the GIF. You can click the GIF, click edit on the top right, then click save. The GIFs will be accessible under All Photos, but to keep them organized, tap on the Album icon on the tray on the bottom of your screen.

Tap the Save Image icon to upload the GIF to the devices camera roll. Without prompting, your iPhone will save a GIF from the site to your iPhones camera roll. Saving a GIF with animation on your iPhone makes it possible to use the image at a later date.

Instead of saving the animated image, which plays back in the form of a very short video, your browser loads just one frame of the GIF. We noticed the Google Chrome browser fails more frequently at saving the GIF, instead downloading just the still from an animated photo. If you would like to save an animated image from a popular GIF site such as Imgur, you may wish to check for a site upload option.

Steps to download gifs on iPhoneSteps to save gif via message
1Go to safari search for gif you want to downloadGo to message app then search for the gif you want to download
2Then tap and hold that imageLong press that gif and click save then go to your photos app
3Then tap on add to photosThere you will find your saved gif
Steps to download gif on your iPhone

If not, you can likely still save GIFs on your iOS device; simply download an app such as Google Photos or the Giphy app. With apps like GifWrapped or GifPlayerFree, you can browse through GIFs on an iPhone, or build an entire GIF collection, even if you have iOS 10 or a previous version of the OS installed on the device. If you see a GIF online that you like and decide that you want to save, you can download the GIF onto your computer or phone, the same way that you download an image file.

If you prefer saving a few GIFs in the form of gifs, you may want to take a look at online file converters. That is all you have to do to save GIF images from nearly every site you may encounter on your Safari browser on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you happen upon a GIF-only site, such as Tumblr or Gfycat, or just happen upon the GIF you are looking for by performing a Google search, you can still save it using the easy process.

If you find an animated image on a GIF database site such as GIPHY, you might see downloadable buttons easily accessible on the page, which allow you to download and save the image. Once you find an animated GIF on Facebook that you would like to download, you should see the image origin listed in the panel at the bottom of the image. If you are using the GIPHY app, simply choose the GIF that you would like to download, and tap on the “Share” icon to the right below the image.

Twitters media assistant places the download button directly beside the like button, so that you can download any GIF you want just by tapping it. In the export field, enter the name for the GIF you are going to download, choose the location in the left-hand navigation bar, and then tap Save in the lower-right hand corner of the box. You will receive a notification on the bottom that indicates when your GIF has been saved.

Go into your Photos app, where your saved GIF is, and you will see the GIF is still there, and it will show up as a photo, until you send it to someone through message or email. Now that you have saved your favorite animated Tweets, all that is left is saving the GIFs on Tumblr. I said that learning to save GIFs on iPhone was simple, since most of the time, you can just tap and hold a GIF until it brings up a menu with an option to save or upload.

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Why can’t I download GIFs on my iPhone?

Launch A New Tab. You won’t be able to save it to your iPhone until you open a GIF in a new tab when browsing it in Safari. Websites can natively or through a third-party platform embed animated graphics. Alternatively, visit the GIPHY website. – Look through GIFs to find one you like. – To access the GIF’s detailed page, click on it. – After that, right-click it and select “Save image as…” from the menu.

Where do GIFs get saved in iPhone?

The GIF will be displayed as a photo in the Photos app until it is sent to someone via Messages or Email. If you go to the location where you saved the GIF, you will see that it is motionless. You may save and view GIFs from your iPhone by installing an external app.

How do I Download a GIF from a website to my phone?

The procedures for downloading the GIFs from the other websites are very similar to those for saving from Google. To begin, look for the GIFs you want, click and hold the button for a few seconds, and then select the download or save option. So those are the three quick and easy ways to save GIFs on an Android device.

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