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How To Find My Apple Pencil

How To Find My Apple Pencil

Unlike other apple devices, you can not find apple pencils using the Apple Find My App. You can find an apple pencil by turning on your Bluetooth. If your apple pencil has connected to Bluetooth,it will automatically connect at a certain distance. And thus you can easily locate your apple pencil.

Unfortunately, although you can find most of your Apple devices using the Apple Find My App, the function does not work for Apple Pencil. To locate the Apple Pencil using Assisted, open the Bluetooth Finder app and choose the Apple Pencil from your list of previously paired devices.

You cannot solely depend on the Bluetooth Finder to locate your lost Pencil. The Apple Pencil uses Bluetooth for connecting to your iPad, and technically, you could use the Bluetooth Detection App to locate your lost Apple Pencil. Fortunately, if you actually do lose the Apple Pencil, the iPad is very capable of helping you locate the Pencil, either by using its built-in Bluetooth functionality, or by using a third-party app to do it. Using the Bluetooth settings on your iPad, the Bluetooth Finder app, or just shaking things in the house, you can probably locate your stylus again.

You can start by checking the iPads Bluetooth settings to see if your stylus is still plugged in, and if it is, it means that Apple Pencil is close. You can also use the Bluetooth Finder app, or shaking things to wake up the lost Apple Pencil and force a connection. By going to the Bluetooth settings on your device and turning on, you will have the iPad connected to the Apple Pencil once it is in Bluetooth range, which is around 30 feet — that is typically about the width of Bluetooth range for about two rooms.

A Bluetooth tracking app should automatically display any connected Bluetooth devices in range. It has helpful features like Last Seen and Notify When Found, which can be quite valuable. A Bluetooth Tracking App is basically a Bluetooth tracker, that you can use to find your Bluetooth-enabled devices, like your AirPods, Apple Watch, or even MacBook.

By using a Bluetooth tracking app such as Bluetooth Finder, you will be able to leverage the iPads Bluetooth connectivity with the Apple Pencil to determine the position of the Apple Pencil using signal strength. The Bluetooth Finder app will then display you with a radar of signal strengths and estimated distances to your device. Double-check that the Pencil is connected by tapping and holding on the Bluetooth logo to bring up a Connectivity widget, and then tapping and holding it again to bring up the currently connected devices. Head into the Settings app and see if Bluetooth says on (one of the highest options on the menu list).

First, you should make sure that Bluetooth is not turned off either on the iPad or the device that was connected most recently. Make sure that your iPad is turned on, unlocked, and that Bluetooth is enabled by going to Settings > Bluetooth. The My Device is the Bluetooth device connected to your tablet, along with any devices you have previously connected. That Bluetooth connectivity requires power, and your Pencil has a finite battery.

Apple Pencils fast charging technology gives users up to 30 minutes of use from a 15-second charge, but generally, you will want to keep the Apple Pencil charged at least 5-10 minutes – particularly if you are below 20% charge – to prevent having to refill constantly. How to Check the Battery Level on an Apple Pencil The Apple Pencil does not have a physical charging indicator or LED light on its cylindrical body; instead, you can check its current battery life on the currently connected iPad or iPad Pro.

You can either take the steps outlined above for the first-generation Apple Pencil, or you can just rest it on a magnetic charging strip on the iPad Pro (or take it off, and then put it back down if it is currently connected to the magnetic charging strip). The second-generation model is designed to be charged inductively via the iPad Pro, so you will place it on Apples iPads right-hand side on a flat surface to start charging, and Apple Pencil is held onto the iPad Pro using magnets.

Apple will not endorse a new app for the iPad when it has no features beyond finding the Apple Pencil, however, so Deucks Pty has added features for all of its other Bluetooth devices as well. The Pro version unlocks Map View as well, but you can just walk around the house and locate the Apple Pencil using the free version of the Bluetooth Tracking App.

If you capture a screenshot on one of Apples iPads, and then tap on it once a Preview appears on the corner, you can use the Apple Pencil to draw and write on top, via a function called Markup. The Double-Tap shortcut works great on Notes, and you can use it everywhere where drawing or using Markup is done, such as Mail, Photos, Files, etc. Many third-party apps also support this, like Procreate. App developers may choose to give the extra feature another action, like selecting another artists tools, but we have so far only seen it used to activate an eraser in most apps except for the Notes app. In the Notes app, you can modify one of the extra functions to trigger a toggle of current and most recently used tools, showing a palette of colors, toggle current tools and the eraser, and turning off Apple Pencil 2.

If you already had the pencil working, but now it is not, let us try some more options. While there is no recommended amount of time that a pencil nib needs to last, plenty of owners have replaced theirs as their feeling, finish, or function begin to fade. If the finish or feel is rough, or feels like sandpaper, then you will want to replace your Pencil tip to keep it from scraping your iPads finish. Pinpointing is one of the best ways to locate your lost Pencil, especially after using the first method.

Palm rejection is all done through software from the individual app makers, and does not work reliably, and also, connectivity is done via Bluetooth instead of an automated process like Apple Pencil uses.

Check out the list below for a breakdown of which pencils work with which iPads, or see the list at Apples support page (opens in new tab).