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How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number

How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number

How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number

You should report your stolen MacBook to your local police. They will ask for the serial number of the stolen MacBook. The serial number is printed on the underside of the Mac, near the regulatory markings. It is also on the original packaging, next to a barcode label.

You can check whether the Macbook has been stolen using the Find My App by Apple, as well as by asking for more information regarding the Macbooks actual serial number. If your Macbook has been lost or stolen, the first thing you should do is to attempt to locate it using the Find My app. If you did not install Find My on the Mac before the loss or theft, you are going to have to assume the worst for personal data stored on it. If you have lost or stolen a Mac, there are some things that you should do to help recover it – or to help safeguard the information stored on it.

If your Mac is stolen, or if you left it behind in a location, there is some fairly neat technology from Apple that could help you locate it again. If the device turns out to have not been stolen, it may show it is in a neighborhood (or perhaps if a thief is still in the neighborhood). If you enable Find My Mac on a Mac and it is been stolen or misplaced, you can trace it back to you or lock it using the Find My Mac function on iCloud. If Find My Mac/iPhone is enabled on this MacBook/iPhone, then you will be able to find any stolen items.

You could also try using a service such as Find My Mac to see if you can locate the MacBook this way. If you set up iCloud on your stolen MacBook, you may be able to trace it using the Find My Mac feature. By doing this, you can monitor the Macbook, and you could also potentially get your Macbook back. You can use Find My iPhone on Mac to locate your Mac if it is lost or stolen.

WaysHow To Find
Report to PoliceYou should report your stolen MacBook to your local police.
Find My MacYou could also try using a service such as Find My Mac to see if you can locate the MacBook this way.
Can TraceYou can trace it back to you or lock it using the Find My Mac function on iCloud.
How To Find Stolen Macbook

Having a Find My app connected to your device can help to ease the pressure and anxiety of losing a Macbook, or having one stolen from you. Using Find My, you can keep an eye on the lost Macbook, as it will be sending out small bits of data, or Bluetooth beacons, which other devices can capture and pass back to you. If Find My is not turned on for your MacBook Pro, you cannot track your Mac, and your options are limited. When you wipe the device, any of your information is deleted from the device, and you cannot locate it using Find My.

To permanently delete your Macbooks contents, you can do this by removing the lost or stolen machine from the list of trusted, currently connected Apple devices. If you think that you may just misplaced a MacBook Pro, you could wait for a day or so to see if someone finds the computer and contacts you using the information that you provided while locking your Mac. If you bought a Mac, be sure that your serial number is current with either Apple or police, so that you do not wind up having your computer stolen; if not, police may be able to find it and render it useless. If you cannot get to your Mac at all – let us say, a stolen Mac – you may still be able to locate the serial number of your Mac via Apples site.

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Flip the MacBook over, and You Macs serial number is printed right on the Mac itself, right next to a Designed by Apple in California text. Apple makes sure that Your MacBooks serial number is duplicated on both the inside of the macOS, as well as outside, on the MacBook itself, among other places – this way, you should be able to do a lookup of the MacBooks serial number even when you are not carrying your laptop around. Even if you were ever in need of doing the Apple serial number lookup on stolen Macs, you could store said serial number secretly in a password-protected, secure note that could still be accessed via, say, an app on your phone. More importantly, though, is for you to ensure you have easy access to Apple serial number information when needed, even if your MacBook is not in hand, and protect your privacy and data in the process.

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Unfortunately, while some misleading information is out there on the internet, you cannot actually trace your Mac using your serial number alone — your Mac has to find the “My Mac” switch, or you need to use an active tracer app. If your MacBook has been stolen using the Find my Mac Apple app, you may want to verify the status of your recovery by asking Apple for more information on your MacBooks official serial number. It is true Apple does not maintain a list of lost or stolen MacBooks, but you can use the serial number to check whether your AppleCare is covered, and see if the local police department has any information on your device.

In the former case, locking down the MacBook using Find My Mac and providing the phone number is your best way of getting someone to bring it back to you. If your device shows up at an unknown location on the Find My Mac app, going to police may also help in recovering it. If you cannot get your Mac back using the Find My app, you should report it to the local law enforcement.

When Find My arrives for Macs running macOS Catalina, you will be able to use a new Mac app to find your lost device instead of having to go through a web portal. In this article, we are going to take a look at Find My, Apples location-tracking service, the Activation Lock, and more things to think about when your Mac goes missing. Find My Mac (which will soon just be called Find My, and will include a Find My Friends service when macOS Catalina and iOS 13 are released in September 2019) lets you locate an Apple device that has gone missing. You cannot always keep your Mac from being lost or stolen, but you can take some preventative measures to secure your data and make finding it easier.

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Can you track a Macbook if it’s turned off?

Your Apple devices emit a dynamic key that other Apple devices can detect. In essence, each device transforms into a beacon and reflects off of one another. It is possible to track your device even when it is offline. Thanks to nearby Apple devices uploading its location in fully encrypted form.

What do thieves do with stolen Macbooks?

Once they’ve taken your laptop, the thieves will try to dispose of it as soon as they can. They can propose to sell the strangely inexpensive laptop to anyone who is prepared to pay for it—both financially and risk-wise.

Can Apple track stolen products by serial number?

Not at all. The registration number of a gadget has no use or way to be located. You must sign by entering the Apple ID the phone is using in order to locate it and follow it using the Find My app. A device running iOS or iPadOS cannot be located or tracked using just the product code.

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