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How To Fix A Water Damaged Iphone That Won’T Turn On

How To Fix A Water Damaged Iphone That Won’T Turn On

How To Fix A Water Damaged Iphone That Won’T Turn On

The outside of your iPhone should be clean of any liquid. Get rid of the SIM card. Lay your iPhone down on a dry, flat surface. Place desiccants on top of your iPhone. Watch For The Water To Vanish. Try restarting your iPhone. Whenever possible, backup your iPhone.

Thanks to the 10 best solutions covered above, you are now more aware of what you should do when you have suffered accidental, unlucky water damage on an iPhone. If you are feeling confident in the way how to fix your iPhone that has suffered from water damage, you can probably look past the instructions mentioned above and fix the device using water damage repair kits. A few tips and tricks may help you to completely overcome the issue, and help with how to power your iPhone back on after being damaged by water.

Without any worries, make use of the best ways to solve problems on iPhones and recover deleted data from your water damaged iPhones which are unable to power on. In such a case, using any strong data recovery software like iOS Data Recovery Software will help you to restore data from water damaged iPhone that will not turn on. Apart from steps, it is recommended that a professional tool like iOS Data Recovery is used for recovering data from an iPhone that will not turn on. When your device is stuck with an issue such as the iPhone will not turn on or any other problem, iOS System Recovery can be used to fix the problem.

When above steps or tricks cannot fix the issue on iPhone, using iOS System Repair may be a better option for getting rid of all these issues. Usually, iPhone Water Damage repair costs are quite high; so, before going to the Apple Genius Bar or any other place for the device repairs, we highly recommend trying below mentioned solutions for fixing an iPhone which fell into the water and is unable to power on. If the rest of the iPhone is fine, and the iPhone is relatively new, a repair might be the best option for you, especially if the part damaged by the water is a speaker or other relatively cheap part.

Learn How To Fix iPhone X Water-Damaged Black Screen

While individual parts may sometimes be repairable, water damage is complex, and often causes problems down the line, since the water is spreading through the entire iPhone. Water can get inside your iPhone as well, whether it is damaged or has been repaired before, particularly if water-resistant seals are broken. If there is water in the speakers of your iPhone, using it could short out the phone.

Whether your iPhone is damaged from water or not, it is important that you test the phone before anything else. If your iPhoneas been damaged by water or another liquid, this can manifest itself in several different ways. Or, one or more internal components on your iPhoneas are corroded by liquid, causing damage to the internal circuitry. If youare experiencing any of the following issues with your iPhone, you should check the phone immediately for water damage.

StepsWhat To Do
Clean of any liquidMake sure the outside of your iPhone should be clean of any liquid
Discard Sim Card Get rid of the SIM card
Dry your iPhoneLay your iPhone down on a dry, flat surface
Place desiccants Place desiccants on top of your iPhone
WaitWatch for the water to vanish
Restart and BackupTry restarting your iPhone. Backup your iPhone
How To Fix A Water Damaged iPhone That Won’t Turn On

Do not attempt to power your iPhone back on, as an iPhone will not power on after being damaged by water, due to a possible internal damage of the system. Once you have made sure your iPhone is turned off, you will want to ensure the water hasnat damaged your SIM card. Make sure that the iPhone 5 or newer is still, and for this, the best thing is to put the device on a flat surface, as you cannot stop water from spreading as soon as it starts.

Keep in mind, getting the water out does not necessarily mean that your iPhone is going to work. You cannot turn the clock back and rescue an iPhone that is been dropped in water, but you can do what you can to avoid liquid damage to an iPhone. If you have just dropped your iPhone in liquid, and it is still damp, jump down to our section on What To Do First If Your iPhone Drops In Water.

While newer iPhones are less prone to water damage than older models, one small drop of liquid is all it takes to destroy your iPhone beyond repair. In a nutshell (there are going to be puns), liquid damage occurs when water or another liquid comes in contact with the iPhones water-sensitive electronics. One of the most obvious things to happen to iPhones as a result of water contact is damage to the screen. If you are seeing black spots or lines on the iPhones screen, it is possible water contact has damaged the screen.

There is no guarantee the circuitry underneath the screen is not going to eventually corrode, causing your screen to stop working. If your iPhone does not power up after coming in contact with water, one of two things could be wrong; either your iPhone has a short-circuit, or water has damaged or corroded certain interior components and compromised circuitry. Whatever you do right after the water comes in contact with the phone, it is only going to postpone any degradation in your iPhones circuitry.

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If you are experiencing an issue with the iPhones charging port after dropping the phone into water, it is likely a matter of the charging port, particularly if it is the primary location where the water entered your phone. Plugging in an iPhone while there is water in the charging port is sure to cause corrosion or a short. The first thing you need to do to ensure that you are not damaging the charging port any further is make sure that your charging port is fully dry before plugging in your phone.

Water could be running through your headphones cords and onto your iPhones headphone jack or lightning port, causing damage once it is in there. Water turns the phones electrical components into a single large conductor, which means that electricity may be traveling on an unexpected path within your dank iPhone.

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If you are wondering how to rescue a wet iPhone, keep in mind turning it off and disconnecting it from any power sources may keep you from lasting any long-term damage. If drying the iPhone does not fix the issue, you may consider opening up your iPhone to allow the interior components to dry out, service, and/or be replaced. Note that the DIY option assumes that you are going to dry out the phone; if you have to replace the internal parts, the overall cost depends on component prices.

If youave followed the steps outlined above, and your iPhoneas still not working after being fully dried, go to your nearest trusted iPhone repair center. If water damage to your iPhone was not serious, and youave managed to extract the iPhone before it fully submerged, with some assistance from your reflexes, a thorough dry-out may restore your iPhoneas lost glory. The LCI on your phone hasnat been triggered, which shows your iPhoneas has no damage from the water.

Can a water-damaged iPhone that won’t turn on Be Fixed?

One of two things may have happened to your iPhone if it won’t power on after coming into touch with water: either it has short-circuited, or the water has harmed or corroded some internal components and compromised the circuitry. If the phone is not examined by a technician, both may be irreversible.

What to do if iPhone gets wet and won’t turn on?

Use a toothpick or pin wrapped in a small piece of absorbent material to scoop out any water from the sim card tray, headphone jack, and charging port. Place your phone in a dry location and give it as much time as you can to air out without turning it on. Wait as long as you can. The most crucial step is this one.