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How To Fix Scratches On Apple Watch

How To Fix Scratches On Apple Watch

How To Fix Scratches On Apple Watch

Metals and ceramics cannot be polished to erase scratches, however they can be made to look less noticeable. Apply a tiny amount of toothpaste or polishing cream on a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface down. Till the scratches are gone, gently wipe the afflicted area with the towel in circular movements.

Once you get hold of the correct products that can clean your scratched screen, the process of doing so is quite easy, but you need to be extremely patient, and most importantly, be extremely cautious while doing so. In technology stores, you can find various types of professional-grade polishes to get rid of scratches from your Apple Watchs screen. If your screen damage is serious, and none of the methods mentioned above are working for you, try looking for a nearby repair center, where professionals can help you remove scratches from the Apple Watch.

Some tips for getting scratches off your Apple Watch include using a heat gun, using products like alcohol pads, or using a cloth. That is, unless you are trying to polish scratches off of a plastic screen protector or case, since a lot of people actually have a little bit of success with this. If you are extremely sensitive to scratches or other damages that may happen when using the Apple Watch, it may be worth considering getting a screen protector.

In addition to a screen protector, another way of making sure your Apple Watchs screen remains scratch-resistant is by using an Apple Watch case. A much different and innovative method to eliminate scratches on Apple Watch is by applying the GLAZ Liquid Screen Guard Liquid. In this case, you will want to use this Glass Polishing Paste, which has been specifically created in order to remove these surface damages which the watches may get due to normal usage.

Once you are certain that the scratch is shallow, and that you have high chances of being able to repair it by hand, you will not want to use the paste. Most tests show that using toothpaste results in a screen that is clean and shiny, but still scratches. Some also think using a toothpaste that has a higher acid content may help to eliminate scratches. Unfortunately, scratches, particularly those with a deep depth, are rarely removed by toothpaste.

Watch this video to learn about DIY of removing scratches from an Apple watch

Try placing a tiny bit of toothpaste onto a piece of fabric, then watching as you smear it over your scratches helps remove it. Using a microfiber cloth, put a small amount of polishing cream or toothpaste on and then rub the surfaces.

Wipe your screen clean using a lightly wet, new microfiber cloth to remove any toothpaste residue. Use a clean cloth to wipe off excess toothpaste, then check to see if the scratches are removed. Put a tiny bit of toothpaste on a slightly wet rag, then work it in small, circular movements, using just a little bit of pressure, all the way across the scratch. Gently scrub the screen with a q-tip or cleaner, using a circular motion, until you can see the scratch disappear.

Gently rub a soft microfiber cloth in circular motions on the affected area until you see the scratch disappear. Once the screen protector is removed, you will eventually see a small scratch appear again. If you get the sense the scratch may have disappeared, you can remove it with a lightly wetted cloth. Once you have removed any scratches, take a microfiber cloth and give it a good run across your Apple Watchs face to get rid of any polish residue.

Now, use the clean end of your dryer sheet to clean off your Apple Watch case, you will notice any scratches that were there have disappeared now. You can try this with the display Apple Watch, trying to get rid of scratches — perhaps you will get lucky, and scratches that are not so deep will come off once more. Then, you either have to live with scratches on your smartwatch, try another polish, or have Apple Replace your display If scratches are causing a lot of pain, then Apple has replaced the display. Fixing it is generally just a matter of cleaning up a scratched watch and then rebuilding the watch.

It is essentially the same process that fixes a deep scratch on your iPhones screen. If a scratch is not deep, then it may become nearly invisible once polished. While scratches are nearly impossible to remove on metal or ceramic, it is possible to polish them so that they look less noticeable.

The scratches are not the stainless steel case itself, but rather a polishing job done by Apple that has a mirrored surface that is actually quite easily removed. Almost any stainless steel polished watch made with either 316L (commonly known as surgical-grade stainless) or the 904L used in Rolex bodies will get scratches, wear scuffs, and display the usual signs of wear. DIY repairs may not be as good as having a watch that is never been scratched, but this is the reality of having a stainless steel polished watch, regardless of who made it, and which processes were used. In the video below, I buff a few surfaces scratched off a stainless steel Apple Watch, showing how the metal polish removes them entirely.

Note that, regardless of whether or not you scratched the screen underneath, keep in mind that Apple does not recommend using cleaning products, nor do they recommend buffing or rubbing your watch with abrasives; those will degrade the anti-fingerprint coating, as well as potentially (further) scratching your display. One method is to use a soft cloth or blotter of water to scrape off any scratches on the screen. Paste-based toothpaste acts as a gentle abrasive, which flattens out a scratch, either eliminating it or making it less visible. Unfortunately, there is no one method for getting scratches off your screen. It turns out the toothpaste that everyone has lying around in their bathrooms can be helpful for dealing with a few nicks or scratches that might appear from dropping the device.

Daily usage and the risks it involves may cause some minor scratches to appear on your screen, which nobody wants to have to deal with, so, if unfortunately, you suffered from a few surface damages on your Apple Watch, we tell you in this post how you can fix them with ease. Overall, iFixit gives the Apple watch a repairability rating of 5 out of 10, noting that, at least, the watchband is easy to take off and replace; the screen of your Apple watch can be removed (which is great news for everyone who has broken one before) and the battery can also be removed fairly easily. Use a lightly wet microfiber or cotton pad and buff the surface of the display with circular movements until scratches are gone.

Is Apple Watch easily scratched?

The screen of your Apple Watch 7 is not scratch-proof as some models are more durable than others. When the screen touches a hard surface, it will scratch. If we compare the screen to their Stainless Steel and Titanium counterparts, the Apple Watch 7 Aluminum models tend to scratch more frequently.

Can you get scratches fixed on Apple Watch?

The quick answer is no, scratches cannot be removed. There is only one scratch on it. You have two options: either purchase a new watch or visit a certified repair center to have the screen changed (which is pricey). Using a diamond glass or comparable screen protector and/or cover for your watch is usually a smart idea.

How much does it cost to fix a scratched Apple Watch screen?

A Series 7 screen fix will cost between $250 and $499, a Series 6 screen fix would cost between $220 and $499, and a Series 5 or SE Apple Watch will cost between $200 and $249. Earlier model watch fixes can cost anywhere from $120 and $399, based on the watch and if Apple or a third-party maintenance facility does the job.

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