How To Get Water Out Of Apple Watch

How To Get Water Out Of Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is wet, first, remove the watch band from your Apple Watch. Next, use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the water from the watch case. Finally, use a hairdryer set to the “cool” setting to remove any remaining water.

Depending on the way the Control Center screen is laid out, you might need to scroll all the way to the top to find a small icon with water drops. Swipe up from the bottom of your watchs case screen to tap on the Water Lock icon, which looks like a water droplet.

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If water locks are off, you can turn on water locks manually, and then eject water from their Apple Watch using the Digital Crown, like shown above. Because, although Apple Watch does indeed offer a degree of moisture resistance, a water-lock function, or water-lock mode, may offer a few extra utilities which may save the watchs screen and inner components. If you forget to turn on the Water Lock mode, The Apple Watch automatically does so for you when you begin exercise modes such as surfing or swimming.

Steps to get water out of an Apple Watch
1. Turn off the Apple Watch immediately.
2. Remove the band and wipe the watch dry.
3. Hold the Digital Crown and turn it back and forth to clear water from the speaker.
4. Place the watch on a dry, absorbent material such as a towel, with the Digital Crown facing down.
5. Wait for at least 6 hours to allow the watch to air dry.
6. Check the watch for any signs of moisture or water damage. If there are any issues, contact Apple Support.
How to get water out of apple watch?

Using a feature called Water Lock, the Apple Watch automatically locks the screen if its activity tracker detects you are swimming, or if you tell it you are starting a swimming workout. Turning it on locks the screen to prevent it from responding to inadvertent inputs when users are in the water, while turning it off conveniently drains the water out of the latest Apple Watchs speakers via Digital Crown. Then, once you have returned to dry land, unlock the screen by rotating the Digital Crown, and Apple Watch automatically makes a repeating bleep sound to shake the speaker diaphragm and slough off any remaining water from within the speakers opening.

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The rotation unlocks the screen, and you should see a few blue dots dancing around as sounds are made which push all of the water away. Scroll up or down, by rotating the Digital Crown, or swiping its screen with your finger, until you see a waterdrop icon.

After that, you will see the water drop icon on top of the watch face, and will be unable to tap or swipe the screen. Tapping it would place a blue water drop icon at the top of its tiny screen, causing it to become stuck.

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You will keep seeing the water lock icon up there, and either their screen is likely locked, or their Apple Watch is vibrating, to release the water, even if it has not left inside. I have also found myself using the lock, not only to remove the water from the inside of my Apple Watch, but also because my son accidentally touches the screen often while I am holding it, and the touch-sensitive touchscreen on the Watch seems to be fairly responsive at nearly every level of touch. If you can preemptively (like just before starting your water-based exercise) pull up your control center and touch the Water Drops Apple Watch icon, you can certainly help to keep The Apple Watch somewhat safe, and lessen the potential harm that water could do to the device.

When wearing any watch, turning your face away from areas that are wet, either by taking off or by returning your watch to your wrist, you can get some minor amounts of water coming off of your watch through the speaker opening.

Do not think that water will be able to get in through the 2nd Apple Watch generations speaker ports, but a small amount will remain at open ports, creating audio discomfort, if you are using your Watch right after soaking in water. To address the issue, Apple has equipped The 2nd Apple Watch generation with Water Expulsion mode, which uses a set of preset sounds to blast water out of the speaker casing, returning the wearable to its usual speaker casing audio function. There is no way to close the speakers on them to keep them out of water, but Apple designed the speakers to withstand a bit of water abuse, so getting them wet does not destroy them.

Water may be able to get inside, but internal components are resilient against damage caused by that, typically being coated with a water-repellent material. Soap and salt may be left behind as water evaporates, and it is much easier to prevent that buildup than to remove it at a later time.

You can also repeat this process by hand, until you are sure that there is no longer any water coming from your speakers two holes. If you do notice some drops remaining around the speakers, or on any other parts of the watch, you will want to absorb it using a clean cloth. If soap gets onto the watch, you should gently wipe it off using clean water and a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth.

If, however, you forget to turn Waterlock on before getting into the water — and that is clearly going to happen if you happen to drop the Apple Watch into a sink, toilet, or other – you can still use Waterlock to get the water out of the speakers opening.

No, there is no way to stop Water Locks function from being enabled by itself, or remove it from Control Center. Regardless of whether you are manually or automatically entering water mode, you can use the steps below to disable it. This is the mode you will want when in water, since water may make the touchscreen on the watch do some unexpected things.

Apple has also warned that being dropped may break the seals and water-resistant membranes on Apple Watch Series 2, and these may even deteriorate over time — so do not assume that your Apple Watch is just as water-resistant after a year of ownership as it was on the day you bought it.

For instance, after watching this video about Apple Watch water-proofing tests, ScotteVest CEO Scott Jordan decided to give his Apple Watch a dive, and discovered it did not quite live up to the hype as the units featured in the video, and soon found himself scrambling to rescue his new wearable device from possible damage.

Does putting Apple Watch in rice work?

The possibility of failure is very high, and it is very likely that the iPhone or wearable device will not switch on even after being stored in the bowl of rice for three or four days. The wet iPhone and other wearable devices can be dried using silica gel rather than rice.

How do I dry out my apple watch?

If your Apple Watch gets wet, it is important to dry it out to prevent any damage. All you need to do is remove the watch from your wrist and turn it off, wipe the watch, use a dry cloth to gently blot the ports and buttons, and leave the watch to get dried for at least 48 hours.

Water drop on apple watch turn off

If your Apple Watch gets water, it’s important to turn it off and dry it out as soon as possible to prevent any damage. All you need to do is remove the watch from your wrist and turn it off, wipe the watch, use a dry cloth to gently blot the ports and buttons, and leave the watch to get dried for at least 3 days.

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