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How To Get Water Out Of Iphone 11 Speaker

How To Get Water Out Of Iphone 11 Speaker

If you are looking for a solution for getting water out of the grill on an iPhone speaker, I found this neat Siri shortcut which uses a very low-frequency audio tone to pull the water from your speakers. Water trapped inside the speakers on your iPhone can lead to muffled audio, and although there is not an iOS feature to help with that, there are methods that can be used to remove the water from your speaker grills.

If you are wondering how to remove water from the top speakers of an iPhone, there are several different methods you can try. You can remove water from phone speakers fairly easily, as long as you know which features or apps to use. To get water out of a phones speaker, you can utilise the apps or features that push the water out using sound waves.

All the methods mentioned below, utilize sound frequencies which force the water molecules trapped between your phones speaker and the grill. We will be using a simple app that plays a low-frequency sound, which will stir up the water droplets trapped inside the water grill just enough to cause water to trickle down from the iPhone.

Ways How to Remove
You can utilise the apps or features To get water out of a phones speaker, you can utilise the apps or features that push the water out using sound waves.
You can eject droplets of waterIf your phone does not have a speaker cleaning function, you can eject droplets of water from the phones speakers using some third-party apps.
How To Get Water Out Of Iphone 11 Speaker

The water expulsion Shortcut produces sound at a frequency that makes your phones speaker the iPhone vibrate, so the water is forced out. You can force water from the iPhones speakers using Siris Water Eject Shortcut, third-party apps, or websites.

Apple does not provide the Siri Water Eject shortcut in-built, so you will need to manually add it to the phone. Assuming that you set up Siri on your iPhone with iOS 16, just say, Hey Siri, water eject, and the digital assistant from Apple will pull up a Water Eject menu.

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If you are wondering how to use the Siri Shortcut to drain water from the phone, this post can walk you through it. You can either use the Siri Shortcut, or you can try out an app or a website for water pushout. If you do not want to download apps or use shortcuts, you can use a third-party website such as FixMySpeaker to push out water using audio.

If your phone does not have a speaker cleaning function, you can still eject droplets of water from the phones speakers using some third-party apps. To get rid of water in the speaker on your phone, if you are running an Android, you have the choice to either use a built-in function, or to use one of the numerous apps available in the Play Store. There are also other methods that you can use to salvage your phones speaker in case it has taken a dip in water.

A free app called Sonic will alter the audio frequency of your speakers, which automatically will get rid of the water. The app, called Sonic App, works somewhat similar to Fix My Speaker, using the speaker itself to push out the water. Once it does, the iPhone will vibrate with a specific frequency, with maximum volume, to remove all water from your speakers.

Watch this video to learn how to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker

If water has got into your phone, put it somewhere dry, and allow it to time to evaporate. If you dropped an iPhone in water, it is important that you dry the phone as best as possible, and do not put it on the charger. Even though your iPhone is water-resistant, if you drop the device in a shower or go for a quick swim, water will get in your charging port and speakers anyway. Even though your iPhone has a waterproof rating, water can still find its way to the speakers, headphones, and charging port.

In addition to being annoying, the water could potentially damage the internal speakers of the iPhone. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone into a swimming pool or a shower, you may have noticed water getting into the speakers grilles, which will cause the sound to be distorted for some time until the water is out of the speaker grilles. If you get your iPhone wet, your speakers may eventually start sounding muffled or cracked. If you get wet on an iPhone, you may have to push the water out of the speakers and mics in order for them to function normally again.

Make sure you clean off the iPhone (that was recently dropped into the swimming pool or splashed with water) with a soft, dry cloth. Once the iPhone is dry, clean up after wiping it using the soft cloth, then rinse off any impacted areas using clean water. If you happen to accidentally spill some other liquid such as tea, coffee, etc., be sure to rinse iPhone under cold fresh water first, but be sure that water pressure is not high.

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Water is strong enough to break your iPhone entirely, but there may still be something left that can be done to try to salvage it. You could also try getting the water out of the iPhones speakers by placing them into an air blast filled with dry rice that has not been cooked, or some silica gel packets. Or, you can use more primitive methods, such as placing the iPhone into rice or silica gel, or using a fan or blower to evaporate the water. You could also try placing the iPhone into silica gel or rice to soak up any remaining water.

Fortunately, there are a few options out there to remove water, so you may want to use the one that works best for you. That said, if a shortcut does not cut it for you, there are also many other methods to get water off of an iPhone you could try, like using apps to remove water off an iPhone, and there are also a few tools online you could use to remove water from an iPhone, so take a look at the linked article. If you do not want to install the non-trusted shortcut to your iPhone, there are still other ways you can get rid of the water.

Using Shortcuts app on Apple devices, you can get Water Extraction Shortcut which will force the water from the iPhones speakers. Using the Siri Shortcut, Water Eject lets you get water out of the speaker grill of your iPhone quickly and easily. Apple has made a post about how to avoid water damage, what to do if you do get water in your iPhone, and much more.

How do you get water out of your phone speaker iPhone 11?

You can leave Water Eject running for an unlimited period of time. Apple recommends using a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a lens cloth, to wipe your device if water is still trapped inside your iPhone. The charging port should then be placed up against your hand and gently pressed a few times to release any trapped water.

Can water damage iPhone 11 speakers?

Modern iPhones are water-resistant, but unlike Apple Watch, there is no authorized mechanism to remove water from the speaker grills. If the water is not expelled, it not only muffles audio but also causes major damage.

Does putting wet iPhone in rice work?

Never submerge your iPhone in rice! While rice will absorb the liquids, all minerals will remain adhered to the inside of your phone. These contaminants can lead to corrosion, which can seriously and irreparably damage your phone. Additionally, they will make future repairs more difficult for technicians.